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Zero Blog Thirty is a military podcast presented by Barstool  Sports that's listenable for the most crusty of veterans, the bootest of boots, or people who have never touched a weapon in their life. Through the eyes of enlisted Marines and a West Point trained officer, Zero Blog Thirty is like sitting at the online-bar of the VFW and having a virtual cold one with your buddies.

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West Point Grad Bombs Military History Quiz
On today's show we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: Update the safety brief: a man contracted a new antibiotic-resistant 'super gonorrhea' strain after having sex on an international trip Round 2: 23-year-old Kate is at a bar down the shore and Bob Lemmons walks in. What do you do? Round 3: 10th Mountain Commander Says Leaders Need to Leave Soldiers Alone After Hours Round 4: In maybe the most smoke-pit inspired conversation of all time, we’re gonna talk about how Amazon wants your dead relatives to be able to speak to you. Is that an OPSEC issue? Round 5: ZBT Jeopardy
Biden's Bike Blunder Is Cannon-Fodder For Our Enemies ... Right?
On today's ZBT we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: Good initiative/ bad judgment. A company decided to have its employees walk on coals at a party. 12 ambulances were involved. Round 2: You all know we love science, but do we love science enough to start breathing out of our butts? Or into our butts. We’ll find out in round 2. Round 3: Tactical toilets: they are a thing and they are glorious. Round 4: China was supposed to do a joint training event with Russia. China backed out because Russia was trying to be too fetch and flashy. Classic Russia Round 5: A police officer in Wales who touched his colleague's penis and shouted 'it’s a small one' has been sacked. - ZBT is presented by Whistle Pig Rye! Get your bottle at or at a local retailer. - Roman - Go to to get your first month of Swipes for just $5 when you chose a monthly plan - SimpliSafe - Customize the perfect system for your home at Check out Barstool Sports for more: Follow Zero Blog Thirty here: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Cop Finds A Gun In A Woman's Yaknow
On today's ZBT we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: A good guy with a fork lift thwarts a would-be robber proving that we do not need fork lift control. Round 2: It’s time we remind you that every person you search must be searched thoroughly because if you dont, there is no tellin whats inside one of them coochies. Round 3: Update the safety brief: while it’s important to clean up our areas when camping, we must pay attention to the warning signs or else you could cause a state-wide fire simply because you wiped your own ass. Round 4: China might have discovered the communication from aliens. The US also ups the budget for UFO research. Curiouser and curisouser. Round 5: Wanna buy an artillery round that will end up going up the russian military’s assholes? Well, we will tell ya how.
Joe Biden Commits Stolen Valor | Zero Blog Thirty
On today's ZBT we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: Station beautification has arrived in Sweden. Throwing away trash is likely to end up with someone feelin very very horny. Round 2: Lots of people swear by military-grade things. Military-grade gummy bears could leave you in a world of hurt. Round 3: Stolen Valor Joe Biden? I mean, yeah. Kinda. If youre gonna clown Madison Cawthorn about it, Joe deserves the same thing. Round 4: It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Johnny Kim is back at it again. Round 5: JD Vance deserves to be called an Ex Marine if what being reported is true
The Stories Of A (EOD) Bomb Tech Legend
On today's ZBT we've got 4 Rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: We talked about weird barracks pets last week, and this week we bring you the fascinating tale of Ming the NYC Tiger who lived in a small apartment in Harlem ROUND 2: An Army chief warrant officer and his wife are accused of stealing over $2MILLION dollars worth of military gear which only confirms my suspicians that we nevvvver really know what cheif warrant officers are up to… ROUND 3: Our beloved CWO Bobby Yarbrough, basically the Parris Island PR guy who roasts dickheads like a grill master, well he’s at it again as folks lose their minds over Pride Month. ROUND 4: Badass of the week - A legend of the EOD (bomb tech) world retired last month and we’re going to share a few of his stories because my God, what an impressive person. You’ll be feeling ready to run through a brick wall into the weekend when we’re done
Wedding Season Integrity Violations
On today's ZBT we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: A civilian brethren in the dick drawing game hath been taken down by Arizona police, let’s pour one out for the city’s infamous ‘Penis Man’ ROUND 2: Yes, we’re talking about Top Gun again, but hear us out!!! The only thing high this time are recruiting numbers! Got some cool stats for ya. ROUND 3: If you ever deployed to the middle east you know that dust storms could be a major problem… well they are getting worse & really throwing a kink in daily life there ROUND 4: We are smack dab in the middle of wedding season which begs the question - do you need to feed your guests? We have an AITA that tests that very issue ROUND 5: Troops are driving buses, substitute teaching, and now… some think it’s them who should be in control of attempting to stop school shootings…
ZBT Spills Their Seed All Over The Internet
On today's show we've got 5 rounds in the magazine .. Round 1: The squad is getting old. But, we were young at the greatest time to be young. Pre-internet, pre-cell phones, and smack dab in the middle of the N64 era. Round 2: Katie Fun Bar Facts leads you into the weekend, ending with THEE hottest weed before weed in Roman times… A magical, all-encompassing plant that was part condiment, part condom, put on coins, smuggled & stolen, sold on the black market & has mysteriously vanished… OoOoOooO Round 3: If you have hate in your heart, let it out. Round 4: As longtime listeners know, I loved my time in Japan. Because of that, I wanna tell you about my favorite Sumo wrestler fact! Round 5: Our bodies are wild. WhistlePig Whiskey - Get your bottle at or at a local retailer. Barstool Store - Shop the Father's Day collection at
23 Things Every Veteran MUST Have In Common
On today's ZBT we've got 4 Rounds in the magazine ... WARNING: There are SOME TOP GUN SPOILERS! Recap of Top Gun that does not include how high Kate was ... Round 1: After a long weekend, we need to do some barracks inspections to make sure there isnt a duck in your room doing quack. Round 2: Are we washed veterans? The military times released a list that has 23 things every veteran has for life. Do we fit in still? We’ll find out I guess. Im worried about Kate though. Round 3: Adapt, improvise, and overcome. One Airman did that with his uniform and we salute him. Round 4: 75000 afghan refugees need help. We are gonna talk about what we can all do to be that help. - Get your bottle at or at a local retailer. - Go to and enter the code ZBT at check out for 25% off your next pair of boots. - Go to and use promo code BARSTOOL to create your own Spider GT. - Shop the Father's Day collection at
No Spoilers! Top Gun Premiere Reactions
On today's ZBT we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... Round 1: Easily one of the best parts about joining the military is the friends you met a long the way which leads us to the obvious question: can you identify a friend simply by tasting their piss? Round 2: Sound the lunk alarm. A bodybuilder in Florida is set to do his sets in federal prison after reporting he could only squat 10lbs at the VA and then bragging about his 500lb squats at Planet Fitness. Round 3: update the safety brief: Kate sat down with some puddle hoppers to talk about what the coast guard really does during this national boat safety week. Round 4: Russian Maverick comes out of retirement in his 60s to fly again. Spoiler Alert: he gets shot down. Round 5: With memorial day weekend here, it was a fitting time for the names of the bases named after confederate traitors to be replaced with honorable men and women or… concepts. Support our sponsors! WhistlePig Whiskey - Get your bottle at or at a local retailer. Betterhelp - Go to for 10% off your first month Roman- Go to to get $10 off when you choose a monthly plan.
15 Days Without Sexual Harassment = Casual Fridays
On today's ZBT we've got 4 rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: People in Delaware were calling the cops this past weekend for a noise complaint… and the party they were trying to break up? An air show ROUND 2: When the Bank of Zambia got hacked they responded swiftly in the most Marine Corps way possible - by trolling the hackers with dicks ROUND 3: Going on leave? Don’t forget to send your higher ups all your bank account details! ROUND 4: Kate interviews Christian Borys of Saint Javelin
It's Hard To Ruin Motorboatin, But One Captain Certainly Did Just That
On today's ZBT we've got 4 rounds in the magazine ... ROUND 1: We’d be remiss if we didn’t address this immediately… Motor-boat-gate is making major waves across the Army right now.. Will anything change in its wake? Probably not! ROUND 2: George Bush had a big time SNAFU moment this week which brings up the topic of Freudian slips ROUND 3: Terrible news, Congress is losing their right to exercise… on Peleton bikes for free. ROUND 4: Will Hurd Interview
Kate's Jordan Flu Game (But Diarrhea)
On today's show we've got 5 rounds in the magazine ... ZBT May 16 Round 1: Calling a man bald is the same level of sexual harrassment as saying “let me see that dick, big boy” according to a tribunal ruling. Round 2: If you could turn a natural disaster into a weapon, what type of disaster would you choose and why is it a hurricane gun? Round 3: Russians are being tracked and hunted by their cell phone usage. Will memes cause them to lose the war? Hopefully. Round 4: We do a little “Thank You For Your Service Goofin” from time to time but sometimes it doesnt go smoothly and you get super embarrassed at an IKEA. Round 5: Could you eat an entire rattlesnake? Probably not, you pussy.

Podcast Reviews

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4.7 out of 5
3300 reviews
ty crabbin 2022/06/02
Please stop with the EXTREMELY loud music at the end of the show
tomames42 2022/06/02
Served in AmeriCorps
This show is awesome, was never in the armed forces, only AmeriCorps, wish I’d done something bigger like the Coast Guard after listening to this show...
8KCCO3 2022/03/23
Loop hole
Go back to playing whatever music as an opening. Just discuss the song for a couple minutes afterwards and you stay within the confines of the law
notgaysvencomputer 2022/05/24
Lefties gonna left
I continue to listen as a conservative to see what the other side says. The one star is for the bravery in sharing the hard to talk about issues. Most...
Reviews. De Tellim 2022/02/28
You know the crew
Ole fancy boy cons. And who can forget that ole lib chaps. And everyone’s fav… ole long neck Kate. Yep. Haha.
kara the super dog 2022/03/16
The Round about Tulsi Gabbard was very disappointing. You three are better than this…. You three basically repeated MSM talking points… Proud of Tu...
the Guy who knows podcast 2022/03/15
It's up and down
Was my favorite for years but then it will get very political and woke and then it will be funny and about the military again
kiley.greathouse 2022/02/25
Great show
Caughey0811 2021/11/16
Semper Fidelis
Hate when you’re feeling Meritorious make sure you slam that door on your way!
jhsgenebys 2021/12/22
Show stinks now after they mentioned their political views. Let’s go Brandon!


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