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The Nonprofit Leadership Podcast: Making Your World Better features discussions covering the most critical issues, trends and opportunities facing nonprofit leaders and those engaged in social innovation. Hosted by Dr. Rob Harter, in this podcast you will hear real stories from experienced leaders about what strategies and practices have made them successful. It is our hope that through this audio series, people can learn not only what it takes to be an effective non-profit leader but to hear inspiring stories about people and organizations that are successfully making a positive impact in their communities. Enjoy the show!

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How the right data can drive an organization’s story and impact
It’s one thing to have a belief or a hypothesis. It’s another thing to have credible numbers available to you as a nonprofit leader ...
How to scale altruism
When we talk about nonprofits struggling with fundraising, typically we focus on solutions that address just the fundraising aspects of that organization. But often ...
How the Wounded Warrior Project is expanding
How much should your nonprofit invest in marketing and fundraising before it becomes excessive? This is the question we aim to discuss today. Rob’s ...
How to implement effective accounting principles into your nonprofit
As nonprofit leaders, we aim to run organizations that thrive, especially in a tough economic climate. In order to thrive, we have to be ...
How can we reverse the downward trend in giving and volunteering?
Nonprofits have been dealing with a downward trend when it comes to the donations they receive and the volunteers that join their organizations. For ...
What effective leadership looks like
As nonprofit leaders, we are not only making an impact in the lives of those we serve, but we have the opportunity to lead ...
Learn more about the nonprofit Matt Damon co-founded
Safe water. While most of us have access to it, there are millions across the world who do not. There are approximately 700 million ...
How can AI be used for good for your nonprofit?
Artificial Intelligence. Did you know that AI is embedded in almost everything we do? It’s often embedded in our workflow, our fundraising and our ...
“What are the key aspects to successful donor retention?”
A discouraging trend in the nonprofit space is the steady decrease in the number of donors that are giving to nonprofit organizations. Simply put, ...
Just how prevalent is the problem of human trafficking right here in the US?
As of a September 2022 report on the global estimates on modern slavery, more than 27 million people are in forced labor. Out of ...
Is Servant Leadership Making A Comeback?
What is the first thing that you think about when you hear the term, “servant leadership?” While this term isn’t very popular anymore, the ...
How to maximize the impact of your board
As a nonprofit leader, do you ever feel frustrated at the engagement of your board members? Do you wonder why they aren’t performing the ...

Podcast reviews

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4.7 out of 5
71 reviews
Kristin at Nomi Network 2024/01/17
Important podcast highlighting great work!
Rob facilitated an amazing discussion on the episode about human trafficking prevalence in the U.S. I love that he came informed while allowing the gu...
Dean @ Veracity Pros 2023/11/30
Great work!
I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Nonprofit Leadership Podcast, hosted by Dr. Rob Harter. Our discussion centered around the crucial...
RPWNYC 2023/06/06
Fantastic podcast!
This is an excellent podcast for nonprofit leaders and others in the social sector. Highly recommended!
HRUSTICK 2023/05/01
Great Podcasts for Nonprofits!
Interested in learning more how to grow your nonprofit? Rob's got it all! He brings on great guests and asks inspiring questions so nonprofits get a r...
Andieo1997 2023/03/28
Informative and Engaging!
I recently stumbled upon this podcast, and it's quickly become one of my favorites. The conversations are always engaging, and the topics are relevant...
hjjhkkjk 2023/01/27
Smart, professional, great experience
We had a great experience working with Dr. Harter for a recent episode featuring Don Howard of The James Irvine Foundation. Rob and his team are profe...
Ellie735 2023/01/02
Great podcast for small nonprofits
Really been enjoying this podcast and the guests! Great listen!
KingCobraT 2022/08/31
Rob is insightful and brings the best out of his guests
Rob is an engaging podcast host who clearly does his research and brings the best out of his guests. I’m a relatively new listener of nonprofit podcas...
zoverflow 2022/04/13
Rob is an excellent interviewer!
I have really learned a lot by listening to this podcast! Rob asks thought provoking questions and brings really unique topics and challenges to the t...
the awesome Developer 2021/11/04
#1 podcast for the young generation
From his insightful questions all the way to his presentation of this podcast, Rob does a phenomenal job with engaging listeners in a lively discussio...
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