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North Korea is the Impossible State. Each week join the people who know the most about North Korea—The Center for Strategic and International Studies’ Victor Cha, Mike Green, and Sue Mi Terry—for an insider's discussion with host H. Andrew Schwartz about the United States’ top national security priority. Email your questions to

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Is North Korea Really Ready for War?
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. Sung-han Kim, Former ROK National Security Advisor and Professor at the Graduate School of International Studies at Korea University, to discuss North Korea's current situation and recent developments as well as what to expect from North Korea in 2024.
Slow Boil: What to Expect from the DPRK in 2024
In this episode, Dr. Ellen Kim is joined by Dr. Victor Cha to discuss the Korea Chair's latest publication, Slow Boil: What to Expect from the DPRK in 2024, the likelihood of increased North Korean belligerence in 2024 and how it ties to the upcoming U.S. election. 
Anything Afoot in Japan-DPRK Relations in 2024?
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. James Brady to discuss the recent earthquake, the political fundraising scandal, and speculation regarding Japan-DPRK relations in 2024.
U.S.-ROK Alliance Under Trump 2?
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Mr. Scott Snyder to discuss the upcoming external and internal pressures on the U.S.-South Korea alliance and what a second Trump Administration would mean for the Korean peninsula.
Japan's Foreign Policy in 2024
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Ms. Yuki Tatsumi to explore Japan's foreign policy outlook for the upcoming year. 
U.S.-Japan-ROK Relations: Next Steps After Camp David
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. Katrin Katz to discuss the US-Japan-ROK trilateral relationship following the Camp David Summit, what to expect moving forward, and the challenges the US-Japan-ROK face in China, North Korea, and Russia.
The War in Ukraine and Russia-North Korean Arms Transfers: What's Next?
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Ms. Jill Dougherty to discuss the current state of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the motivations of the DPRK following the Kim-Putin summit, and China's support for Russia's war.
The Sister
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. Sung-Yoon Lee to discuss his recent book, The Sister, and Kim Yo Jong's prominent role both inside and outside the state.  
A Renewed Axis: Putin and Kim
In this episode, Dr. Ellen Kim is joined by Dr. Angela Stent and Dr. Victor Cha to discuss the second summit between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, the significance of the meeting at the spaceport, and the reactions of the United States and South Korea to this summit.
South Korea's Role in a Taiwan Contingency
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. Sungmin Cho to discuss South Korea's role in deterring North Korea's opportunistic aggression in a Taiwan contingency and providing rear area support.
Reviewing the Camp David Trilateral Summit
This bonus episode is from the Reviewing the Camp David Trilateral Summit Event on August 29, 2023. Dr. Kurt Campbell, Deputy Assistant to the President and Coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs on the National Security Council, Ambassador Cho Hyundong of the Republic of Korea and Ambassador Tomita Koji of Japan discuss the summit and future trilateral relations.
A Week of Detention and Deterrence on the Korean Peninsula
In this episode, Dr. Victor Cha is joined by Dr. Andrew Yeo to discuss a U.S. soldier who crossed into North Korea, short-range ballistic missiles conducted by North Korea, and the newly formed NCG between the United States and South Korea.

Podcast reviews

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4.5 out of 5
85 reviews
RJG179 2022/12/28
Very, Very Good
This show excels at covering the Korean Peninsula and the sphere relevant to it. Indispensable information and analysis; just top notch. I do miss Su...
jrogercamp 2022/05/05
Burgeoning Missile Crisis
Thanks for the timely and valuable insights!
Johnny GreenLine 2018/08/19
Best of all the CSIS podcasts!
book bear 2000 2019/08/29
Talking about things that they have NO idea!!!
I mean this is THE WORST stuffs EVER!!! Don't waste time to listen this junk!
ZackOconner1981 2019/03/02
The consistent personal attacks on Trump completely undermine the program’s claims to expertise and objectivity. This is disappointing because CSIS c...
Goldbam 2018/06/22
Best Analysis
Impossible State has the nonpartisan take on North Korea that everyone who cares about this set of issues should hear.
aebanssi 2018/05/26
Concise take on the latest twists in NK diplomacy
Great to hear directly from the CSIS experts, who have all been in the room at the table with North Koreans in the past, as we enter a new era of dipl...
jeff.hoening 2018/06/20
Know-It-All Trump Haters for Listening Enjoyment!
Although thoughtful, like most "news" podcasts, very left-leaning, inside-the-beltway, conventional "wisdlom". This show features interviews with NoK...
Dmhnnnnalll 2018/06/13
Very liberal
Has given Trump no credit. We can still pull some troops not all.
TheGondolaMan 2018/05/26
Solid, vetted, insider info
From the author of the fantastic book of the same title. Nonpartisan info. Fantastic!
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