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The top stories and best shows in the blockchain world, delivered daily from the team at CoinDesk.

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MARKETS DAILY: Crypto Update | Should Traders Worry About Rate … Hikes? With Eddy Gifford
The latest price moves and insights with Jennifer Sanasie and Tactive Wealth Adviser Eddy Gifford.
FIRST MOVER: Self-Protection From Hacks and Scams; Crypto Predictions in 2024
Host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the latest news in the crypto industry. And, TRM Labs Head of Legal and Government Affairs Ari Redbord answers questions on crypto hacks and scams.
UNCHAINED: Stacks’ Muneeb Ali On Why Bitcoin Is Exciting Once Again
Stacks' co-creator Muneeb Ali says that this is the most exciting time to build on Bitcoin.
MARKETS DAILY: CoinDesk Markets Week in Review
CoinDesk Indices presents notable data insights from the week, followed by additional analysis from an industry expert.
THE MINING POD: Investors Are Piling Into Mining Stocks
Will and Charlie go through this week’s Bitcoin news, including mining stock flows, Braiins adding Lightning and a DL News hit piece on Bitcoin miners.
FIRST MOVER: What's Driving the Popularity of Ether Staking? Bitcoin Halving 101
Host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the latest news in the crypto industry. And, a conversation with Nansen senior research analyst Nik Polk on staking.
THE PROTOCOL: Are We Ready for the Speculative Frenzy? Airdrop Controversies, Smart Contracts, and Liquid Restaking Critiques
2024/02/22 CEO Mike Silagadze joins as Guest Host to discuss the controversies and issues surrounding the Starknet airdrop, the phased rollout of Soroban smart contracts on the Stellar blockchain and the concept of liquid restaking incentives and rewards.
MARKETS DAILY: Featured Story | Bitcoin Is Back, Back, Back, Baby
The premier crypto is regaining dominance of investment dollars, mindshare and “narrative,” says Ben Schiller.
FIRST MOVER: Spot Bitcoin ETFs Outlook in 2024; Can NFTs Make a Comeback?
Host Jennifer Sanasie breaks down the latest news in the crypto industry. And, a conversation with CoinShares head of research James Butterfill on the performance of spot bitcoin ETFs in 2024.
MONEY REIMAGINED: What Is Blockchain’s Impact on Future Networks? Chris Dixon On How This Affects Us All
Hosts Casey and Warren discuss Dixon’s new book ‘Read, Write, Own’ a very straightforward explanation of the history of the internet and the next phase of networks such as blockchain development that will reshape the future.
MARKETS DAILY: Crypto Update | Jim Bianco Isn't Sold on the ETF Narrative. Here's Why
The latest price moves and insights with CoinDesk Markets Reporter Helene Braun and guest Jim Bianco, president and macro strategist at Bianco Research.
UNCHAINED: Why the Celestia Team Sees a Future With 10,000 Roll-Ups
Celestia’s co-founder and its COO talk about how their modular blockchain makes it easier for blockchains to scale.

Podcast reviews

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4.8 out of 5
627 reviews
LaHabana1969 2023/03/14
Thank You!
Consistently brilliant insight and analysis! Being well informed is paramount, you guys provide this. Gracias!
Brown Spur 2023/06/29
Clear Blue
I get tired of hearing Jen snicker through her microphone.
JosephAber 2023/04/05
Great Content!
Love the diversity of content. Hosts/guests are often entertaining. But I have noticed feeling time constraints…why? It’s a podcast. And on the mo...
A3dat 2023/03/06
Breakdown is fire
NLW is the best daily source for overall crypto. Doesn’t just focus on Bitcoin.
jjmurph25 2023/01/22
Stop saying Friendos
Great show, stop saying friendos, it’s like calling somebody boss or buddy. It’s disingenuous. You have a great show, keep it up.
Matt H___BANG 2022/12/30
Quick, Concise, & Thorough
Will, Jen, Wendy, Zach, Adam & team do a great job on a daily basis with a 20-30 minute show. The level of discussion is complete and free of any bias...
John ta 2022/12/05
Best crypto podcast
Dare you to name a better one.
speachey 2022/12/14
The Hash
The Hash is great but Wendy is terrible. It’s apparent the cohosts have a similar opinion of her.
Mike H., RN 2022/11/22
Great show!
I consider this to be one of just a few must-listen to podcasts on a daily basis. It provides a perfect amount of the most up-to-date, relevant inform...
mot8842 2022/10/13
Great big picture view
Maybe NLW needs more rocket emojis. Haha, only kidding. NLW does a great job and I really enjoy his perspective.
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