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Throughout my training and practice as a physician I have come to one very disappointing conclusion: Western medicine isn’t helping people lead better lives. Now that I’ve realized this, I’ve become obsessed with understanding what makes us healthy or ill. I want to live the best life I can and I want to be able to share this knowledge with others so that they can do the same. This podcast is the result of my relentless search to understand the roots of chronic disease. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

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246. Some things I'm experimenting with lately...
On today’s podcast, Paul shares some new things he’s been experimenting with lately including eating more heart, supplementing with creatine, attempting to incorporate white rice as a carb source, and most excitingly, the launch of his new company: Lineage. 00:00:00 The importance of heart & riboflavin 00:08:30 Pauls new company: Lineage 00:10:50 Thoughts on creatine 00:19:10 Paul’s experience with white rice & potatoes 00:24:45 Paul experimenting with supplements for methylation Check out Lineage Meat Sticks: References: Riboflavin lowers homocysteine in individuals homozygous for the MTHFR 677C-T polymorphism:
245. Debunking Sugar Claims: What Dr. Lustig Got Wrong On The Huberman Lab Podcast
This week, Paul talks to Mike Fave, critical care RN, about all things sugar & fructose. They share their thoughts on a recent podcast with Andrew Huberman and Alex Lustig, and why they disagree with certain points made about insulin, fruit juice, and fructose. 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:04:00 Mike’s background 00:05:15 Diving into fructose 00:13:00 Thoughts on honey and other carb sources 00:27:30 Robert Lustig rebuttal: is fructose addictive? 00:37:40 Fructose & fiber 00:47:00 How fructose affects the mitochondria 00:51:00 Clarifying hyperglycemia vs. a postprandial hyperglycemia 00:56:17 Is insulin the bad guy? 01:12:20 How insulin relates to diabetes, obesity, and insulin resistance 01:23:30 Balancing protein, fat and carbohydrates 01:30:00 Is fructose making us fat? 01:46:00 Final thoughts Connect with Mike: References: Review article: fructose malabsorption and the bigger picture: A Relationship between Reduced Nucleus Accumbens Shell and Enhanced Lateral Hypothalamic Orexin Neuronal Activation in Long-Term Fructose Bingeing Behavior: A High-Fat Meal, or Intraperitoneal Administration of a Fat Emulsion, Increases Extracellular Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens: A Relationship between Reduced Nucleus Accumbens Shell and Enhanced Lateral Hypothalamic Orexin Neuronal Activation in Long-Term Fructose Bingeing Behavior: The regulation of glucose metabolism: implications and considerations for the assessment of glucose homeostasis in rodents: Consumption of Raw Orange, 100% Fresh Orange Juice, and Nectar- Sweetened Orange Juice—Effects on Blood Glucose and Insulin Levels on Healthy Subjects: The Effects of Soluble Dietary Fibers on Glycemic Response: An Overview and Futures Perspectives: The Effects of Soluble Dietary Fibers on Glycemic Response: An Overview and Futures Perspectives: Formation of Fructose-Mediated Advanced Glycation End Products and Their Roles in Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases: Altered glycolytic and oxidative capacities of skeletal muscle contribute to insulin resistance in NIDDM: Glucagon and type 2 diabetes: the return of the alpha cell: Insulin, growth hormone and sport: Effect of Mild Physiologic Hyperglycemia on Insulin Secretion, Insulin Clearance, and Insulin Sensitivity in Healthy Glucose-Tolerant Subjects: Fructose metabolism in humans – what isotopic tracer studies tell us: Absorption capacity of fructose in healthy adults. Comparison with sucrose and its constituent monosaccharides: Review article: fructose malabsorption and the bigger picture: Toll-like receptor 4 is involved in the development of fructose-induced hepatic steatosis in mice: Fructose Promotes Leaky Gut, Endotoxemia and Liver Fibrosis through CYP2E1-Mediated Oxidative and Nitrative Stress:
244. Longevity Alert: The Dark Side of Olive Oil Revealed with Brad Marshall
On this week's podcast, Brad Marshall, evolutionary biologist, talks with Paul about how signaling to our body that winter is coming is not advantageous for humans and why humans may want to stop consuming olive oil. They do a deep dive into the human metabolism, what European diets are truly like, and touch on other kinds of oils & fats as well. 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:02:50 Brad’s weight loss journey 00:10:50 The human metabolism 00:15:10 How olive oil makes us fat 00:34:24 Deep dive into European diets 00:48:50 PREDIMED trial comparing different types of olive oil 00:51:05 De novo lipogenesis (DNL) 00:53:50 What happens when humans eat canola oil 00:59:20 A story about the Inuit & long-term ketosis 01:07:20 Takeaways about olive oil Connect with Brad: References: Diabetes prevalence, 2021: Trends of overweight, obesity and anthropometric measurements among the adult population in Italy: The CUORE Project health examination surveys 1998, 2008, and 2018: OBESITY AMONG CHILDREN IN EUROPE: Modeling NAFLD disease burden in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, United Kingdom, and United States for the period 2016-2030: Effects of free omega-3 carboxylic acids and fenofibrate on liver fat content in patients with hypertriglyceridemia and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study: Quality of Dietary Fat Intake and Body Weight and Obesity in a Mediterranean Population: Secondary Analyses within the PREDIMED Trial:
243. Responding to Layne Norton on SEED OILS
This episode is my response to Layne’s video about seed oils. Due to the pervasive mainstream support for seed oils, I believe it’s extremely important to shed some light on the hidden truth behind these oils. There is a lot of conflicting evidence on seed oils out there. Looking at the totality of the evidence can be very misleading, so we must look at the details. By thoroughly breaking down each trial from Layne’s video, we can see massive flaws in the methods and designs of each study. Trans fat consumption by the control group and multifactorial interventions in the experimental group were the primary confounding variables. In this video, Paul references several studies suggesting different ways in which seed oils are harmful to humans. He always appreciate differing views and these discussions because it’s how we all learn. He has hope that a respectful debate will happen in the future so that we can dive deeper into this important subject. He strongly believe that seed oils are evolutionarily inconsistent, these are not the fats that humans have evolved on. In fact, we have evolved by consuming ample amounts of animal fats, rich in saturated fats. Saturated fats have been shown to lower markers of heart disease and they are an amazing source of essential vitamins like A, D3, K2, E. It's always meat / organs / fruit / honey / raw dairy. This is an ANIMAL-BASED diet, and I believe this is the most optimal diet for humans on the planet. Check out my ANIMAL-BASED CALCULATOR here: Listen on YouTube: Sign-up for Animal Based 30: 00:00 Intro 02:57 Randomized controlled trials in humans 03:47 Flaws found in the studies 04:42 Reviewing each trial 16:10 What’s the takeaway 19:45 Studies against seed oils 26:30 Toxic compounds in seed oils 27:32 Responding to Layne’s claims 36:10 Closing thoughts References: Meta-analysis of RCT by C. Ramsden - Meta-analysis of RCT by S. Hamley - PUFA increases lipid peroxidation - Linoleic acid metabolites in metabolic syndromes - Lower saturated fat increases oxidized LDL - More linoleic acid increases oxidized LDL - OXLAMs in atherosclerosis - Oxidized LDL and metabolic syndrome - De novo lipogenis through oxidized LDL and linoleic acid - Lower linoleic acid reduces oxidized metabolites - Soybean oil increase Lp-PLA2 and oxidized LDL - Saturated fat lowers Lp(a) - Benzene in seed oils - Heavy metals in seed oils - Phthalates in seed oils -
242. Debunking Cholesterol Myths: New Study Reveals Surprising Findings! With Dave Feldman
Today, Paul has Dave Feldman on the podcast to discuss, in depth, a recent study that he conducted about LDL and cardiovascular risk and what this may mean for the future of medicine. *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:03:30 The genesis of Dave’s most recent study 00:07:00 is FH a phenotype or genotype polygenetic vs monogenetic 00:22:30 Dave’s overall perspective while conducting studies 0:24:00 Diving into Dave Feldman’s most recent study: Does APOE-B cause atherosclerosis 00:42:30 How the medical community has received this study 00:46:30 Do credentials matter? 00:58:30 Thoughts on Statins 01:04:45 What alters lipid levels 01:13:30 Connect with Dave References: Twitter: @realdavefeldman Instagram: @realdavefeldman Youtube:
241. Coke’s secret playbook to keep you addicted to sugar with Calley Means
Paul sits down in person with Calley Means to talk about the ins and outs of food industry corruption. Calley shares his firsthand experience as a previous consultant for Coca Cola, and unearths their strategies in keeping Americans addicted to sugar. *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:02:00 The truth about Ozempic 00:08:15 Calley’s experience working for Big Pharma 00:27:45 When is Western medicine necessary?00:32:00 Addiction & targeting children 00:42:00 The infertility crisis 00:46:00 How Big Pharma manipulates the narrative 01:06:10 Food Compass & Dariush Mazaffarian 01:12:00 The path forward for medical professionals 01:35:20 Politics & disrupting the nutritional space 01:40:40 Ideas 01:45:40 Seed oils in infant formula 01:52:00 Conclusion & how to connect with Calley References:
240. Cancer-causing chemicals in your food and drinking water with Zach Bush
On this week’s podcast, Paul has the pleasure of speaking to triple board certified doctor, Zach Bush, who is the founder of Farmers Footprint nonprofit. They deep dive into how to protect ourselves from glyphosate, how to truly connect with nature, and what the path forward may look like for humanity. *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:02:10 The history of glyphosate 00:19:15 The glyphosate timeline 00:24:00 Glyphosate & cancer maps 00:27:08 Social political conflict driven by food systems 00:31:10 The silver lining & the path forward 00:46:15 Healing by respecting & reaccepting nature 01:07:00 Zach’s nonprofit: The Farmer's Footprint Link to Farmer’s Footprint Giving Tuesday Campaign where people can donate. Giving Tuesday 2023 Connect with Zach: Zach’s Nonprofit: Website: Instagram: Intelligence of Nature: Journey of Intrinsic Health:
239. These foods can improve cognitive performance, memory, and focus with Jim Kwik
This week, Paul hosts Jim Kwik on the show- world leading expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. Jim shares his story from suffering a traumatic brain injury as a child, to now being a top performer and teacher in his field and best-selling author. Jim shares how YOU can become limitless, optimize your memorization and keep your brain healthy to perform better, make more money, and succeed on your own terms. *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:03:20 Jim’s TBI story 00:18:25 How to become limitless 00:32:05 Optimizing your memorization 00:43:30 How to keep your brain healthy Connect with Jim:
238. The biggest lies about calories, weight loss, and keto with health expert Jay Feldman
This week, Paul talks to Jay Feldman about PUFAS, gut heath, starches and carbohydrates, from an energetic perspective. They dive into how to align nutrition & lifestyle, and how to achieve optimal health through giving our bodies a signal of abundance rather than scarcity. Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:05:05 Jay’s background & an intro to mitochondrial dysfunction 00:13:30 Why are seed oils & PUFAs so harmful? 00:26:10 Cardiolipin and the purpose of PUFAs 00:33:20 The argument in defense of seed oils 00:43:40 The problem with fish oil and omega 3’s 00:49:20 Detoxing from seed oils & Vitamin E 00:54:30 Endotoxins in the gut 01:00:00 Fiber, polyphenols, and resistance starch 01:07:30 Stop eating turmeric & black pepper 01:13:30 The importance on carbohydrates 01:21:30 Why not to fear fructose 01:28:40 What Jay eats in a day Connect with Jay: The Energy Balance Podcast
237. Is Wifi bad for you? Why Elon Musk was wrong about EMFs
This week, Paul shares his in-person conversation with Electromagnetic Engineer, Ryan Blazer. They talk about how to cultivate a truly safe home environment through the lens of EMF’s, mold safety, and light/flicker rate. Ryan shares his takeaways from investigating Pauls home and shares actionable advice about hardwiring a home instead of having a wifi router, properly using grounding mats for sleep, optimal lighting in a home, and how to mitigate mold. Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:06:50 Reading and understanding radiation levels 00:13:30 Symptoms of high EMF exposure 00:19:00 How to hardwire your internet to reduce EMFs 00:25:10 Traveling while reducing EMF exposure 00:28:00 How to find and mitigate mold 00:33:05 Sick building syndrome 00:36:35 Environmental health for longevity 00:37:10 Electrical wiring issues and how to correct them 00:40:30 Earthing vs. grounding 00:47:35 The importance of light & flicker rate 00:54:30 Chemical usage & exposure 00:58:00 Ventilation & healthy building 01:00:50 Water quality 01:04:20 Vibes in the body 01:06:40 Starlink & satellites 01:08:40 Actionables Find Ryan and test your home:
236. The unique benefits of magnesium with Morley Robbins
This week, Paul talks for Morley Robbins, creator and founder of The Root Cause Protocol and the Magnesium Advocacy Group, self-taught mineral expert, and author of [Cu]re Your Fatigue: The Root Cause and How to Fix It on Your Own. Paul and Morley do a deep dive into Magnesium, Copper and Iron and how deficiencies of these minerals may be linked to chronic disease.  *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:00:00 Podcast begins 00:02:45 Magnesium & stress 00:17:00 The effects of copper deficiency 00:34:15 Where to get your copper & how to test for it 00:51:35 How to test for & regulate Magnesium 01:00:45 The iron & copper relationship 01:11:25 Anemia, iron deficiency & retinol 01:19:35 Recap of supplementation requirements  Find more of Morley’s work: Morley’s book: [Cu]re Your Fatigue: The Root Cause and How to Fix It on Your Own
235. How to eat and move for longevity with Gabrielle Lyon
This week, Paul talks to Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Functional Medicine practitioner and author of Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well. They chat about good quality nutrition and muscle mass contributing to longevity as well as actionable recommendations to avoid sarcopenia and disease. *Produced by Mountain Valley Media 00:04:15 Building muscle & longevity 00:07:05 Understanding Myokines 00:14:35 How to build muscle as we age 00:19:20 Patterning & memory in the muscles 00:28:15 Supporting the muscles through adequate nutrition 00:33:40 Causes of Sarcopenia & muscle loss 00:40:00 The importance of protein & amino acids 01:00:15 Actionable recommendations  Order Gabrielle’s new book: Forever Strong: A New, Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well Dr. Gabrielle Lion Podcast

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4.8 out of 5
2400 reviews
idahowapiti 2024/01/26
Awesome, But……
Great podcast but maybe a little less pimping of the supplements
kellyoyoy 2024/01/12
Paul Saladino MD Podcast
I absolutely appreciate the raw knowledge Paul and his guests share with us. Real true information that truly gives us realistic changes we can make. ...
jstev171 2023/12/13
Calley Means
Fantastic interview and discussion. Thank you so much!!
TX RN Stephanie 2023/12/16
Spot on!
Keep spreading truth!
talia jackson 2023/12/09
God Send
Light in this world of falsity. Thank you for everything you do in sharing truth.
Cdissler 2023/12/13
What an ad and what’s the show?
First 10 min I listened to was an ad… Or maybe the show… not sure.
MrBHill 2023/11/21
Keep it up Paul
R. A. F. 2023/11/07
Best podcast
BEST podcast if you want to learn the ins/outs of your body, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle
laurencasey 2023/09/26
Please remove WHOOSH sound
Love the podcast and information provided. Love dr Paul saladinos message. But PLEASEEEE work on the audio. A lot of the times the two speakers have ...
etchagretch 2023/10/14
Debate bully
This guy is a debate bully. Seems like he went to the dark side of health and wellness.
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