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Listen in as we get the inside scoop from experts on a wide range of topics unique to vision loss. We will ask the questions that get to the heart of the matter for you... And have some fun along the way.

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What is Audio Description?
For many living with vision loss, watching TV is less enjoyable as they can't see what's happening on the screen very well anymore. Audio description fills the void by narrating key visual elements. Listen in as Ricky chats with Hadley member and avid audio description user, Judy Davis.
Low Vision Specialists
Listen in to our conversation with Dr. Mondal, a low vision optometrist and professor at the University of Wisconsin. We chat about what to expect from a visit to a low vision specialist and the kind of help they can offer.
Listen, Connect, and Share: Insights & Sound Bites
Have you listened to Hadley's community-generated audio podcast yet? In this episode, Ricky and Marc Arneson, Hadley's Director of Community, share a few stories from Insights & Sound Bites and discuss how to contribute your own story. Insights & Sound Bites | Hadley
Losing Vision as an Artist
Listen in as artist Chloe Duplessis explains how a degenerative eye disease changed, and didn't change, her life and love of art. "I thought art required sight. I was wrong."
Getting the Most from Your Eye Doctor Appointments
Dr. Judy Box, a Hadley member living with macular degeneration, shares her tips for managing those important conversations with your eye doctor.
Holiday Gifts and Vision Loss
In this episode, the Hadley team talks all things gifts. Giving them, getting them, what's on their wish lists, and how vision loss may, or may not, impact these activities.
The Impact of Vision Loss on Friendships
Friendships often change when one has vision loss. Whether it's adaptations to the activities you enjoy together, asking for help, or turning that help down … there are conversations to be had. Let's tune in as two Hadley members, Eugenia DeReu and Tara Perry, share their experiences with what's changed for them — and what's stayed the same.
Vision Loss Bloopers: Shopping Mishaps
Losing some vision can make for shopping challenges. Here are a few mishaps that Hadley members have run into. Have your own to share? Email us at podcast@HadleyHelps.org
Listen to Text with Envision App or Glasses
This week we chat with the chief technology officer from Envision as he shares how their free mobile app or camera-enabled glasses can help those with vision loss. It speaks aloud written information, describes surroundings and objects, and even tells you who's nearby.
White Canes: Fears, Stigmas, and Uses
Lots of questions, concerns, and stereotypes connected to use of the white cane. In this episode, we address several of them from past discussions on the topic.
Peer-to-Peer at Hadley
Listen in as Hadley's Director of Community, Marc Arneson, chats with Hadley members Bill Massey and Gregory Peterson about their participation in Hadley's new Peer-to-Peer program.  To learn if getting a peer connection is for you, call us at 1-800-323-4238.
Choosing and Using a Magnifier
Listen in as we chat with Ed Haines about getting the most out of our magnifiers.

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4.5 out of 5
33 reviews
chicano luv 2021/04/30
Content and perspective of guests can be greatly updated and diversified
I’ve checked in with this podcast periodically over the years and have found too many of the guests belong to white privileged classes. The perspectiv...
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