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Puppy and dog training principles that will help solve your dog’s behavior problems before they start, or fix them after they have, even if it wasn’t your idea to get a dog in the first place!

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98. How We Potty Train Puppies in 14 Days
“…My mind was blown at just how easy it was and how much it really changed our lives. How great it was to have a solid night of sleep." Being the mom of 7, now 8 kids, I had never looked into sleep training because our kids had done, well, fine. It wasn’t a huge deal. Until I dug a little deeper and realized I could get that extra sleep, faster. It got me thinking about all the puppies and all the dogs that we have had come through and we’ve tried so many things and we figured out a lot of it just by the sheer amount of working with so many dogs coming through our home. I thought if I as a mom of 7, now 8 kids didn’t know about sleep training, then people that are getting their very first puppy definitely don’t know these things about a puppy. I wanted, I NEEDED, people to know, even those who have had six other puppies before this, that crate training isn’t something you have to survive and live through. When really there is so much that can be done that is going to make your life so much better. So let’s jump in. Don't just survive puppyhood. Enjoy the small moments, and a good night sleep. Enroll in our 14-Day Crate and Potty Training Challenge and unleash your puppies potential! Cornerstone Dog Training Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cornerstonedogtraining/ 14 Day Crate and Potty Training Challenge: https://hl.cornerstonedog.com/crate-training-challenge Join our email list for more! https://cornerstonedog.com/newsletter Have Questions? Schedule a FREE Call: https://cornerstonedog.com/consult
97. 5 Puppy Wins for your Daily Routine
In this episode, we talk about five Puppy wins for your daily routine that will help you know you are succeeding through the first 100 days of puppyhood.
96. Just Keep Going!
This episode is all about moving forward through tough times. Just keep going!
95. Interview With a First Time Dog Owner
In this episode, Jason and Lorelei talk with first time dog owner, Maria. Her family got a dog in hopes of helping their special needs son.
94. Common Dog Training Mistakes - Part 2
This episode is part two of common dog training mistakes. Specifically, petting a pushy dog, not moving your feet when trying to get your dog to move on the walk, and keeping the leash tight for mor than a split second.
93. The Secret Steps in Taking Your Dog from Crazy to Calm
It’s here! In this episode, we discuss the online training program created for dogs to become calm, well-behaved, family canine companions.
92. Confidence with Two Big Dogs- A Training Story
In this episode, Jason and Lorelei, interview a former client and discuss her training journey to gain confidence working with and transforming two big dogs.
91. Cornerstone Puppy Online Course (Puppies 8-22 Weeks)
The origins story of how our online puppy training course came to be. Purchase the program at cornerstonepuppy.com to avoid early behavioral pitfalls and build the foundation your puppy needs to become the family companion you’ve always dreamed of.
90. Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 🍦
Besides talking about cherry chocolate chip ice cream in this episode, Jason discusses the three online training courses available, their puppy training book, and some options for free training tips.
89. Should I Rehome My Dog?
In this episode, Jason discusses how to navigate this question and avoid falling into stereotypical thinking on the subject.
88. An Experience With Aggression
In this episode, Jason and Lorelei, interview Zach, who is a recent graduate with his dogs through their training program. Zach came with a traumatized, aggressive, dog after trying various medical and behavioral options as well as other trainers and specialists.
87. Flippin’ Updates😁
In this episode, Jason discusses the progress made in flipping a home in a rural community and how it relates to Dog Training.

Podcast reviews

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4 out of 5
21 reviews
RockyMtnCougarFan 2022/03/15
Great podcast!!!
This is a great podcast for dog owners (both old and new). Jason explains the psychology well and has great tips to help you get the most out of your...
lilmadmeach 2022/02/02
Passionate about puppy problems
I love this podcast. The episodes are so informative and Jason breaks down concepts in a way that are easy to understand. You can tell Jason has a pas...
pokowenz16 2021/02/27
Love this!
My husband and I have been listening this podcast. We also have also been using the cornerstonepuppy.com website and the book to train our puppy. It h...
Lorelei2015 2021/02/27
Fun and helpful
Jason is great. So helpful and kind! Thank you!
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