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This podcast is a series of fun stories that are occasionally fact - but are often fiction. You don't have to be a quilter to listen . . . but if you are a quilter, or married to one, or know one, or lived with one, or passed one on the street . . . you'll certainly relate to these stories. Mimi's Quilting Emporium is the hub of activity in Bitchfield, PA . . . a common little town with uncommon characters. But when one of their own sets out on an adventure across the USA to explore the sights - and visit as many quilting shops as possible, life in Bitchfield intertwines with stories from the road as they all come together at Mimi's.

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S4:E10 - The Science Fair
Rose Flowers has worked hard on a high technology quilting project for the year-end Science Fair at Bitchfield High School. Rose knows her main competition will be from Danny Ishikawa but she is confident . . . but then things seem to go wrong.
S4:E9 - Fresh Mulch, New Love, Always Chocolate
As the Flowers are settling into Bitchfield, there seems to be the budding of love.
S4:E8 - The Flowers are Planted in Bitchfield
A new family, the Flowers, have arrived in Bitchfield and this, of course, catches the town's attention - but especially the boys of Bitchfield since their are three daughters in the family. Casseroles of welcome arrive but it's during one welcoming visit the Flowers find out their house has an concerning past.
S4:Special - A Little Christmas Poem
It's a little known fact that Mrs. Santa is an avid quilter . . . but this Christmas, she is busy. So, while Santa is off doing his little thing, she is busy. Enjoy this little poem to celebrate Christmas and Quilting.
S4:E7 - Quilted Sneakers
The Live Nativity outside the First Baptist Church on Hemlock which begins tonight and a workshop on Quilted Sneakers provide the basis for lively discussion at Mimi's Quilting Emporium.
S4:E6 - The Treasure of the Nile - Part 2
Dr. Noah Itall is now poised to become the ruler of the world while there are protests outside the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Mimi calls in help from the QIA in an attempt to save the world.
S4:E5 - The Treasure of the Nile - Part 1
Suspense, crime, and treachery abound in Bitchfield all surrounding the exhibit of the famous quilt . . . "The Treasure of the Nile." Dr. Noah Ittall and Victor "The Quilt" Conn have hatched a NASTY plan to rule the world . . . unless the the quilters of Mimi's Quilting Emporium can save the day.
S4: E4 - Exhausted Swiftly
Mimi and Earl returned to Bitchfield after helping out with their grandkids - exhausted of course. But they find Mimi's Quilting Emporium alive with activity - even late at night.
S4:E3 - The Financial Report
The Financial Report given by Betty Jo Looney at the Bitchfield Quilt Guild meeting became more exciting than expected and Mrs. Ellsworth considers visiting a Mordern Quilt Guild.
S4:E2 - Fantasy Quilting
Who needs Fantasy Football when you've got Fantasy Quilting at Mimi's Quilting Emporium in Bitchfield, PA. Are things heating up between Ruth Ann and Mr. Patrick - well, there is certainly a shock.
S4:E1 - Sunnyside-Up Quilt Festival
The Sunnyside-Up Nudist Camp has taken a bold step . . . they are putting on a Quilt Festival. Of course, they have partnered with Bitchfield and Mimi's Quilting Emporium. There's excitement all across town but there's an issue at Mimi's. Thank God, Mr. Patrick comes to the rescue.
S3:E10 - Dotz and Dash
In this Season 3 finale, the intrigue continues. The Stitch & Sew has gathered at Mimi's Quilting Emporium for a Diamond Dotz(R) day but Popov is waiting for his opportunity to grab the Smart Quilt.

Podcast reviews

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5 out of 5
25 reviews
Accesette 2023/12/01
Sweet & amusing
I’m not a quilter & not always a fan of single voice podcasts but I adore this. Is it well written, voiced & comforting.
ArtGeekMom 2021/01/24
Warm hug!
I’m not a quilter and I live in a big city, but I cannot get enough of the wonderful residents of Bitchfield. It’s touching and funny. All the towns ...
N2quilting 2020/06/30
The Best!
As I sit in my small town in Kansas making masks, and doing drive by pickups at my LQS, I understand how universal our situations really are. This is...
Mary in New Mexico 2020/06/13
Really enjoy listening to this podcast as I sew and find myself laughing out loud!
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