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They’re expensive, sometimes annoying and the best thing that’s ever happened to us. But there’s so much more to being a mom that no one really talks about. Betches Moms is a podcast that deals with all the real sh*t that happens - like what to do when your toddler figures out TikTok, the fact that the baby’s not the only one who has to wear a diaper after birth, or your mother-in-law constantly criticizing you for eating carbs or drinking coffee. Relax, it’s decaf. Hosts Aleen Dreksler and Brittany Levine share stories and insights, interview guests, and have honest conversations about what it’s really like being, and becoming, a mom. They may not be experts (that’s what the expert guests are for) but they have plenty of opinions and life experience to share. Each week they answer questions about the sides of pregnancy and motherhood that everyone experiences, but you rarely hear about. You know, the moments in between those perfect looking Insta posts. So get ready to lock yourself in the bathroom (or wherever else you hide from your kids) and listen to this podcast. Because you’ll literally never be alone again.

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Parenting From A Betches Dad
This week, Brittany brings on a very special guest, her husband, Noah Levine to get a dad’s perspective on parenting. Brittany starts off by asking how he felt when finding out he would become a dad and Noah shares some of his worries surrounding being a first time parent. Then, they talk about the differences in raising one vs. two children and Noah shares some tips on how dad's can best show up for their family (aka going to HomeDepot). Lastly, they end on an email from a Betches dad asking how to adjust to gentle parenting. Noah and Brittany both share their views on gentle parenting and how important it is to find balance when raising your children.
Why Is It So Hard To Make Mom Friends?
This week Brittany and Aleen are back to share all the details from Jack’s 1st birthday party where they were surrounded by family and friends. They then chat about how they met some of their mom friends and share some tips on how to overcome the hurdle of seeking out a new mom community. But how do you balance your pre and post baby friends? Lastly, they end on a “Am I A Mom-ster” email where this listener is curious if putting her entertainment before her baby’s will make her a Mom-ster.
Responding To Negative Postpartum Body Comments Ft. Brittany Cartwright
This week, Aleen and Brittany are joined by Bravolebrity Brittany Cartwright (formerly of Vanderpump Rules) to chat about all things mom life and her postpartum journey in the public eye. They start off by recapping Brittany and Jax’s experience with parenthood since leaving the show - from the first stressful car ride home, to Cruz’s 1st birthday. They talk about the struggles she has experienced since becoming a mom, including how she responded to hateful comments about her pregnancy weight gain, and how maintaining past VPR relationships has been difficult. Finally, she shares a “No Mom Guilt” about balancing her new mom life with her former - and how it’s okay to still be “The Shot Queen.”
Tips to Make Sure your Pool Days Don’t Suck
Aleen and Brittany are back after their Memorial Day weekend to chat about the many different ways your children can have fun in the sun (without having to bring a truck load of activities). They start by sharing some of the tricks they used over the weekend with their own kids as well as some tips submitted by listeners. Aleen then reads an “Am I A Mom-ster” about letting your child decide who they want to interact with and how they want to interact with them. Lastly, Brittany shares her “No Mom Guilt” where she praises Oliver for being an amazing kid, but understands that it’s okay to parent him and shouldn’t feel too guilty when gentle parenting occasionally goes out the window.
Navigating The Formula Shortage Ft. Mallory Whitmore
Aleen and Brittany are back for a timely interview with certified infant feeding tech and founder of The Formula Mom, Mallory Whitmore. They discuss the current formula shortage, what is being done about it, and what parents can do to navigate this issue. First, they recap just how we got here and how this shortage started. Mallory gives many helpful tips such as how to safely ship formula, whether you are ordering it from overseas or shipping it to another mom in need. She also offers advice on how to switch between formulas, and what to do if you can’t find infant formula. They end on what is being done about the shortage in the near future, and what you can lend your support.
Coming To Terms With Not Being A Chill Mom
Aleen and Brittany are back this week with a mental health check-in and share how they’ve been coping with postpartum anxiety and depression since having their babies. They open up about living with PPD/PPA and how their mind set haas changed and what they have been doing to help. Plus, they chat about Aleen’s first Mother’s Day and what they did to enjoy their holiday with their families. Then, they read a “Am I A Mom-ster” submission, surrounding how to set boundaries with your partner, and a “No Mom Guilt” where a listener shares how they will be taking a much needed and guilt free vacation.
Ways To Keep Your Kids Safe In Your Home Ft. Holli Choi
Content Warning: This episode discusses topics of child safety, endangerment, and loss of life - which can be unsettling to some. Please use discretion when listening. This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by the co-owner of Safe Beginnings First Aid, Holly Choi, an expert on infant and toddler-focused safety. Holly starts off by teaching them a new mindset of “Risk vs Hazard'' and how learning the difference will allow moms to look at safety in a new way. Then, they talk about the best ways to babyproof your home inside and out, covering topics like your crib setup, bath time, burn safety, and how you can actually hire a professional “Babyproofer”. Lastly, Holly takes the time to reiterate car seat basics and to remind moms that they don’t need the most expensive equipment to keep their children safe.
Tips And Tricks To Help Your Child Talk Ft. Speech Sisters
This week Aleen and Brittany are joined by Speech Sisters, Brooke Dwyer and Bridget Hillsberg to chat about one of the biggest milestones in any child’s development, learning how to talk. They start off by covering some of the misconceptions that parents have when their kids are first learning to talk. They reveal that getting your kids to voice their wants and needs first allows them to express their thoughts more effectively than only knowing their ABCs. They teach what imitation or “Parentese” should look and sound like for both you and baby, which is in between baby talk and speaking to your kids like they're 40. Then, they share their thoughts on screen time and how it can be productive, which is actually watching it along with them. Lastly, they give parents the confidence to help get their kid talking by reassuring them that every kid develops at their own pace.
What Actually is Baby Led Weaning? Ft. Jenny Best
Aleen and Brittany are joined by Jenny Best, founder of Solid Starts, to talk all about introducing solid food to your baby, food safety, and so much more. She starts with some practical tips to avoid choking, including a simple trick for helping your baby learn good habits on their own. Next, Aleen and Brittany ask when you should actually start to introduce solids, and which misconceptions new parents need to unlearn. Jenny explains the kicker, that babies have all the protective mechanisms they need and their bodies are just learning to figure things out. Lastly, she advises that when looking into feeding methods, ones that are extremely rigid should come with a big red flag. She reassures that you do not need to choose one singular approach. There are many right ways to feed your baby, and none should come with a side of stress.
How To Cope When Your Kid Is Sick
This week, Aleen and Brittany catch us up on recent tonsil surgeries, new allergies, stomach bugs and more. They share their experiences about how they’ve navigated the stress from when their kids have been sick or needed surgery. Then, they read a “Am I The Mom-ster” submission where they give reassurance that setting healthy boundaries when it comes to a pushy mother-in-law is always allowed. Lastly, they close with Aleen’s “No Mom Guilt” and how working through your mom anxieties is all a part of the process.
How To Talk About Diversity With Your Kids Ft. Charnaie Gordon
This week, Brittany is joined by guest co-host Shira Dreksler (Betches’ Sr. Director of Talent and Community) to chat with children’s book author and mom of two, Charnaie Gordon. Charnaie is here to talk all about navigating conversations around race and diversity with your kids. To start off, Charnaie shares how her love for reading, writing, and literacy led her started her blog and podcast Here Wee Read. They discuss the importance of diverse books, and classic children’s books that actually have negative racial stereotypes. Plus, she tells us about her non-profit, 50 States 50 Books, and how you can be a part of giving children more access to diverse and inclusive books. Then they chat about where to even begin with teaching about racism and diversity to children, the right time to start that conversation, and some of the best books to introduce to your kids. Finally, they close with some listener-submitted questions including how to respond to your child’s questions about differences and tips for exposing your children to other diversities.
Tips From The Vanderpump Moms Group Chat Ft. Lala Kent
Brittany is back in the studio, and this time she’s joined by new mom and star of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent. They start by telling us just how long it took Lala to actually watch the show (hint: it was more than a few years), what she wants her daughter to learn from seeing her mom on TV, and exactly what the Vanderpump moms group chat is like. Next, Lala describes what it takes to be the nanny to Lala’s child. Plus, she shares her scariest moment yet as a mother (it happened at Brittany and Jax’s house), how she springs into survival mother mode, and her favorite thing to do with daughter Ocean. Finally, she offers up her number one piece of advice so far as a mother: don’t just take any advice that’s offered, because it may not be right for you.

Podcast Reviews

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4.5 out of 5
340 reviews
SGPLOVE 2022/06/27
Betches Dad episode
Brittany and Noah are so cute!
krinklekrinkle 2022/06/15
Really Brittnay?!?!
After hearing stassi and beau’s side of the wedding drama and now Brittnay’s side, I think she’s just as much of a liar as her husband. They came w...
meggozaggo 2022/06/21
Hit or miss so far
It’s fine. I like both hosts personalities but they’re not experts and it’s mostly just anecdotes. I don’t like how Brittany sometimes portrays hersel...
jamjcnj 2022/06/20
Prefer the no guest episodes
I really enjoy the parenting chit chat between Brittany and Aleen. It feels like my friends chatting to me about parenting worries and everyday life. ...
JennyQ94 2022/06/03
I love this podcast! I’m learning so much about pregnancy and motherhood and feel ready to enter the next chapter of my life with more ease and humor ...
Traci Gallagher 2022/06/14
Brittany is FOS
You should have done your homework. Her crappy husband had sent text messages weeks ahead of that wedding she sooooooo badly wanted to attend saying h...
thefuturemrsr 2022/06/01
Makes me feel “normal”
Love this podcast! Found it when a former high school classmate of mine was a guest and now I’m hooked. I love hearing from all of the guests you brin...
Timmyspax 2022/06/01
Love The hosts and all of their guests. Really like how it’s a combo of pros and social media influencers. The interviews don’t hold back and all corn...
lindsconc 2022/05/25
Love these two!
I am pregnant for the first time and I am loving this podcast! The honest, vulnerable , funny, stories are much appreciated! Other reviews mention th...
skranberry 2022/05/25
Way too Type A
I wanted to like this podcast but honestly every time I try to listen it just stresses me out! The hosts are clearly very Type A “career ladies,” whic...


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