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Are you ready to teach better, save time, and live more? Learn more about my membership program “Teaching Trailblazers” here: https://teachingtrailblazers.com/ I'm Vanessa Levin and here on Elevating Early Childhood, we believe in leveling the playing field and bridging the gap between the world of preschool, pre-k, and K-12 education.

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(RERUN) My First 10 Days of School Tips and Lesson Plans for Your Preschool Classroom
Every single year, I get so many questions about the first days of school. Tune in to hear the answers!
(RERUN) Science of Reading: What Preschool Teachers Should Know
In this week's episode, I discuss the science of reading with fellow pre-k educator, the brilliant Allison McDonald.
(RERUN) Top 10 Classroom Must-Haves for Preschool Teachers
The one thing teachers don't have a lot of besides money is time. There's never enough time in the day to finish everything that needs to be done! That's why in this episode, I'll be sharing my 10 favorite classroom must-haves; items that have saved me time or made my teacher life easier. Some of these things I've used for a very long time and I couldn't live without in my classroom, while others may be new to you. This is going to be a fun episode, so stick around!
(RERUN) Top 5 Methods for Improving Learning Centers In Preschools and Pre-K (+ FREE Learning Center Guide)
Creating a successful learning center requires lots of strategic planning and effort. There are many questions you need to answer first, including…
(RERUN) My Favorite Alphabet Activities: How to Teach Letters to Kids Using Printable Alphabet Games
Have you ever entered your email address to download a freebie...and then been disappointed by what you got? I know I have plenty of times!
(RERUN) How to Teach Letters of the Alphabet to Preschoolers: Why We Need to Teach Smarter - NOT Harder
One of the biggest challenges teachers face with teaching the alphabet is getting the letters to stick. Luckily, these days we know better!
Parent Teacher Conference Tips for Preschool and Pre-K
Do parent-teacher conferences stress you out? You're not alone!
Teaching Dual Language Learners in the Preschool and Pre-k Classroom
Wondering how you can teach dual language learners in the preschool and pre-k classroom? Tune in now to find out!
How to Set up a Successful Science Center in Your Preschool Classroom
How can you set up a successful science center in your preschool classroom? Tune in to this episode to find out!
The Preschool Calendar Time Q&A Session You’ve Been Waiting For!
Do you have more questions about calendar time? I'm answering them today in this week's episode of Elevating Early Childhood, so tune in now to learn more!
Using Children's Picture Books to Meet Preschool Educational Standards
Today, the amazing Debbie Clement share with us how to use children's picture books to meet educational standards in fun and developmentally appropriate ways.
Do Kids Need Calendar Time In Preschool?
Is calendar time necessary in the preschool classroom? Find out in today's episode!

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
191 reviews
pacorcoran62 2022/01/22
So happy you have started this Podcast.
Hi Vanessa, You are so good at explaining ECE. Have been binge listening from the beginning. I have been in the classroom since 1986, and have been p...
BX CE 2021/10/26
Really interesting!
I love these podcasts! They are really interesting and very practical, especially for the new teacher I am :) I would love to hear a podcast on “ Pare...
Janet Nicole 2021/09/24
Wonderful podcast!
I’ve just discovered the Elevating Early Childhood podcast and appreciate the wisdom and professional advice Vanessa so freely shares with Early Child...
Tricia Brinson 2021/09/23
Bulletin boards
I listened to this podcast and decided to give a child created bulletin board a try. We read the book The Shape of Things which turned shapes into obj...
Hsurccm 2021/08/31
Love this podcast!
I am learning so much and have even got my staff listening to learn more about what they can do with their kiddos! Thank you for sharing your knowled...
KrisABC123 2021/07/27
Emotional Literacy
I learned lots of great tips about emotional literacy. I can’t wait to try some games with my kindergarten students. Thank you, Vanessa!
Mother of two LMRs 2021/07/20
Great information
Great information from someone that has walked in my shoes! Honest and up to date advise!
LittleLena* 2021/07/12
You need this!
I was THRILLED when I learned Vanessa was doing a Podcast. I listen while I grab a bite to eat and it gives me just enough info to act on or put into ...
The FirstFlappy Fan 2021/07/07
Excellent resource
Vanessa is a veteran teacher, this podcast is full of useful resources! I’ve signed up for her newsletter and her teaching tribe group. She creates am...
Hope-C89 2021/07/06
I’ve been following Prek Pages since I started teaching Prek four years ago! I’ve gotten so much information from her that helped me teach my kiddos a...


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