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EMS 20/20 is podcast hosted by two experienced Paramedics. Spencer Oliver and Christopher Pfingsten discuss real calls run by real responders and pull out the lessons you won't find in a text book. This podcast is aimed at Paramedic students, seasoned Paramedics looking to refresh, or any one interested in a deeper dive into pre-hospital health care.

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Fight and Flight
The guys get to talk about helicopters and weather and flight things in today's episode where a flight crew walks in on a call at a local ER that is being run perfectly. They have very little to add and things go smoothly. Except the opposite. Can they ultimately put the pieces of the puzzle back together to help this patient? Listen and find out!
Chris and Spencer bring on Samantha (a REAL LAWYER!) and Nick from the Standard of Care podcast for a call that is plagued with legal complications. An EMT is put in the awkward position of taking a patient that may not want to go to the hospital. We touch on everything from justified assault to kidnapping to false imprisonment and more! Chris suspects that a lasagna is the root of the problem, further highlighting the need for the guys to bring in people who know what they are talking about.
Altered LOC Quest
Chris and Spencer make an attempt to unravel the mystery behind an altered level of consciousness and more importantly, they try to figure what to (and not to) do about it.
The Unimaginable Weight of Incredible Trauma
With deep, full bodied flavors of trauma and some light herbal notes of scene management during an MCI, the guys pour you a glass of wine to... decompress with.
Boldly Going (To The Birthing Center)
Spencer and Chris Boldly examine a call that occurs in a birthing center where a patient is hypotensive for obvious reasons... or are they?
Overdosed on AMS
Spencer and Chris try to stay with a crew as they wind down the treacherous rabbit hole that is an altered mental status patient. Do they take the wrong path? In short... probably, but listen and find out why they go where they go on this week's episode!
Do Not Resuscitate The 80's
You ever want to intubate someone, but they tell you no? Chris swears a little less (barely) in today's episode that examines DNR's, POLST forms, and inaccurate SaO2 probes. We also get another rant from Chris!
Bill and Bob's Excellent Misadventure
Spencer and Chris go on a crazy adventure as they explore the choices made by Bill and Bob, two partners taking care of a patient that either stayed on or fell off the wagon... with a hard thud. Is it trauma? Is it alcohol? Did they miss something? Listen and find out on this week's episode!
The Queen's Gambit
The guy's review a call where the patient is deep trouble long before anyone arrives. In one of our longer and more serious episodes, the guy's talk about what it means to lead a call and how to talk to family members when things aren't going well.
Never Ending Plot Twists
The guys are given a call that takes place in a precarious system with a patient that has no memory... and a never ending stream of twists and turns that take this call from "eh" to WTF in a hurry.
Is This Even Legal?
On this weeks episode a very sick patient is taken to the hospital... but do issues of patient abandonment arise when a Paramedic refused to be the primary provider? Listen to this weeks call and find out if Spencer and Chris can close the case.
(Please) Free CO2
A crew find a patient that rapidly deteriorates, prompting quick action. Baffling monitor readings are the result, so the Chris and Spence bring in back up: Nicole Johnson, a seasoned ICU RN and host of the Found Down podcast join the team to figure out some crazy numbers in one of our biggest episodes yet!

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
417 reviews
Medic2023 2022/05/30
Just amazing
As a three year EMT and a student currently in the paramedic course, this podcast has been absolutely wonderful to listen to. Play cover everything fr...
ForgetfulSpartan 2022/05/26
The real Essentials to EMS
According to Spencer I am Cowboy, and I must say, this podcast should be promoted as a hitchhikers guide to EMS. The guys go through so many unique sc...
wannabe baby medic 2022/05/17
Perfect for all people!
As a medic student I began listening to gain some knowledge during long drives. I have since become so excited to listen to a new episode every week a...
jillibeanx 2022/05/10
Must Listen
This is my favorite podcast of all time. Such great information presented in a clear and easy to understand way with the perfect dose of humor. I’ve l...
jencovi 2022/05/08
Not Sure Where to Start!
I’m a nurse manager at a retirement convent. Thankfully we haven’t had to call EMS much in the last year. However this podcast has helped me revamp li...
tc9341 2022/04/24
Great EMS podcast
This podcast offers great discussions about real life calls with many opportunities for good takeaways. Many of their episodes remind me of calls I ha...
Ambulance Dude 2022/04/20
Great Podcast
Finally a good podcast by providers, not Medical Directors! It's almost like going over a call with your partner after a call!
PNW EMT 2022/04/06
Awesome podcast! I am a new EMT and I am learning so much while being thoroughly entertained. Start making 2 episodes a day. I am almost caught up.
wiselady39 2022/04/05
Awesome Show
I am not in the medical field, but I have an interest in all things medical. This podcast is super interesting and informative. Keep it up, guys!
Skifast84 2022/04/04
Forget the music!
This podcast has taken over my listening habits. It is entertaining and educational and hilarious and inappropriate…all the things. I’m a new medic, “...


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