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Join us for Hustle Humbly where we hope you will build the confidence to find your voice and your way to a successful real estate business and beyond. Listen in as Alissa & Katy, two top producing Realtors, talk about fostering #communityovercompetition while navigating the often times cutthroat real estate industry. With over 800 homes sold between them and 7 and 14 years each in the business, they have seen it first hand. Deep dive into conversations and interviews about mindset and best practices with real life stories mixed in. The goal of Hustle Humbly is to reach out and encourage Realtors and business people alike to stop comparing themselves and start embracing their own strengths.

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151: Converting Cold Leads & Sign Calls
Let’s take a trip down memory lane… back to a time when people picked up the phone and called other people for information. Oh, those were the days! But, wait! Those days aren’t long gone. They are still here! And in this episode we talk you through our best practices for converting a cold lead or sign call. What are the key questions you should ask? How do you get them to stay on the phone with you and start building your new relationship? What action step are you trying to get them to take at the end of the call? How do you follow up after you hang up? We cover all of this and more. If you plan to succeed in this career you’ll need to be able to carry on a conversation and we are giving you all the tips to help you get there!
150: Fair Housing: What You Need to Know
This topic can be a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. In 1968 the Fair Housing Act, also called Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 was signed into federal law. As a Realtor it is our duty to protect homeownership for anyone that wants to achieve it. In this episode we share exactly who is protected by the Fair Housing Act. We discuss best practices and systems to make sure you are working within the law. We also get specific on how to handle things like buyer love letters, buyer requests for safety or school information, and how to keep your marketing legal. This topic is as important today as it was when the law first passed and one you can’t afford to ignore.
149: The Forever Home Myth
Picture it: you have your first consultation call or appointment with a new buyer and they adamantly state they are buying their FOREVER HOME. Oh good. No pressure. Even worse is the pressure clients put on themselves to find the perfect home when they think it is their forever home. It can honestly be paralyzing. In this episode we uncover all the reasons that a “forever home” might not be yours, well, forever. We address the importance of thinking about the future use of your home when you are trying to stay there long term. We also share how you need to approach this type of buyer and how you can serve them best. We uncover the nuances of home tenure and learn that the stat itself isn’t very easy to find. Settle in, we need to talk… about forever. Disclaimer: it may take a slightly morbid turn.
148: Working with Sellers: From Listing to Closing
It’s time to tackle the second part of the listing process, from listing to closing! Back in episode 143 we took you through the pre-listing prep and process and now that you’ve landed that listing it is time to get it SOLD! This is the part of the process that will show your seller how valuable you are and as a result lead to future business and referrals. We share with you what you need on your listing checklist and what types of tasks are vital during the listing. We also share the most important emails you need to send to the seller and how they will keep the transaction moving smoothly. We even cover what each of us does post-closing. Having a plan in place will help you to feel prepared and ready to jump into the wonderful world of real estate listings!
147: Commercial vs. Residential
Today we welcome an esteemed member of the commercial real estate community, Karl Landreneau. Karl is a CCIM and SIOR designee and has held a multitude of leadership positions in the commercial field. We jump into a lively conversation about the differences between commercial and residential agents. We learn how many agents get started in commercial real estate. Karl also walks us through the logistical differences in the contracts and closing time frames for commercial vs. residential. Karl shares the two keys to success as a commercial agent and we are a little surprised to learn they are exactly the same for a career in residential real estate. If you’ve ever wondered about commercial real estate or toyed with the idea of dabbling in a commercial deal or two, this is the episode for you!
146: Confidence and Self-Doubt
We’ve all been there: feeling like an imposter, not sure if your business will survive or if your clients will think you know what you are doing. In this chat we uncover some of the things that lead to self-doubt in your real estate business and then we tackle ways to build your confidence. We cover a great list of ways to “trick” yourself into having more confidence right away while you are doing those things that will build your confidence over the long haul. It’s time to talk about how mental clutter and overwhelm derail your path to clarity and confidence and we are here to hold your hand, give you a little pep talk and maybe some much needed podcast therapy. So sit up straight, make yourself big and get ready to get a confidence boost!
145: Going Beyond the Boring Realtor Headshot
We’ve all been there: you show up to closing and meet the co-op agent only to be faced with someone you don’t recognize who is nearly 30 years older than their “current” real estate photo. This has been a running joke in the industry for years, and it’s funny because it’s true. In today’s conversation we call in our favorite brand photographer(and money guru), Sarah Becker, to help us take our business photography to another level. Agents are their brand and need to have images for business cards, websites, email signatures, signs and most importantly, social media. Listen in for the big “no-no’s” when it comes to headshots and get some better alternatives as far as posing goes. Sarah gives us great tips on choosing a photographer, location, outfits and even props for a photoshoot. She also gives some great tips if you don’t have the budget for a photographer yet and want to take killer photos yourself. So much practical advice in one episode! Sarah Becker is a photographer in the New Orleans area and you can find her on social media, @SarahBeckerphoto.
144: Numbers to Know
Ah, real estate math, no one told you this career was going to be more math than pretty houses. LOL! In this episode we try to demystify real estate terms and the formulas to figure out all the numbers. From how you get paid, to how your clients finance their home, you can’t escape the needed numbers. In this episode we cover simple concepts like downpayment all the way to the more tricky formulas like cap rate. Knowing your numbers and your clients’ numbers is hugely important in order to reach both of your goals. Math doesn’t have to be scary, and we are here to help!
143: Working with Sellers: Pre-listing Prep
Working with sellers is the secret sauce to long term success in real estate, so let’s dive in on how exactly to work with them! In this episode we cover from the initial call/message, through the preparation and to the listing appointment. What should you ask a new seller lead? What are some important things you may not have considered that are crucial pieces of information? Armed with the information from that first call, what do you do next? How long should it take you to prepare for a listing appointment? What will you bring with you? What do you change in your prep if the seller is interviewing multiple agents? You’ve got questions and we are tackling all of the answers.
142: How to Real Estate Farm
Grab your pitchfork and shovel! It’s time for some real estate farming. Real estate geo farming is one of the tried and true marketing plans that so many agents overlook in their business, but it still holds up in the modern real estate landscape. Unlike cold calling and door knocking, geo farming can be done strategically and successfully without making you feel like a sleazy salesman. In this crazy time of low inventory, geo farming is a great strategy to implement in your business. In this episode we give you concrete parameters of what area to pick and then give you practical advice on how to market to that area. If you are willing to give this some time and stay consistent, this business practice can bring you joy and increased business. Who wouldn’t want to grow their business simply by loving where they live and sharing that with their community?
141: Money Talks
What better topic for tax day than digging in and talking about money?! Sarah Becker from the “Becker Talks Money” podcast joins us to help remove the stigma and confusion around talking about money. As entrepreneurs in a career with so much uncertainty, financial planning can be very scary. We tackle entry level retirement investing and talk about what it really means to diversify. Sarah shares with us keys to budget planning when you aren’t quite sure when your next paycheck will show up. Historically women have shied away from talking about and taking control of their financial life and Sarah is breaking down those walls for us. As with so many of our topics the underlying problem when it comes to finances is usually mindset and education. Come listen in on a great conversation about taking charge of your finances and your life. Find Sarah Becker on social media @beckertalksmoney and @sarahbeckerphoto.  About Sarah: After 10 years as a wedding photographer, real estate investor and small business owner, Sarah Becker kept hearing the same story from her friends over and over again. While outwardly successful in their businesses, they were utterly failing in their financial goals - if they even had financial goals. So, she started asking every business woman she knew about their money. Along the way, she learned that only 2% of the female entrepreneurs in her network were happy with the state of their finances. Sarah believes that money doesn’t have to be scary, that curiosity is more important than correctness and that everyone can become an expert of their own money with a little help. When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find her renovating a river cabin with her partner Barry, taking her dachshund Gus for a long morning walk, and planning to have Asian food for dinner (again). Contact Info/Course Links: website: course: IG:
140: Weathering Changes in the Market
Where is the market going and how can we make sure our business survives?  In this episode Alissa interviews her Broker, Connie Kyle, who has decades of experience in real estate from being an agent to a broker to an office manager. Connie has worked through several recessions and many peaks and valleys and gives us the much needed wisdom and insight into handling those fluctuations. By taking a look at history, we can better prepare for the future. Is it better to be over prepared and conservative when the future is uncertain? Are we headed for a recession after the last 2 years of a housing boom? This time in history is unlike any other and we’ve never wished for a crystal ball more than now. The good news is Connie reminds us that real estate is a sustainable business and even with the rise and falls; it always comes back. People need shelter and they will find a way to make it happen even when the interest rates rise. During tough market conditions, Connie says the strong agents get stronger! So tune into this episode to get an overview of the historic trends in the real estate market & how to set yourself up for success.

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4.9 out of 5
365 reviews
Jenls12 2022/06/26
Game Changer
I saw this podcast on another realtors page that shared it, and have been hooked ever since! It’s been so helpful in the teaching the “how to’s” of su...
ncao4 2022/06/21
Episode 149
Hi Alissa and Katy! I have absolutely LOVED your podcast. I originally started from the beginning, but with my exams coming up this weekend, I’ve been...
maddie@podcastingyou 2022/06/21
Great podcast!
This podcast is a great resource for real estate professionals everywhere. Alissa and Katy are knowledgeable and engaging hosts and each episode revea...
KCD Realtor 2022/06/11
This is an excellent podcast for all levels of RE. I have learned more from this than from the newbie classes at my first firm.
Chacha ains 2022/05/20
LOVE Hustle Humbly!
I just found Hustle Humbly about a month ago and have listened to sooo many episodes in the meantime! I feel like Katy and Alissa are my friends! I’ve...
ToriTTSs 2022/05/09
Light of Knowledge & Guidance for New Realtors!
looking to gather the most useful information or learn as a new agent! I can't tell you how many podcasts I've listened too since becoming licensed la...
McKayla Wissinger 2022/04/13
My favorite podcast!
Hustle Humbly AKA my secret weapon!!! I was introduced to this podcast from a fellow agent in my market when I very first got my license and I owe so ...
Frank Castle 2022/04/11
Informative Entertaining
Always worth the time to listen & learn.
Katrina Hegeman 2022/04/01
Love how real and relevant these girls are
Cute girlsup 2022/03/22
You guys are amazing!
I am a newly licensed realtor & although I have a great broker & great seasoned agents to help me, I still got so much more out of this podcast. It’s...


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