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In March of 2009, Todd S. Eury, launched the Pharmacy Podcast. Over the years, the Pharmacy Podcast Network has accumulated over 100,000+ listeners & subscribers and is the most popular and downloaded podcast about the Pharmacy Industry. The Pharmacy Podcast Network is proud to have some of the most influential hosts and guests building interviews about important topics in Pharmacy. The PPN is a Digital Health Publication and Content Developing partner to the Pharmaceutical industry focusing on Specialty medications, pharmacy business supportive technologies, and industry trends. The PPN is the world's largest network of podcasts dedicated to the pharmacy professional and industry insiders leading with our hosts interviewing dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. The definition of “Innovation” is: A new method, idea, product, or process. Processing, implementing, operating, or designing beyond the status-quo. Pharmacists are the HUB of Healthcare & the PPN is the Pharmacist's biggest fan.  The PPN is a strategic media division within FINN Partners.

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Advocating for Health Equity w/Dr. Stephanie Young Moss | Holistic Pharmacy Podcast
Today I want to highlight the work of another pharmacy and entrepreneur colleague, Dr. Stephanie Young Moss (aka “Yomo”). She caught my eye on Instagram, where she shines her light on wellness, family dynamics, pharmacy practice, and disparities in healthcare. A practical tip that she shared in the episode has stuck with me, about how learning goes both ways. For example, shadowing allows healthcare students to learn from professionals, but the mentors also get the opportunity to learn. A relationship with someone different than you helps you understand where they’re coming from and how you can serve different populations. Dr. Stephanie received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy and a Masters of Health Services Administration with a concentration in Health Economics from The University of Wyoming. She has worked in various areas in pharmacy, Community, Regulatory Compliance, Managed Care, and Health Economics and Outcomes Research. Over the past 20 years Dr. Moss has advocated for decreasing disparities in health care through her volunteer work. She uses her platform to educate families across the U.S. on ways to decrease and eliminate health disparities by incorporating simple wellness and mental health techniques. Dr. Moss has shared her views on international and national podcasts and local television news stations. Dr. Stephanie is the creator of the website where you will find practical health and wellness tips, ways to reduce healthcare disparities and simple tips for health and wellness professionals to enhance their presence on social media so they can stand out in their niche, build a successful brand and advocate for important causes. She is also the owner of Integrative Pharmacy Outcomes and Consulting, which focuses on educating underserved communities on ways to reduce and prevent health disparities. For nearly 2 decades, Dr. Stephanie has served on various boards and volunteer organizations that focus on health equity, decreasing implicit bias, addressing social determinants of health and empowering communities to advocate for their health. She has served on the boards for The Minority Health Coalition of Marion County and Eskenazi Health Center where she has served as the Clinical Quality Committee Chair, Board Secretary and is currently the Board Treasurer. She resides in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can connect with Dr. Yomo on all social media (@Dr. Stephanie Yomo) and Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Finance and the Pharmacy Owner: A Conversation With David George
Please join the discussion with David George from Total Dose Pharmacy and First Financial Loan Officer, Drew Hegi from First Financial Bank.  David George is one of the founders of Total Dose Pharmacy that was established in 2013. He began the startup in Oklahoma and subsequently a second store, Hutton Pharmacy.  Total Dose aims to be embedded as a healthcare cornerstone of every community in which they are located. They strive to be innovative in the services and products they offer, as well as experts in provision of care and education to patients. Ultimately, their goal is to be the pharmacy franchise where patients want to receive healthcare and people want to work. Drew Hegi, has been a Loan Officer at FFB since 2012. Drew is also an Independent Pharmacy owner. Drew enjoys coaching buyers through the details of pharmacy ownership. Clear communication helps alleviate concerns, and he understands the necessary skills and tools needed to navigate the process. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
RxSummit 2022 Conference Summary | PAIN POD
2022/06/24 Dr. Mark Garofoli was live and in person at the 2022 RxSummit Conference which hosted anyone and everyone affiliated with and touched by our country's Drug Crisis. The "Pain Guy" spoke with many federal and state leaders (including our U.S. Drug Czar Dr. Gupta, our NIDA Director Dr. Volkow, DEA leadership, and so on), along with fellow conference presenters and attendees alike. Many of those conversations were recorded and contained within this dynamic conference summary episode of the Pain Pod! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
What's the Impact of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act of 2022
Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) introduced the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act of 2022 on May 24, which would make it illegal for PBMs to engage in “spread pricing.” Spread pricing occurs when PBMs charge health plans and payers more for a prescription drug than what they reimburse to the pharmacy — and then keep the difference. For example, when a pharmacist fills a prescription, a PBM handles the process, informing the pharmacy it will be reimbursed $90.  The PBM then charges the health insurance plan $100 for processing the same prescription. The spread of $10 is pocketed by the PBMs. Related: New PBM players banking on drug pricing transparency for success The bipartisan legislation would empower the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to increase drug pricing transparency and hold pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) accountable for unfair and deceptive practices that drive up the costs of prescription drugs at the expense of consumers.  It also would prohibit arbitrary clawbacks of payments made to pharmacies and require PBMs to report to the FTC how much money they make through spread pricing and pharmacy fees. SCPC, CEO, Alan Rosenbloom & Senior Director, Regulatory Policy at APhA, Michael Baxter join Todd Eury with the Pharmacy Podcast Network to discuss the impact of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act of 2022 on the Pharmacy Profession. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“My Dexcom changed my life”: Real world experiences with Dexcom G6 | Real Time Real Talk
In this podcast episode, our host Cher Pastore sat down with Matthew Vogel and Jami Klein – Dexcom employees and Dexcom users. Jami is a nurse and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. She has been living with Type 1 diabetes since 1988. Matt is a Senior Director of Marketing, focusing on Strategic Partnerships, working with insulin pump and pen integration companies, as well as Digital Health partners. Matt is also living with Type 1 diabetes. They share their personal experiences living with diabetes, their experiences using Dexcom connected devices, and how RT-CGM has improved their lives! Dexcom, Inc. empowers people to take control of diabetes through innovative continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Dexcom has emerged as a leader of diabetes care technology. By listening to the needs of users, caregivers, and providers, Dexcom simplifies and improves diabetes management around the world. Disclaimer: This podcast is not approved for CME credit. Every diabetes treatment plan is different, individual results may vary – nothing you hear on this podcast should be considered medical advice. All claims are supported by clinical evidence referenced in the show notes. For clinical study results, please refer to Dexcom G6 User Guide. For product-related questions, please refer to instructions for use. For complete safety information, go to Smart devices are sold separately. For a list of compatible smart device visit Fingersticks required for diabetes treatment decisions if symptoms or expectations do not match readings. Data from collaborator devices and products must be verified by those collaborator devices and products. Users should confirm data and connections with their collaborator devices and products. The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (Dexcom G6 System) is a real time, continuous glucose monitoring device indicated for the management of diabetes in persons aged 2 years and older.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Finding Your Way - A Conversation with Dr. David Marley, PharmD
Finding Your Way: a Conversation with Dr. David Marley, PharmD   PUTT founder Dave Marley's recently released book is an exploration of his own extraordinary life. Listen in on this incredibly honest discussion that twists and turns through business ownership, addiction, pharmacy, family, and one man's journey that navigated it all.   Book: Finding Your Way by Dr. David Marley, PharmD Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Breaking Down Silos with Pharmacy Intelligence | The Future of Pharmacy Podcast
In struggling to keep up with everyday demand, health system pharmacies must overcome disparate data systems, inadequate information flow, and incongruous workarounds that significantly reduce inventory accuracy. Find out how pharmacy leaders break down these data silos with advanced analytical tools that provide visibility, insight, and workflow enhancements, leading to inventory optimization and cost reduction.In struggling to keep up with everyday demand, health system pharmacies must overcome disparate data systems, inadequate information flow, and incongruous workarounds that significantly reduce inventory accuracy. Find out how pharmacy leaders break down these data silos with advanced analytical tools that provide visibility, insight, and workflow enhancements, leading to inventory optimization and cost reduction. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Diabetes Self Management and Education for Underserved Populations | Beyond the Sig
On today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Kristen Archibald who is the Chief Operations Officer and Director of Clinical Services for West Towne Pharmacy and Princeton Drug in Johnson City, TN and is also co-owner of Chinook Pharmacy in Lafayette, CO. Dr. Archibald is passionate about community service, disease state education, and patient advocacy, which are perfectly blended in her current role. In today's episode, we learn about the unique challenges and rewards of leading DSMES classes for underserved populations.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The Godfather of Functional Pharmacy | Robert Kress, B.S. Pharm
I have known Rob Kress RPh, since 2014 and he was the first pharmacist who was talking about functional pharmacy and the opportunity for pharmacists in functional medicine. Rob, graduated from Temple University School of Pharmacy in Philadelphia PA in 1994. After becoming disenchanted with chemical dominant based medical system, Robert took his passion for nutrition and became board certified in clinical nutrition through the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board, as well as trained as a compounding pharmacist through the Professional Compounding Centers of America.   During this time, he opened his own compounding and nutritional clinic, which blossomed into a complete anti-aging clinic housing other integrative practitioners. Robert became a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, certified in Quantum Reflex Analysis, a practice of kinesiology, as well as have trained and certified in other modalities such as Reiki and auricular acupuncture, a primal health coach, a licensed yoga instructor, and most recently a certified @movnat instructor.   Currently, Robert consults with both with patients to enhance their health through lifestyle medicine as well other practitioners to help integrate, promote and implement natural medicine in their practices. Robert also provides regular educational Wellness Workshops and writes regularly on the topic of lifestyle medicine and integrative care.   Robert believes as pharmacists, we are offered the perfect opportunity to integrate natural medicine into our practices, as its core to the history of pharmacy. Patients are looking for natural solutions for their health, while practitioners are looking towards integrative care to help solve their clients problems and enhance their practices. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Acquisition Roadmap: Letter of Intent & Purchase Agreement | Live Oak Bank
In this episode Greco DeValencia, VP of Pharmacy lending at Live Oak Bank talks with Tom Knapp of Brown & Fortunato about an essential step of the acquisition process: the letter of intent and purchase agreement. Greco De Valencia VP- Pharmacy Direct: 910-375-5921 Mobile: 916-710-6669 Email: Website: Tom A. Knapp Brown & Fortunato, Shareholder Direct: (806) 345-6344 Email: Website: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Lean Six Sigma – Making It Work for LTC Pharmacy | Integra X Files
Paul Shelton, President of PharmaComplete Consulting Services, sits down with Frances Nahas, Chief Strategy Officer at RedSail Technologies, and guest host Evelyn Beach, Executive for Customer Success, to chat about Lean Six Sigma and how Long-Term Care pharmacies can utilize this methodology to improve workflow, reduce waste, and drive greater efficiencies.  Listen to all of the Integra X-Files here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Plants and Prescriptions: Bringing Medicine back to it's Roots | CRx Podcast
Dr. Alan Ao, PharmD has 10+ years experience working in retail pharmacy at an Independent pharmacy and has experiences with compounding and non-traditional medicines including cannabis.  Dr. Ao is on a mission to develop an industry where cannabis and modern-day healthcare collide while he helps to bridge the gap in education from clinicians all the way down to the patients. Alan is also focused on how to provide 3rd party reimbursement for medical cannabis.  Dr. Alan Ao is part of the following organizations & projects:  Plants and Prescriptions - Medical/Industry consultations Society of Cannabis Clinicians - ACPE accredited pharmacy course NJ Cannabis Certified and Minority Cannabis Academy course instructor Collaboration with Garden State Pharmacy Owners - independent pharmacy network Applied for an adult-use cannabis retail license recently References:  The Effectiveness and Safety of Medical Cannabis for Treating Cancer Related Symptoms in Oncology Patients  Plants and Prescriptions:  Mississippi medical marijuana card applications open June 1st All applications will go through the State Health Department and require a physician’s approval.  North Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Set For Senate Vote, As Poll Shows Overwhelming Public Support  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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4.6 out of 5
128 reviews
LolaCorgiGirl 2022/01/27
Excellent Resource
So much incredible information on this podcast. Every student pharmacist should be listening to this everyday to learn about the profession. Best over...
The Pain Guy 2021/12/24
Pain Pod on the Pharmacy Podcast Network
Hello! I’m Mark Garofoli, host of the PAIN POD. I’m writing this review because I want folks to know how amazing the Pharmacy Podcast Network truly is...
Bled Tanoe 2021/12/16
Thought provoking
When Todd contacted me about a podcast, he asked me one thing: “ make sure you know what you are talking about “. I know it sounds a bit offensive. No...
HAP NY 2021/12/16
A great listen every time!
Such a huge fan of Todd Eury and the Pharmacy Podcast Network! It’s a great place to get information on what’s happening in pharmacy and healthcare. ...
Isabelle Litvak 2021/08/26
I am a huge fan of Todd Eury. Not only is he great at what he does, but he’s a great teacher and mentor! All the podcasts are made with such perfectio...
TyS_PharmD 2021/08/06
Pharmacy Management Software
Just got done talking with Todd about some innovative new software platforms, be sure to listen in. #RxBLU
BeautiCap 2021/05/27
Very informative!!!
Pharmacy podcast is very informative and makes sure we are up to date on the latest pharmacy news. Follow them for updates!
NBTS21 2021/04/06
PBM Reform Podcast Series
The Outcomes of Transparent PBMs vs. The Status Quo was a great listen! It was very informative to learn about how transparent PBMs differentiate from...
Corngal12 2021/04/06
Many thanks to the Pharmacy Podcast Network for the PBM Reform podcast series. Educating the masses about traditional PBM abuses is greatly needed. Tr...
Digi_cristina 2021/03/22
At the intersection of real change
Right now pharmacies are on the front lines of not only COVID but also are becoming hubs to serve community health concerns. They’ve become more than ...


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