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Running Rogue is a podcast produced by Rogue Running in Austin, TX. We are here to talk about all things running and help you become a better runner along the way! Check us out at

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Episode #279: Q&A on Running Fundamentals
In this episode, I share the audio from an Instagram Live with my last guest Nicole Winter (@nicolemruns). She asks me questions from her audience on the fundamentals of running.  We pretty much cover it all including breathing and running, form and cadence, building speed over time, managing recovery, how to think about chasing the BQ, training for a trail marathon, predicting your marathon time, whether or not to time-cap your long runs, and more. Thank you to Nicole for having me and to her audience for the amazing questions.
Episode #278: From First Marathon to Boston Dreams with Nicole Winter
In this episode, I welcome Rogue athlete Nicole (Rauch) Winter to the show. I coached Nicole to her first marathon in January, and now she has dreams to chase a Boston qualifier next year.  In our conversation, we start from the beginning, discussing her background in sport and how she got into running in the first place. She describes the joy she experienced on her first run and how running is still an important outlet for her balance and mental health. As her running journey progressed, her mom encouraged her to try races, starting with a 5K and 10K before bumping up in distance to the marathon. Her first marathon training block did not goes as planned, however, and she was forced due to a knee issue to drop down to the half.  Ultimately, she found her way to Austin and eventually to Rogue where I helped her train for her first marathon in Houston in January of this year. We talk about her training for Houston and then all of the vibes of the race itself including the many things she learned along the way. Then, we discuss what's next and how she plans to chase her new goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Nicole's story is relatable to so many, and you will learn tidbits about training throughout. Enjoy the episode and then go follow her journey at @nicolemwinter_ and @nicolemruns!
Episode #277: Running for "Late Bloomers"
Thank you to a listener suggestion (and questions), this episode is dedicated to those that get a late start in running.  Regardless of when you start, you are worthy of big goals in this sport. In this episode, I talk about when to start, how to think about goal setting and potential, improving running form at a later age, and practical tips for getting started as a late-bloomer.  It's never too late to become a runner, and I hope this episode might just give you that final nudge. To take advantage of the offer in this episode, go to and use the code rogue50 for 50% off on your first order.
Episode #276: 10 Tips for a New Season
Training for fall marathons and half marathon is upon us with the focus for many now shifted to goals in September, October, and November. That means closing the chapter on your last cycle of work and starting a new one.  In this episode, I give you 10 tips for making sure you kick off your new training cycle the right way. Here's to more goal smashing ahead!
Episode #275: Running and Mental Health with Michael Wilt
Disclaimer: This episode contains the story of one man's journey to face challenges with addiction and mental health (anxiety and depression). The discussion may be triggering for some, so please proceed with caution. In addition, Michael and I are NOT trained professionals so if you are struggling with one of these challenges, then we encourage you to seek professional help. May is Mental Health Awareness month, and I am honored to share the story of Rogue athlete Michael Wilt in this episode. Michael has struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction since his college years. His alcohol addiction pushed him close to death in June of 2014, which was the wake-up call he needed to finally turn his life around and get the help he needed. During his recovery journey, Michael discovered running as an outlet, and he completed his first marathon in Austin in 2016 in 4:47. From there, he has improved his marathon time by nearly 2 hours, running 2:48 in Houston earlier this year. In this conversation, we dig deep on his parallel mental health and running journeys to find inspiration that will touch us all. Thank you to Michael for his willingness to open up and share! To redeem the offer in today's episode go to and use the code rogue50 for 50% off on your first order. 
Episode #274: Chasing Consistency
Consistency is more important for your running improvement than anything else. What you do today or tomorrow - easy run, long run, or workout - matters very little in the big picture. But, what you do from day to day and week to week, year to year, and ultimately decade to decade will determine how close you get to your potential in this sport. It's the body of work that matters - the forest, not the trees.  And yet, consistency can be so hard with all of the constraints we have in our daily lives including work, kids, and important relationships. In this episode, I talk about the importance of consistency, how I like to think about framing the trade-offs around consistency (hint: it's about priorities and not excuses), and then 10 ways to help you improve your consistency. We can all get better and be more consistent, and I hope this episode will help you do so.
Episode #273: The Passion and Occasional Apathy of Running
In this episode, I get back to my growing series on the feelings of running. In this one, I talk about passion and apathy. What does it look like when we experience each one in this sport? And how do you overcome and/or channel each? If you have ever had a moment when you couldn't get out the door for your run or when you were ready to quit a race, then this episode is for you.
Episode #272: All Things Boston Marathon
Marathon Monday is back after a 3-year hiatus, and it's the 50th anniversary of women being officially allowed to enter the race. In this episode, I give you one of my favorite Boston stories to commemorate the year that Bobbi Gibb became the first woman to run Boston as a bandit in 1966.  I also break today the elite fields on both sides and give you my predictions for the podiums as well as the top Americans. Then, I give my recommended Boston race plan for those toeing the line on Monday, as well as some crazy stats about the difficulty of running a negative split on this iconic course. If you aren't running on Monday, then you should definitely be watching. I will be in Boston to cheer and coach myself, and I hope to see some of you there!
Episode #271: 11 Running Hacks
You know I don't believe in short-cuts in training, and this episode isn't about that. It is, however, about making your running life easier with some tricks of the trade that I've learned in my journey as a runner and a coach.  In this one, I give you 11 running hacks to improve your running journey that cover the gambit from eliminating shoe funk and avoiding chafing to better recovery and route finding and more. Hack #1 is worth the price of admission alone!
Episode #270: Super Shoes and Training
Super shoes have revolutioned racing times in the last several years... there is no denying it. They can help you run a marathon anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes faster without any change in your fitness. Now that they are more ubiquitously available, each of us must ask ourselves... should I get a pair, and more importantly, how should it impact my training and racing? In this episode, I try to answer the big super shoe questions such as: - Should I get a pair? - If so, how should I choose the right one for me? - How should I break them in? - When should I wear them in training? - How do they affect recovery? - How should they affect my race pace and frequency of racing? I try to answer all of these questions and more in this episode. To take advantage of 20% off at InsideTrack, go to:
Episode #269: Getting the Most from Your Coach
In this episode, I talk about coach-athlete relationships and how to optimize yours. Whether you have an in-person coach, a virtual coach, or are following the schedule provided by a coach you don't know, I give you 3 pillars to optimize this relationship to best reach your potential from it. Those pillars are: trust, communication, and ownership. I drill into all three and give you tips to think about for each. If you don't have a coach, then I highly encourage you to get one. You can go back to episode 139 for tips on how to choose a coach. To redeem the offer from InsideTracker go to for 20% off their entire store.
Episode #268: Faster as a Master with Sasha Gollish
In this far-reaching conversation, I catch up with Sasha Gollish after her new indoor mile world record for a 40+ year old athlete. We talk about the last 2 years of her training since she was on the show in December 2019 (episode 161). We cover super shoes, the Oura ring, readiness scores, racing the mile, and of course, how to run fast in your 40s. You will love this fun conversation with Sasha!

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4.7 out of 5
382 reviews
Gio Calandra 2022/06/03
Takes running knowledge and depth to another level
As a recreational but competitive runner I’ve loved listening to Chris on his coaching and running experiences. I’ve learned a lot of new concepts I h...
D Coster 2022/03/10
The best running podcast out there
Chris does such a good job of addressing all aspects of long distance training and racing
Dougship 2022/02/15
It’s great- and an acquired taste
I live this podcast- substantive, specific, always seems to touch on topics when I’m thinking about them either because time of year or time of season...
Dismisser 2022/02/09
Austin Marathon
I opened my podcasts app specifically to find something about mental toughness for a marathon, and EVEN BETTER this episode has pacing and mental tips...
kwkng 2022/02/01
Best running podcast!
Long time listener, first time reviewer. This podcast has changed my running! It is the only podcast I listen to regularly and have listened to every ...
jimmyjams&frimmyframs 2022/01/20
Just what I needed
I’m a sporadic listener since 2020. The main reason I am inconsistent is because my personal running journey. Every time when I get back on the wagon,...
CJT322 2022/01/20
Such an awesome show
I’m an aging middle of the packer, working mom of many, with personal goals and a love for the sport. I adore Chris’ accepting attitude about all pace...
fipper 2022/01/16
Awesome, deeply thoughtful, well rounded
Great podcast. Chris offers deep, thoughtful reflections about running and training. Running impacts so many aspects of our lives and psyche. I really...
Peggy Love 2022/01/16
Excellent Content
Very much appreciate Chris’s attention to ALL athletes and his desire to include athletes of all kinds in his podcast. Keep up the good work. We need ...
Liz SoCal 2022/01/15
Excellent informationn
Keep doing what you're doing. A lot of value here. Speak the truth and hopefully society (and hellfighter6) will catch up.


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