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In depth interviews with people who are living with purpose and having a positive impact in our world. We listen as host Steven Moe asks about their life journeys and what has shaped them into who they are today.

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Is community-led home ownership the way of the future? Audio of article for The Spinoff
This is the audio of an article I wrote for The Spinoff which you can read here  I found about this initiative as I was the lawyer helping to design the legal structure - I enjoy helping purpase and impact driven initiatives like this and if you have one or know of others who do, let them know that I am always open to have a conversation on the best way to structure things.   A lot of resources are here  This is one of 17 articles for The Spinoff - you can find others by navigating from here:  And more at   
Incorporated Societies: Key Changes Coming
As well as podcasting I am a lawyer and in this session we describe the key changes coming to the Incorporated Societies Act 2022.  More free resources are here: Incorporated Societies Act 2022: Information Hub | Parry Field Lawyers
Tze-wi Ng and Emma Kostas on combining Impact in your Career
Tze-wei and Emma are lawyers with a focus on combining impact into their careers.  In this interview we hear about their journeys and how they do this in their work as impact driven lawyers.  Tze-wei is based in Hong Kong while Emma is based in Australia so this was an across Asia Pacific conversation for the Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers launch event earlier this year.   More on GAIL (Global Alliance of Impact Lawyers) here and you can sign up to get emails:  Impact Journal just released:  Check out other interviews on seeds podcast at 
Tony Groves on leadership lessons from the battlefield, overcoming addiction and founding Halo Training
Tony shares his life story on this episode and we discuss his childhood, joining the military in Australia at age 16, serving in war zones, his addiction to alcohol and overcoming that, what his time in the military has taught him about leadership and teams and founding Halo Training which takes people into nature and gives them real life leadership opportunities based on the instructors' military backgrounds.  If you enjoy this conversation there are 308 others on seeds so check them out and more info at  Halo Training:  "Our experience was forged on the battlefields of Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts. We have led people through the most adverse and uncertain environments that could be asked of any team, or any leader, war.  Our military and intelligence backgrounds give us the unique ability to apply real-life technical and situational responses to corporate and business environments. Responses that deal with real pressure and real consequences. We focus on the human side of leadership, empowering people, teams and organisations to thrive in times of adversity."  
Elise Hilliam on nutrition and co-founding MenuAid
Answering the question "what's for dinner?" is at the core of what Elise Hilliam co-founded MenuAid to address.  In this conversation we hear about her background and influences and what led her to become an entrepreneur and the plans for the future of MenuAid.  We covered a lot including the power of recipes and how food and community interconnect.  I really enjoyed our conversation and if you do as well check out the more than 300 others at  Website: MenuAid: Your menu planning & shopping list sidekick  Facebook MenuAid | Facebook  LinkedIn MenuAid: Overview | LinkedIn
Kate Frykberg, Sue Barker and Justin Stevenson on latest Impact Call
Thanks to our speakers at the Impact Call last Friday, we had a really amazing in-depth session on these topics which you can listen to here: • From 4:24, Kate Frykberg shared reflections on her journey: “Missteps and learning: personal experiences of Pākehā organisations wanting to support Māori aspirations and learnings along the way…”  Site: Kate Frykberg • From 18:53, Sue Barker shared about her report which is now released looking at Charities Law Reform and what a world leading framework would be.  Charities-Law-Reform-Report-April-2022.pdf ( • From 33:24, Justin Stevenson shared about whether governance in Charities is harder than in for profit companies then we had some discussions in breakout rooms – really interesting topic to consider and will share the article he mentioned when it comes out! To join the email list send me a note at  Next call? – Well, because of the new Matariki holiday (hooray) which is the last Friday in June – will be Thursday 23rd at noon.  If you want a meeting invite, let me know.   Lined up to speak is Nicola Nation the CEO of The Ākina Foundation, and another person is being confirmed.   Previous calls are all here:   It is a good resource point to hear from others – last time we heard from Kirsten Patterson (KP) the Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand (IOD), Maria English the CEO of Impact Lab and Ros Rice the Executive Officer of Community Networks Aotearoa.  The session before that was Sue McCabe the CE of Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa,  Kaye Maree Dunn sharing about He Kōrero podcasts focus on Te Tiriti o Waitangi and Michelle Berriman the Executive Director of Fundraising Institute of New Zealand.  More 
Barry Coates on investing ethically and founding Mindful Money
Barry Coates has had a fascinating life journey and in this conversation he shares about his background and what has led him to found Mindful Money, which focusses on helping Kiwis invest ethically.  We discuss the work they do and the seminars, programs and awards run.  We also talk about his early years, work in the United States and England and his time as an MP.  If you enjoy this then subscribe and check out some of the hundreds of other episodes at  Mindful Money Site: 
Wendy Hoddinott on connecting people and places through collaborative design of shared spaces
Wendy Hoddinott shares her life journey in this episode and what has led her to focus on colloborative design of our shared spaces, as well as working on heritage related projects.  We also talk about the Gather Foundation which is a charity she founded which has a unique focus using its Place Cadets program: "Gather Foundation empowers Ōtautahi’s tamariki and rangatahi to co-design outdoor environments in their schools, neighbourhoods and communities", and "Wendy works with Gather Foundation to develop child-centric design programmes, drawing on children and young people’s knowledge and lived experiences, so that the final outcome is a reflection of their aspirations, rather than adult assumptions of the places they want to live and play." If you enjoy this conversation then why not tell one other person about the show, subscribe, leave a rating and review and check out some of the 300 other episodes at  Gather Foundation:  Gather Landscape:  Email:  A documentary on Place Cadets by John Sellwood: 
Founders' Stories with Hannah Duder, Elliot Taylor, Chris Bacon, Aislinn Molloy and Jack Wood
This is the audio of our conversation with four founders of tech companies which was part of Tech Week 2022.  Thanks to Hannah, Elliot, Chris, Jack and Aislinn for being part of this! Very often we just hear the glamorous part of the journey of Founders of tech start-ups. In this zoom session we heard some of the other parts too - no sugar coating, no glitz, just the reality of being an entrepreneur. Sharing were four founders who are each at different stages of the journey – one just raised money recently (Elliot Taylor of ThroughLine), two who have raised last year and are in growth phase (Jack and Chris of Komodo) and one who has recently exited (Hannah of Indigo & Iris). As all these founders incorporated elements of purpose and impact into their business models we will also be hearing about the “Tech for Good” aspects to what they each do. To do this we hear from each guest on their journey and challenges in an interview format hosted by Aislinn Molloy (Senior Solicitor at Parry Field Lawyers with an expertise in capital fundraising) and Steven Moe (Partner at Parry Field Lawyers and Seeds podcast host). Capital raisiing guide mentioned: Capital Raising | Parry Field Lawyers   
Kirsten 'KP' Patterson, Maria English and Ros Rice in conversation on the Impact Call
In the latest Impact Call for April 2022 we heard from: 00:00 - Introduction to call 05:09 - Kirsten Patterson on IOD 15:52 - Maria English on Impact Lab 27:22 - Ros Rice on Community Networks Aotearoa 44:38 - Final thoughts 46:13 - End Kirsten Patterson (KP) is the Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors of New Zealand (IOD) – was great to hear more about this organisation that has 10,000 members and some of the resources available on their site and the initiatives and training and conferences they run. Maria English the CEO of Impact Lab – interesting to learn background to the work they do in helping organisations measure impact and how they go about doing that Ros Rice the Executive Officer of Community Networks Aotearoa sharing about their recent initiative to provide governance training “Tick for Governance” in the form of a series of 10 modules at a reasonable price – including the first one being free – and loved hearing about the whimsy in the videos https://www.communitynetworksaotearoa... End Video More content at 
Nicola Patrick on Purpose, Impact and Thrive Whanganui
Nicola Patrick has led an interesting life and in this episode we hear all about her journey.  We have a bunch of diversions along the way to talk about social enterprise, growing up in Takaka, working for the Ākina Foundation, rights of rivers and a lot more too.  We also focus in on an upcoming Expo that Thrive Whanganui are coordinating - you can find out more about it at their Facebook page below. Recent story about Te Awa Tupua: For more content visit   
Steven Moe in conversation with Andy Dickson
The 300th episode!  Thanks everyone for helping get to this point - in this one it's a bit different as I am in conversation with Andy Dickson who interviewed me for his podcast, 'Down to Earth Conversations' which he called "Law, Seeds and Maximum Impact".  We talk about my background and history and I share some of my journey - hope you enjoy this!!   Check out his podcast: Photo by former guest Stephanie Defregger Here is description of episode by Andy: In this episode I had the privilege of sitting down with lawyer, writer and podcaster Steven Moe.  Steven is someone whose life reflects his desire to see change in the world.  He loves to support other change makers, as well as role modelling fresh ways of approaching situations. We talk about his podcast, The Seeds, and he shares how and why it came about. We also explore how he functions as a lawyer who wants to do good in the world. We talk about the ways businesses can structure themselves to have a positive impact on the world, and about being stewards who pass on to the next generations something worth having.  We discuss Steven's writing and why he serves on boards and advisory groups and how he does all of that while having a family.  There's a bit of everything in this kōrero! Check out The Seeds at for podcast links as well as articles and other bits and pieces.  Follow The Seeds on Facebook or Instagram And download a copy of Steven's latest book: Laying Foundations for Reimagining Business for free at ___ Connect with me at or at: Facebook:  Instagram: @downtoearth.conversations Email:   Music by Strahan: Spotify: Strahan Facebook:  or Instagram: @strahanmusic  or  @commoners_communion      

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5 out of 5
6 reviews
nmkona 2020/01/05
Great content
Love the 150+ stories of lives here...
CamiaYoung 2017/12/29
Seeds of Inspiration
Your podcast connects me to the incredible spirit in all of us, the creative calling we call our purpose. Thank you!
AlohaDTB 2017/11/01
Fantastic idea!
I love this concept! Steven is s great interviewer in these podcasts and really pulls out the wisdom and heart of those he interviews! I think it will...
MoeBooks 2017/09/29
What a refreshment!
Steven has begun a great work with this podcast and I am deeply encouraged by His and Shanna's recent interview on what it's like to be 10!
Wilda Beast from Wildomar 2017/09/15
Excellent way to start my day!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast on my way to work. It reminds me that there is a higher goal than just clearing my inbox. It inspires m...


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