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A Kids Podcast About Activism. Join kid activist Leo, founder of Dance for Justice, as he celebrates and amplifies kids who are activating social change by doing what they love.

Podcast episodes

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Sammie Vance and Sammie’s Buddy Bench Project
Sammie Vance challenges us to reconsider how we make others feel included. Let’s learn how what we discard can be recycled to create things that bring us together.
Ava the STEM Princess and Team Genius Squad
Ava Simmons (aka Ava the STEM Princess) encourages others to believe in themselves. Let’s learn how we can use science, technology, engineering, and math to pursue our goals.
YEL! Kids and the Youth Environmental Leadership Club
The Youth Environmental Leadership Kids (aka the YEL! Kids) Martina, Daniela, Soren, and Alucard raise awareness around environmental issues and take action. Let’s learn how we can come together to help bring about change.
CJ Matthews and Blankies 4 My Buddies
CJ Matthews uses his powers as an activator to purchase blankets for kids in hospitals or living in foster care. Let’s learn how we can be a beacon of hope to others.
Hollis Belger and Juggling for Jude
Hollis Belger uses her powers as an activator to fundraise for children with cancer with Juggling for Jude. Let’s learn how we can turn our passions and talents into action.
Kohen Lucero and Team End Racism
Kohen Lucero uses his powers as an activator to promote books featuring diverse representation with Team End Racism. Let’s learn how you can join him in learning, growing, and changing the world.
Sasha Knight and Cowboys (film)
Sasha Knight uses his powers as an activator to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. Let’s learn how we can stand up for and encourage one another to be our true selves.
Cyla Grace Hoffman and She Sounds Like Me
Cyla Grace Hoffman uses her powers as an activator to eliminate bullying with She Sounds Like Me. Let’s learn how you can make change by sharing what you love with friends.
Khloe Thompson and Khloe Kares
Khloe Thompson uses her powers as an activator to help women experiencing homelessness with Khloe Kares. Let’s learn how we can look for and respond to needs in our communities.
Orion Jean and the Race to Kindness
Orion Jean uses his powers as an activator to help end book deserts through the Race to Kindness. Let’s learn how we can achieve incredible goals when we work together.
Introducing The Activators!
On this podcast we celebrate and amplify kids who are activating social change by doing what they love. We talk to and learn from other kids who are doing incredible things to make our world a better place. We learn about different issues that need our attention, things like gender equality, environmental justice, and food insecurity. (It’s okay if those are new-to-you ideas. We’re going to learn together!) And we hear advice from kids for kids on how we can make a real difference in our world. Join us and become an activator by doing what you love in order to spread more love!

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
15 reviews
Tall guy987 2021/12/28
Fun to listen
Sammie loved being a guest on Leo’s podcast! Lots of fun, energy and inspiration
HelloSaraOh 2021/11/23
Energetic, thought provoking, and AWESOME!
My family and I love this podcast! So proud of Kohen for his work on donating diverse books to schools. And Leo is an amazing host!
Chapaqwa 2021/10/27
Fun and inspiring!
Leo’s a super engaging host and loved hearing about Orion’s many ways of helping his community. He’s such an all-star!!


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