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Tips and tactics to declutter and simplify your house quickly!

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What do we do about GIFTS!?!
I have been seeing SO many comments about gifts lately! How do we keep people from GIVING them, what do we do once we GET them and HOW long do I have to keep it for!?! Today we'll cover all these topics and hopefully leave you feeling a little less stressed about the upcoming holiday season!   Mercy House Global Gift Boxes: Take Your House Back Course (join the waitlist):
Birthday Blues & the Physical Effect of Friendship
Earlier this week Diana shared a YouTube video talking about how hard it is on our health to be lonely. Not just our emotional health (that's what we usually think of in regards to relationships) but our actual physical health suffers, too, when we're lonely. I know from some experience that this isn't always easy to overcome, but the Lord has been faithful to provide relationships when we've asked. (And we also talk about our upcoming birthday!) And Diana's video that we referenced can be found here: Blinkist Link: use this link for 1 week to try it out free. You'll also get 25% off if you want the full membership.
You haven‘t deleted that yet!?! (Diana‘s top time management tips)
Back "in the day" Diana became a time management guru. She was organized and productive and really developed a strong value for managing our resources well. Today we talk about our favorite time management tips, how they've changed over the years and why you should JUST DELETE those emails hanging over your head!
3 Things (Most) People Need to Declutter Successfully
As we've gotten to visit other people's homes to help them declutter, I've learned SO MUCH. And it never ceases to amaze me that we're all more alike than different when it comes to the stuff that we collect. Today, Diana and I visit about the three things I'm finding that most people need to be successful with decluttering. Diana's Channel: How to Lighten Your Load video mentioned: Take Your House Back Course Details:
Dear friend who has been hurt by the church
Today Diana visits with Dawn, a licensed family therapist, about healing from pain caused by the church. This is a replay from a YouTube video they did earlier this week (I'm sorry the audio isn't a little better!). You can find their YouTube channels here: Diana: Dawn (Living by Heart):
The Guilt Free Timer (& Snake Attacks!)
Decluttering brings up SO many emotions...often guilt and regret which makes it harder to part with things. That's why I came up with the "Guilt-Free Timer", allowing you to declutter without any guilt-- it's perfect! Plus, I'll share my most recent saga with tree watering :)
3 Characteristics of "Good" Moms with Dawn Ramaker, M.A., LMFT
Today I visit with Dawn Ramaker, she's a family therapist and homeschooling mom and I wanted to know: What has she observed as successful habits in successful moms? Not perfect moms, but those who seem to have it together. She has so much wisdom to share and I especially love what she had to say about validation. You can find Dawn's New YouTube channel here:
Mental Minimalism in REAL Life
"Mental minimalism says that just like too much physical and digital stuff can distract us from our values and the things that matter most in life, our own mental stuff can do the same thing. Thoughts, emotions, memories, and imagination can all become cluttering of our mental space. And when this happens, not only do we consistently experience negative feelings like stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and depression, but perhaps more tragically, we become distracted from living our lives." - Nick Wignall, The Case for Mental Minimalism We *know* we should be more protective of our minds, but how do we achieve mental minimalism in the real world? Diana and I will talk about it today! Book Mentioned: "Get Your Life Back" by John Eldredge:
Lessons from the Laundry Room
There has been something magical with our laundry room transformation...a benefit I never expected! We'll talk about that today along with donating ironing boards, laundry strips and more! Laundry Products Mentioned: Tru Earth Laundry Strips: Earth Breeze Laundry Sheets: EcoEgg: (affiliate links-- THANK YOU!!!)
Betrayal, Redemption & Secret Places (the day I got fired from radio)
This is a day I don't think of much anymore, but looking back, it was a pivotal point in my life and has been something I've drawn on in many ways since then. Diana will also share some really interesting information about secret places and spending time with the Lord.
How I (accidentally) got into YouTube
I never set out to be a "YouTuber" fact, as an introvert and always happiest behind the scenes, that actually sounds horrifying to me! But, apparently it was meant to be and today I'll share the story of how I got here!

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
407 reviews
Hermanut 2022/06/22
Thank you!
I know it’s not a coincidence that I found this podcast or your YouTube channel. Thank you for your encouraging words!!! Connie from Nebraska
BestBransonFarmer 2022/03/01
So glad I found this podcast!
I have been an avid fan of Dawn for a couple years on YouTube and wanted to get more inspiration. I was driving today and was bummed I couldn’t watch ...
Skeeter77niter 2022/02/15
So happy you are on here also.
I wondered today if you had a podcast also and I found this and listened to three different episodes on my way home from town. Learned so much from y...
Sweetlilella83 2022/01/22
YouTube Followers
I had no idea you had a podcast. I feel like I have watched all your videos. I listen to you talk in the background while doing housework. You are my ...
AudioListen 2022/01/17
Episode 8: 3 Things (Most) People Need to Declutter Successfully
**Review only one episode** I love this Dawn Madsen, The Minimal Mom podcast episode. Madsen and her sister Diana Kokku discussed their experience hel...
JP in Fl 2022/01/17
Dawn’s method work!
Dawn has methods easy to implement. Her podcast are uplifting, entertaining and super supportive of getting your life simplified to make your home a p...
Abf<3Stf 2022/01/13
Come back!
I was so happy to hear you created a podcast, and just finished them all! I love listening to you and Diana! We hope you come back soon!
kellykellikelley 2022/01/12
Please do more podcasts! I love the YouTube content, but listening to a podcast is so much easier to do! Keep up the great work!!
hikritty 2022/01/04
Love it and look forward to more!
Not only is Dawn encouraging and positive about minimalism but just love hearing her voice continue to motivate me while I work around the house, I’m ...
Married 18 yrs happily 2022/01/04
Refreshing podcast!
Enjoyed your ideas. My daughter loves your podcast and just told me about it. She said it is really helping her organize and let go of excess items.


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