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The Podfathers is a podcast from Clem, Large, and Uncle Chaps from Barstool Sports breaking down the good, the bad, and the ugly of fatherhood. Other books and websites and podcasts have tried to explain what life as a new dad is like "from a dude's perspective." "As told by Guy's guys." or "from a mans perspective." They have all failed. Through their own personal experiences and brand of humor, the Podfathers help parents everywhere relate to the wild and crazy ride that is raising children.

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Girl Scout Cookie Crooks, Cussing Kids, And C*m Trees
The Podfathers are back from a lovely Father's Day weekend where they share their good/great/wonderful gifts from their kids (along with a lottttt of cards for Clem). The guys discuss the Long Island Girl Scout who scammed a bunch of people out of their money for cookies, how to teach your kids the correct ways to curse, an all-time gaping a*****e in Am I The A*****e, and some botany fun facts about cum trees. Support the show by supporting our sponsors! - Visit and use promo code STOOL5 to take 5% off your Delta 8 gummies, vapes, edibles, etc. and get a FREE Canna-Fan Flag Sticker - Go to to get 20% off your custom lawn care plan. - Be sure to tune-in to the NASCAR Cup Series from Nashville Superspeedway this Sunday, June 26th at 5:00 pm EST on NBC
BJs For Father's Day
Dad's Day is coming up and The Podfathers have you covered what to get your significant other on his big day. The guys talk salads, pube nests, and Large has another senior moment trying to figure out how to watch Better Call Saul before giving out their Podfam Member Of The Week, answer some mailbags, and play another couple of rounds of Am I The A*****e? Support the show by supporting our sponsors! - Visit and use promo code STOOL5 to take 5% off your Delta 8 gummies, vapes, edibles, etc. and get a FREE Canna-Fan Flag Sticker - Go to to get 20% off your custom lawn care plan. - Head to and get your first 3 months for free when you subscribe to the Sirius XM App.
Disney D*ckheads
The Larges are going through some serious growing pains after a week where they got a preview of what it's going to be like sending a kid to college and threw their last birthday party at the house while Clem is still getting used to being the big 4-0. The guys stop their pity party for themselves then turn their attention to Disney, where a hardo employee broke up an engagement as it was happening and another couple threw a wedding without food or drink for the guests so they could have Mickey and Minnie attend before diving into an Am I The A*****e mailbag question. Support the show by supporting our sponsors! Go to to get 20% off your custom lawn care plan. Get 5% off ALL products at + a Free Canna-Fan Flag Sticker with promo code STOOL5 Purchase tickets to the Sonoma Raceway at but also be sure to tune-in to the NASCAR Cup Series from Sonoma Raceway this Sunday, June 12th at 4:00 pm EST on FS1.
The Podfathers Revived: Half Empty Nest
We haven't been canceled again yet, so The Podfathers are back for another week of parental fun. With Memorial Weekend coming and going, summer is unofficially here so the guys discuss the glory of sending your kids to camp, Large prepares for life (and a wife) with only two kids at home come the fall as well as sending a kid to the prom in 2022, and we introduce our newest segment titled Show And Tell that we invite our listeners to participate in by tweeting their own at @PodfathersShow on Twitter or Instagram. Support the show by supporting our sponsors! Go to to get 20% off your custom lawn care plan.
The Podfathers Are Back!
Despite the suits at Barstools' best efforts, we have brought back The Podfathers thanks to the overwhelming feedback from the Podfam. A sincere thank you to everyone that reached out with kind words the last few weeks and/or offered to help out in any way. On this week's show, the guys talked about the baby formula shortage the swept the nation, made a visit to Content Corner, and gave some heartwarming updates from home. However before all that we discuss the tragedy in Uvalde, TX where 19 children and two adults senselessly lost their lives in a mass shooting at an elementary school.
Now It's Time To Say Goodbye To The Pod Family ...
The Podfathers provide an update on the status of the show.
Season 5 Episode 16: Large Is KFC's Grandfather | Barstool's Best Kept Secret
On today's Podfathers we learn that Large is actually the biological grandfather of Kevin Clancy. Also, the guys recaps Stu-a-palooza which lived up to the hype and more. Lastly, we talk about the phenomenon of Barnes and Nobles and why everyone wants to take a dump there.
Season 5 Episode 15 Kids Are Bringing Margaritas To School
On today's Podfathers we're talking flying with kids. Good, the bad, the ugly? Also we chat kid independence. Would you let your kids watch that "Are You Old Enough" Show on Netflix ... or better yet, would you let your kids do it? - Updates from home - Margs at school - Content Corner: Are You Old Enough Netflix - Mailbag
Season 5 Episode 14: Disciplining In Schools Has Changed Over The Years
It's the Podfathers and this is what we're covering on today's show: - Updates from home - Baby Namer - Pastor tapes kids mouths - Margs at school - Mailbag Stay safe and stay sane out there ...
Season 5 Episode 13: Pod Fathers & Mothers: Kate Joins The Show!
Podmother Kate joins the show to talk about her routine with her super advance son, Cash! She shares some tips and trick and gives us all the updates we need when it comes to the ol' sleep training. Large is on vacation, but still took the time to grace us with his super handsome face. We get to the usual mailbag and more! Subscribe to the Barstool Grown Up YouTube Channel to watch the video version!
Future Dad To Be Is In The Dog House (And Rightfully So)
AJ Clem's Birthday! On the adulthood front, Will Compton is now a dad and Large traveling around the damn country and getting his ass kicked by professional boxers. Ahhh to be young again. Also, we cover a controversial mailbag question that puts a Dad to be in the doghouse.
Season 5 Episode 11: A Parent's Perspective For Will Smith
By now everyone has given their personal take on the Will Smith/Chris Rock fiasco, however, we haven't heard anyone give a parent's perspective, and that's where we come in. On top of all that we've got updates from home, Pickle Ball, Principal calls kids Asshats, Applebees Drive Thru, the mailbag and more! SUBSCRIBE:

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
2108 reviews
Cool kids country 2022/06/13
Something unique about the show that keeps me coming back! Proud dad! Keep the content coming boys!!
B-Hum 2022/06/02
5 Star Show
Only gave 5 stars because I couldn’t give 10! As a father of 3 this is a great Pod to listen to every single time it is released!!
mattynValpo1 2022/06/01
My favorite podcast!!!
Thank you!
venmo is annoying 2022/06/01
Great progression of fatherhood
I welcomed my first kid in 2016 around the time of the first episode. I’ve listened to literally every single one since - the only pod I can say that ...
bvt forever 2022/06/01
Keep the Podfathers!
I’m not even a father, but a late 20 year old female and love this show! Great for parents and non-parents aka me!
Torchman13 2022/06/01
Keep Pod Fathers
There has never been a collection of Dads who are as smart/funny/disgusting/open as these guys. They are fantastic and offer advice that everyone will...
bloom2022 2022/06/01
The Best Parenting Podcast
The perfect combo of finding the humor in parenting while giving great advice!
a123978 2022/06/01
IM SO HAPPY YOU GUYS ARE BACK!! Podfathers for life. My only request is to bring KFC back ?
Marianotp21 2022/05/31
Yes, this show to parent of 2 is therapy. I have been listening for almost 5 years and this show is just therapeutic to me. I as a husband and father ...
Berries90 2022/05/31
The Best Parenting Podacast
These guys give you the behind the scenes on what it REALLY takes to parent today! Love the segments on what future parents “think” parenting will be....


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