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If you’ve got questions about following Jesus, we feel you. We started this podcast looking for answers on how to follow Jesus, but what we found were stories—stories that reminded us God is at work in the ordinary places we sometimes forget to look.

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When You Feel Like You’re Faking Your Faith
What do you do when you feel like you’re faking your faith? Sam experienced that feeling as a pastor, and what he did next changed everything. His story might just challenge the way you think about, live out, and talk about your faith with others.
How Could God …️
After surviving a tragic car accident, Katie questioned whether she could still believe in God. Blair discovered that God didn’t fit cleanly in his box of beliefs. Hear their difficult questions about faith, then talk about your own with others.
When You Feel Like You’re Losing Your Faith
Can you really trust that God is good? What if you don’t feel Him? When Christians feel hateful, how can we trust that Jesus is loving? Hear a conversation about these questions and more, then talk about it with someone you trust.
Pastor Joakim Lundqvist on Ways to Love Our Afghan Neighbors
Wondering how to love our Afghan neighbors? Listen in for some practical ways you can help, plus hear some stories of unshakeable hope. Then, talk it over with your LifeGroup and friends and commit to doing something about what you hear.
How a Grocery Store Changed a Community
Grocery store trips can seem routine and mundane, but this grocery store is empowering an entire community. Trust us—it may just be your new favorite store. Listen in, then talk about it with your LifeGroup and friends.
What Is Biblical Justice?
Justice can feel like a loaded word, but it’s woven throughout Scripture. When we seek justice, we pursue God’s best for everyone. In this episode, we’ll start a conversation about biblical justice that you can continue with your LifeGroup and friends.
Does Everyone Have the Same Opportunities?
No two people have the same set of choices or experiences, but education can level the ground for growth. Discover more about how one organization is unlocking opportunities, then talk about it at LifeGroup or with friends.
Why We Should Stop Saying “Broken Family”
Some families look whole in a different way, and that’s okay. Listen in on a discussion from people with diverse family experiences about how the Church can advocate for families, then talk it over with your LifeGroup and friends.
Why You Need More Than Self-Care
God wants wellness for all of us, and in this episode, we’ll explore why through an incredibly powerful story. Then, we’ll hear from a therapist about what well-being is all about. You’ll want to talk this one over with your LifeGroup and friends.
This Made the Bible More Than a Book for Jon
What if there’s more to the Bible than “being good”? Discover how Jon made that revelation, hear some incredible stories, and learn more about how our church is committed to being a good neighbor. Then, talk it over with your LifeGroup and friends.
Pastor Amy Groeschel and Her Mentor, Cheryl, on the Power of Being Present
What if having meaningful friendships is less about what we bring and more about being fully present? Listen in as Pastor Amy Groeschel and her mentor, Cheryl, give us some amazing relationship advice, then talk it over with your LifeGroup and friends.
Pastor Amy Groeschel on Unity, Humility, and the Importance of Relationships
Want to have healthier relationships? Pastor Amy Groeschel challenges us to develop humility, fight for unity, and love people we disagree with. Listen, take her advice, then talk it over with your LifeGroup and friends.

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
130 reviews
jasonnealhenley 2021/04/26
Peacefully Prompting
Jason & Ally give such a peaceful friendship vibe to interviewing on this podcast. The content prompts me to have the conversations with those in my L...
NancyR60 2020/08/21
Hidden treasure
Listened to this for the first time yesterday. Such a great format and such valuable content! I've already shared on social media. The lessons of thin...
TLHarms 2020/08/15
Truly What I Needed
Wow, I stumbled upon this today and loved it. Shared it and will enjoying being a doer of the word and not a hearer only! Thank you for taking the inv...
Lester Nick Mercury 2020/08/12
Rare Find ???
I love a podcast where thematic storytelling, thoughtful hosts, and dope sound design connect the dots on the topics that really matter- a rare find ...
mrshaydock 2020/06/17
Testimony Time!
I’m a big believer in people sharing there coming to Christ stories! So powerful and meaningful for the teller and the listener! James’ story of red...
JasonInman 2020/06/08
Inspiring Stories and Conversations
Each episode has entertaining, inspiriing, and motivating stories and conversations that really help me process and respond to what's going on in my l...
Yuh22 2020/06/08
?? Great Insight
It’s has changed my perspective and has helped me gain insight on a variety of topics all while pointing me back to what God words says. ??COME ON! ??
xbwave025 2020/06/06
Insightful, relational, and hopeful
These conversations are amazing fuel for me to pour into the relationships in my life with. The hosts are pleasant to listen to, funny, challenging, a...
Henwoada 2020/06/06
Great fresh perspectives
Really enjoying the format of this new podcast. Thanks for bringing in several guest on each episode. I can’t wait to hear episode three.
Lucas.Denson 2020/06/02
Wow! Great resource
This podcast is incredible and I can’t wait to share it with my community and leaders!


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