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Are there universal laws of life and can we find them? Is there a physics of society, of ecology, of evolution? Join us for six episodes of thought-provoking insights on the physics of life and its profound implications on our understanding of the universe. In this season of the Santa Fe Institute’s Complexity podcast’s relaunch, we talk to researchers who have been exploring these questions and more through the lens of complexity science. Subscribe now and be part of the exploration!

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How do we identify life?
In this episode, Chris and Abha explore how life originated here on earth and how we might identify it in other parts of the universe. They ask two researchers about the signature characteristics of life and what common dynamics we might see among organisms outside our planet. They’ll also delve into assembly theory, a recent concept that looks at the construction of objects as a way to universally quantify life, which has ignited debate within the scientific community.
What can physics tell us about ourselves?
Humans can live up to age 100, and not 1000 – why? Are there limits in how much our brains can think and compute? The laws of physics can help explain a lot, both about our own human bodies and how we are connected to life all around us.
Relaunch of Complexity Podcast Trailer
Trailer for Complexity: Physics of Life, from the Santa Fe Institute
Michael Garfield & David Krakauer on Evolution, Information, and Jurassic Park
Mason Porter on Community Detection and Data Topology
Andrea Wulf on Magnificent Rebels: The First Romantics and The Invention of The Self
Carlos Gershenson on Balance, Criticality, Antifragility, and The Philosophy of Complex Systems
Complex Conceptions of Time with David Krakauer, Ted Chiang, David Wolpert, & James Gleick
Paul Smaldino & C. Thi Nguyen on Problems with Value Metrics & Governance at Scale (EPE 06)
Dani Bassett & Perry Zurn on The Neuroscience & Philosophy of Curious Minds
Alison Gopnik on Child Development, Elderhood, Caregiving, and A.I.
Ricard Solé on Liquid and Solid Brains and Terraforming The Biosphere

Podcast reviews

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4.7 out of 5
249 reviews
Will in town 2024/02/02
Great to hear the return of this podcast. First episode as good as ever and wonderful new host.
NickEasy 2024/02/02
Bring back Micheal Garfield!
Season 2 Episode 1’s wooden writing somehow manages to talk down to one of the most erudite and curious audiences in podcasting. What a disappointment...
belvedere64 2024/02/01
A favorite
I absolutely love this podcast. It lays out some plain English while also challenging the intellect. I’m captivated.
NavySteve87! 2023/11/01
Have you discontinued the podcast?
I really enjoyed the content; hope there are new releases soon
pizzagang23 2022/12/13
Amazing work
So stimulating, it will keep your car warm on an icy day as your brain buzzes along. More ants episodes please!
Johnny Burque 2022/09/06
Court of our Collective Humanity
SFI will likely be the court of advisors and prognosticators who make the continuation of humanity possible. These entertaining, sober, and thoughtful...
George H- NY 2022/07/30
Phenomenal podcast. The guests are great and the concepts they talk about are fascinating. Michael Garfield is a marvelous interviewer. It’s worth lis...
Alexy Dub 2022/08/08
Host Needs Help
Great topics and very interesting guests, but the host gets in the way. More basic, open-ended questions would allow the guest to tell their story an...
SAARKÉSH 2022/04/22
Multi-dimensional Complexity Drivers In Life..
Revealed, reviewed, reapplied, reconsidered in this brilliant podcast. Looking forward to the new political economy & equality focused examinations ...
ofdavis123 2022/07/05
Brilliant guests, engaging conversations, all-over-the-place host
My true review would be 3 or 4 stars, but in order to increase the informational content of my review I’m giving it 2 stars. This is a fascinating pod...
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