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Welcome to the TORI podcast where you are exposed to all the tips, tricks, DOs and Don’ts associated with real estate investment. It is said that; When you get it right in any investments, you get to enjoy the full benefits of that investment. Let’s show you how to get it right on the Tori Property Tips Show. Pls ensure to follow through and not missing out on any episode.

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Which Is A More Profitable Investment; LAND OR HOUSE?
On this Episode of the Tori Property Tips Show, we tried to give answers to a question on the mind of many of our listeners. They wish to know which would be a more profitable investment between land purchase investment or house purshase investment. We have done justice to that question on this Episode, Ensure to listen, enjoy, learn and share.
When Is The Best Time To Buy Or Sell A Property In Nigeria
This is a question that runs through the mind of many property business men and investment enthusiasts, apparently, a lot will overlook this subject but it's importance can never be overemphasized. On this episode of the show, I and especially our guest speaker Surv. James Caleb was able dissect the subject in depth, discussed and suggested various information as to when would be the best time or better time to buy or sell real estate in Nigeria. Ensure to listen, enjoy, learn and please share.
How To Get A Free Residency In Dubai Through Real Estate Investment
On this wonderful episode on the show, we received Mr Flemming, a seasoned professional and an experienced wealth manager with well over Twentynine years of experience, he has lived and worked in many countries, in the US, in the UK, Dubai, just to mention a few. On this Episode, I and Mr Flemming discussed great and wonderful opportunities that lies in wetin Dubai and how easy it is to access these very profitable opportunities. Mr Flemming ended by dishing out some powerful advice to our wonderful listeners to fire them up. Ensure to listen, enjoy, and don't forget to share.
10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Land In Nigeria
On this episode of the show, we highlighted some of the key factors to put first into consideration when you wish to buy a plot of Land in Nigeria. These factors are often overlooked and so people get to make a lot of costly mistakes thereby, loosing their money. Ensure to listen till the end. We have 10 beautiful tips to guide you through the process of acquiring a land in Nigeria to avoid any issues in the future. Please, make sure to share after listening. Many Thanks.
Why The Nigerian Real Estate Sector Is Underperforming
Welcome to the most anticipated second season of the Tori Property Tips Show. It has been a worthwhile journey of great value, knowledge and revealing information so far. The 1st episode of Season 2, like others episode of season 1, presented a really important and revealing topic that needs urgent attention. On this episode, I highlighted several unfortunate factors fostering the underperformance of the Nigerian real estate sector which goes a long way in hampering the national development and economic growth of the country. I further concluded the show by suggesting some helpful tips that could change the reality as we know it today for the better. Please, ensure to listen till the end as it is quite interesting, informative, educative and entertaining. And pls don't forget to share. God bless you.
FACTS why I insist you must invest in DUBAI real estate
On this episode of the Tori Show, we highlighted very essential facts as to why it is a very productive and profitable decision to invest in Dubai real estate. We also pointed out how easy it actually is to buy Dubai properties. On like what people think of it to be almost impossible and expensive, we have proven to you it is actually easier to buy a property in Dubai than acquiring a property in Nigeria. Listen till the end and share.
How to start a real estate business without money
In this episode on the Tori Property Tips Show, we highlighted very essential and powerful tips on how you can go into the real estate business and make great profit without having to invest a dime into it. Ensure not to miss this episode if you have plans to start up a real estate business soon. These points are 100% effective. Listen, enjoy, and pls, share.
How To Recognize Scam Agents And Property Firms
On this episode of the Tori Property Tips Show, we highlighted 10 helpful tips on how to recognize scam agents and property firms who are only interested in taking your money and disappearing. In order to avoid these guys, listen to this episode, note the points down and Act on them. And please, share.
Land Or House, Which Is A More Profitable Real Estate Investment?
In this episode on the Tori Property Tips Show, we discussed the difference between a Land investment and a House investment, which of them is a more profitable investment? Land or House? So, to learn the best choice of real estate investment to get involved in, Listen and share. Don't miss it.
7 Reasons Why You Must Own A Landed Property
In this episode on the Tori show, we discussed 7 Undaunted reasons why you must own a landed property. We further went ahead to give you some tips on how you can key into affordable land and housing schemes in order to own your own property.
Things to look out for while trying to buy a building
Often times, certain key details are being overlooked while trying to acquire a building, this has cost many people a lot including their lives. On this episode of the Tori Property Tips Show, myself and Mr Sesugh Simon a professional project manager and real estate investment expert discussed some salient issues facing the real estate sector in terms of property acquisition and here we gave some helpful tips on how to get right and avert costly mistakes.
Why People Get Scammed In Real Estate Investment
In this wonderful episode, we discussed the major reasons why people get scammed in real estate investment. Some really helpful points were discussed which in my opinion you should take keen note of to get it right in your real estate investment. Listen, enjoy, and share.

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