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Follow Matt Risinger on the Build Show Podcast as he discusses Building Science, Craftsmanship, & Best Practices for Building & Remodeling. Matt is a Builder who specializes in Architect Driven & Fine Craftsmanship Work.

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The OGs of Building Science
This week, Matt is joined by Kohta Ueno, Principal at Building Science Corporation. They delve into Kohta’s serendipitous journey – from kitchen remodels to joining Building Science Corporation in 1998 after seeing Joe Lstiburek on a PBS episode. They discuss the company's focus on building failures and consulting services, explaining complex building science concepts to the public. Matt and Kohta “nerd out” about the tools they use to ensure they stick to top tier building science principles. Also, they highlight the educational resources provided by Building Science Corporation (, including seminars, online content (videos, white papers, and more), and the Building Science Summer Camp. Matt expresses gratitude for the company's contributions to the industry, acknowledging their role in educating builders and improving building standards.
The Intersection of Building Science and Data Science
In this week’s podcast, Matt is joined by Craig Stevenson, President & Co-Founder of Auros Group, to talk about the intersection of building science and data science for the purpose of decarbonizing buildings. Auros mainly focuses on MUSH (Municipal, University, School, Hospital) commercial buildings, but he shares incredible insights on how the decarbonization of commercial buildings can translate to residential building. They discuss the benefits of a building a Passive House and focusing on decarbonization to their clients, including lower utility bills, health, and comfort. Craig shares, “you can have a great home that still uses very, very little energy…without paying a premium.” Matt and Craig agree that before any project, builders should ask themselves “what’s the most efficient building I can build?” Listen to how we can measure building performance and why carbon is the only metric we can’t “game.”
How Hybrid Building can Shave Weeks off your Build Time
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt goes deep into integrating offsite and onsite construction, focusing on prefabs, with Edie Dillman of B.Public Prefab. They discuss how B.Public integrates air barriers and insulation and how these products are tools for a building team rather than replacements. They look at some of B.Public's R-values (ranging from 35 to 89), how they work with project needs, and the benefits of using these materials. They also talk about B.Public's status as a B-Corp and how important these businesses are for the industry. Listen to the benefits of hybrid building and learn how to take weeks off your build time.
The Most Important Tool in Your Toolbox: You
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Travis go deep into how to take care of your most important tool: your mental and physical health. Travis and Matt look at the physical and mental requirements of builders on the site and in the office. They discuss the importance of stamina, fitness, perspective, community, and more, giving you tools to build and safeguard them.
HVAC and High-Performance Maintenance at the Real Rebuild House
On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt goes deep into the HVAC system in his home and the maintenance a high-performance home requires. Matt starts with the exterior of his home, discussing the materials he used and why he used them. He details the upkeep of his house, touching on some of his concerns and the steps he took to address them during the build. He then talks about his HVAC system in depth, going into the equipment, layout, maintenance the system requires, and its benefits and drawbacks. He also shares some of the things he'd change if he could. Listen in to see how living in a high-performance home has affected his family, his business, and how he sells high-performance to his clients.
A Deep Dive into the Build Show Build: Boston House
On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Steve meander through the Build Show Build: Boston house and go deep into what Steve did in this innovative build and what he might do differently. They discuss power modeling and performance, remodelability and adaptability, and which high-performance innovations may soon be mainstream. From radiant heating to rice hull siding to smart circuit breakers to high-tech windows to air-to-water heat pumps, take a deeper look at the Build Show Build: Boston house.
Steve's European Vacation
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Steve go deep into what Steve learned on his recent visit to Switzerland and Germany. Steve toured the SIGA factory in Switzerland and attended the BAU conference in Munich, Germany, while in Europe. He learned about products and techniques that builders outside of the U.S. use, how perspective on longevity and quality changes how homes are built, and what that could mean for American builders and homes. Listen in to see what Steve learned on his European "vacation." Know better. Build better.
How a Firefighter Would Build a House
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Will King of High Cotton Homes go deep into the things a firefighter considers when building a home. What part of a house has the most significant effect on a fire in the first ten minutes? It likely isn't what you think. Will spent ten years in the fire service before becoming a full-time builder. Listen in and see how his service changed how he thinks about home building, about what the contents of a home can do to a fire, and how this has changed over the decades. He and Matt also discuss how our modern floor plans affect home fires and how building codes and new tech can help save lives.
How to Choose Good Clients
On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt and Paul Evans, VP of Millwork and Innovation at Builders FirstSource, go deep into difficult clients and how to weed them out before they hire you. Paul shares some of his client interview process, built from his 40 years in the industry, why interviewing clients is important, and how to do so without them even knowing they're being interviewed. They discuss some of the questions to ask prospective clients, why to ask them, and a few red flags to be aware of. Paul also shares what he believes is the most crucial skill for choosing good clients and a few ways to improve this ability.
Build Science 101 & Why We Educate
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Nerdy Matt and Handsome Steve go deep into the Build Science 101 series and why they care about educating the industry. Steve and Matt have spoken about how a "rising tide floats all boats" before, and the Build Show's new motto is "Know Better. Build Better." They see education and sharing information as their responsibility to the building industry. In today's podcast, they go into more detail about why they feel that way and touch on the obligations and benefits of educating others.
Meet Ally Anderson
In this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt sits down with our newest contributor, Allyson Case Anderson of Integro Builders, and goes deep into her story. Ally shares the reasons and experiences that nudged her into becoming a builder and why she focused on historic restoration and residential projects in Chicago and the harbor country of Michigan. She explains why being an "architect's builder" benefited her company, what her goals for the industry are, and her philosophies about money, craftsmanship, and transparency.
The Real ReBuild, pt. 1
On this week's episode of The Build Show Podcast, Matt goes deep into his experience building, and living in, his home. Matt had initially intended to renovate a 1970's house for his family, but he ended up demo-ing it down to the slab and rebuilding it entirely. He and his family have now been living in it for two years. Listen in as Matt goes over what he did to increase his home's energy efficiency and comfort, which of his efforts worked, and which didn't quite meet the mark. He'll also share his thoughts on what it's like to live in a high-performance home.

Podcast reviews

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4.8 out of 5
235 reviews
RisingerTexas 2023/12/16
Great info!
Great source of info. And a very handsome host, too. 😍
RyanFitz101 2023/12/09
Great way to share knowledge
Informative podcast with a smart host and knowledgeable guests. As a non-builder who is considering a future home build I find this really interesting...
Matt Risinger 2023/12/09
Build Show - Podcast edition!
Know Better, Build Better! Awesome Guests, Building Science Talk… I’m in! (Better host maybe 🤔) 😆
Broox08 2023/12/02
Great Podcast
Very informative. Relevant topics. Smart people. Good stuff.
Ramzee247 2023/10/06
Builders talk
This podcast has helped me better understand building basics. I am a regular person so don’t have experience but I like listening to some experts.
Nomxd 2023/09/12
Priceless material with Matt, ALWAYS!!
Informative and current, phenomenal discussion points, and too much to learn from, it’s fantastic!
Jzcs1 2023/09/11
Matt is my go to guy for anything building related. He’s the first person I look up when I need to know something and he usually has the answers. So i...
Kshek23 2023/09/11
Wealth of knowledge!
I have gained a ton of knowledge subscribing to the build show for the past couple years. The team covers a broad range of topics that will help you ...
Jess🌜🌛 2023/09/11
New Favorite!
Matt and The Build Show has quickly become my new favorite podcast to listen to. As someone who works for a Sheetmetal company (J&R Senior Sheetmetal)...
SeanPatrickBuilders 2023/09/11
Owner of Sean Patrick Builders
Always enjoy listening..: very informative!
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