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Are you tired of feeling like you're the only one struggling with your emotions? Do you want to hear from real people who are dealing with the same issues as you? Then tune in to These Fukken Feelings Podcast©!   Hosted by a team of mental health advocates, These Fukken Feelings Podcast© is a weekly show that explores the ups and downs of life, from navigating relationships and dealing with anxiety to coping with loss and finding happiness. With honest and relatable conversations, you'll learn practical tips and strategies for managing your emotions and living your best life.   Join us every week as we dive deep into the issues that matter most to you. Whether you're looking for inspiration, motivation, or just a little bit of humor, These Fukken Feelings Podcast© has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and start feeling better today!**********************************************************************************************These Fukken Feelings Podcast" is a mental health advocacy podcast that provides a safe space for individuals to discuss their personal experiences with mental health issues. It is important to note that the podcast is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. If you are feeling at risk of harming yourself or others, we urge you to immediately seek help by contacting your local emergency services. It is important to find a safe place and seek professional assistance. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help for mental health issues.

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Finding Light in Darkness: Betsy Ross’s Journey & Mission 🌟| Season 3 Episode 314
In this profoundly moving episode of "Finding Light in Darkness," we embark on a transformative journey with Betsy Ross, a beacon of resilience and hope. As we navigate the complexity of emotions from sadness to anxiety, we delve deep into an emotional excavation that reveals the empowering strength of vulnerability. Betsy, an army veteran and author, shares her mission of turning personal trials into a narrative of triumph, touching on themes central to mental health awareness, trauma recovery, and the healing journey. This conversation is more than just a podcast episode; it's a testament to the unyielding human spirit. Through Betsy's story, we explore the intricate tapestry of mental health struggles veterans face, highlighting the indispensable need for community support and understanding. It's a powerful reminder that in the midst of darkness, there is light, and in sharing our stories, we find strength. Join us as we navigate this journey of healing together, reminding each listener of the transformative process that comes from facing our darkest moments with courage. Whether you're a veteran, someone grappling with mental health challenges, or simply a listener seeking understanding and connection, this episode offers a beacon of hope and solidarity. We invite you to be part of our community, to explore, to learn, and to grow with us. For more insights and to continue this conversation, visit:  Let's embark on this healing journey together, with open hearts and minds. #MentalHealthResources #MentalHealthRecoveryTips #WritingBooksImpact #SuicidePrevention #SuccessInterviewSeries CHAPTERS: 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Betsy Ross Biography 6:40 - Betsy Ross Book Inspiration 13:10 - Betsy Ross Book Series Overview 14:50 - Betsy Ross Supporting Veterans 20:41 - Veteran Mental Health Support 23:51 - Writing Process Insights 26:00 - Military to Civilian Transition 33:13 - Advice for Veterans 37:50 - Message to America 41:45 - Patriotic Sentiments 46:01 - Emotional Moments 52:25 - Final Thoughts 56:35 - Outro #VeteranStories #MilitaryTransition #LeadershipReborn #BetsyRossAuthor #FIGHTSeries #VeteranAwareness #TheseFukkenFeelingsPodcast #VetLeadership #CallOfDuty #RealStoriesRealHeroes #ArmyVeteran #TexasRancher #MilitaryFamilies #SupportOurTroops #VeteranLife #MilitaryLife Support the show
Beyond the Box of Chocolates A New Vision for Love's Celebration
Valentine's Day can be like a box of chocolates for the heart: sweet for some, bittersweet for others. As we unravel the complexities of this day of love, we're reminded that while some are swooning, others might be nursing a broken heart. That's why this episode is a heartfelt journey through the highs and lows of February 14th. We're peeling back the layers of Valentine's Day, challenging the standard narrative that it's all about romance and grand gestures. With a focus on inclusivity, I share personal insights on how to celebrate love thoughtfully, ensuring we're considerate of those who might find this day more challenging than charming. From discussing the holiday's history to advocating for authentic and consent-based expressions of affection, we're redefining what it means to spread the love. Have you ever considered that love shouldn't be confined to a calendar date? This episode is a call to liberate our expressions of adoration from the shackles of commercial holidays. Together, we tackle the pressures of these dates and how they can overshadow the simple yet profound acts of everyday kindness. We also touch on the tenderness required when navigating celebrations in the workplace and among families, particularly for those who may be reminded of loss or absence. Join me in fostering a culture where we go 'extra' for the people we care about all year round, not just when society tells us to. It's a conversation about love, compassion, and the human connection—promising to leave you with a renewed perspective on how we can cherish each other every single day. Support the show
The Alchemy of the Psyche: Kate's Approach to Emotional and Subconscious Healing | Season 3 Episode 313
Explore the hidden chambers of your mind with us, as we navigate the complexity of emotions alongside our expert guest, Kate, a hypnotherapist who's adept at unraveling the subconscious. Her insights reveal the intricate web of fears and phobias, woven from past traumas, and how these shape our reactions and behaviors. Uncover the subconscious promises our minds make in a heartfelt bid to protect us, and learn how these well-intentioned vows can sometimes become barriers to our daily lives. This conversation dives deep into the mystique of intuition and the profound transformation offered by hypnotherapy, especially through the lens of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) pioneered by Marisa Peer. We traverse the landscape of the "sleeping prophet's" historical abilities, and the potency of hypnotherapy in overcoming psychological hurdles, not just in weight loss but also pain management, and even enhancing childbirth experiences. Kate illuminates the role of our subconscious, with its unique functions and perception of time, and how it can be reshaped to foster positive and enduring change within a few sessions. As we draw the curtains on this episode, we reiterate the journey of healing that hypnotherapy initiates, where clients play an active role in their transformative process. Embracing the challenging emotions of guilt and shame when discovering joy amidst suffering and personal trauma, we extend an invitation to anyone seeking deeper understanding and self-discovery. Join us for a weekly dose of empathy and insight, and don't miss our sister podcast for more explorations on trauma and healing. This session is more than a conversation; it's a stepping stone to embracing the full spectrum of your psyche. Support the show
The Road to Self Liberation, Debi Adams' Battle with the Shadows of Her Past | Season 3 - Episode 312
In the latest must-hear installment of "These Fukken Feelings Podcast," Episode 312, we are joined by the incredibly inspiring Debi Adams. Her remarkable story of transformation from the dark depths of abuse to the empowering heights of healing is a masterclass in human resilience and self-empowerment. Tune in as Debi bravely unveils the stark realities of overcoming the scars of emotional grooming, abduction trauma, and the lingering pressures of guilt and shame so commonly borne by survivors. This emotional excavation is more than just a raw recount; Debi offers us a roadmap to recovery, speaking candidly about her pivotal decision to author "Winning Over Shame: Overcoming Sexual, Emotional, and Psychological Abuse." Her unfiltered narrative provides an intimate look into the healing journey, discussing breakthrough therapies and the value of robust support systems that can help one reclaim their silenced voice. With grace and depth, our conversation delves into the post-traumatic quest to rebuild trust, nurture relationships, and bravely face mental health adversities. Debi's story is a living testament to the fact that abuse is in no way the victim's fault—her words echo the potent truth that healing paths are always accessible, edging towards acceptance and unconditional love. Whether you're seeking solace, understanding, or the keys to unlock your own story of resilience, this episode stands as a beacon of hope. Tune into Episode 312 for an enlightening discussion that honors personal courage and is an homage to the unconquerable spirit that resides in every one of us. #Podcast #Resilience #HealingJourney #AbuseSurvivor #MentalHealthAwareness #EmotionalGrooming #TraumaRecovery #SelfEmpowerment #TherapyInsights #SupportSystems #ReclaimingVoice #PTSDConversation #FosteringHealing #SurvivorStrength #OvercomingShame #DebiAdams Make sure not to miss this powerful episode of "These Fukken Feelings Podcast" that could be the difference between despair and hope for those finding their way back from the brink. Support the show
Unlocking the Life You Desire: Sam Hunter's Guide to Personal Evolution and Relationship Harmony | Season 3 Episode 311
Ever felt like you're just a few steps away from the life you truly desire? Samm Hunter, a transformational coach with a passion for altering self-perception and enhancing the quality of our interactions, joins us to unlock the secrets of personal evolution and relationship dynamics. With Samm, we traverse the landscape of identity change, disassembling the myth that happiness is a future state and underscoring the interplay between our personal and professional spheres. Her expertise illuminates the path to redefining goals in work and love, navigating the complexities in relationships, and the holistic approach necessary for genuine contentment. Navigating the intricate dance of boundaries and emotional triggers in relationships can feel like a minefield. This episode peels back the layers of the humor-defense mechanism, using exchanges with Rebecca and Micah's unintended jests as examples. Samm’s insights help us understand our responses and the importance of empathy and self-awareness in fostering connections that are not only healthier but filled with compassion. These conversations are a treasure trove of strategies for those seeking to strengthen their ability to maintain authenticity while honoring the individuality of their partners and friends. Finally, we stretch the canvas to include the pursuit of happiness, the influence of belief systems like the law of attraction, and the profound effects of group healing. Samm shares her personal shift from a fear-led existence to one brimming with purpose, offering a beacon of hope for those ready to embark on their own transformative journey. We cover the necessity of gratitude, the bravery needed to seek support, and the concerted effort relationships demand, all while exploring the depths of our motivations for change. Join us as we shed light on these potent topics, each carrying the promise of leading you closer to the life you're meant to lead. Support the show
From Despair to Balance Jonathan Niziol's Quest for Inner Peace | Season 3 Episode 310
Welcome to the latest episode of "These Fukken Feelings" podcast! In this captivating installment, we are joined by Jonathan Niziol, a mental health advocate with an extraordinary life story. Prepare to be taken on a compelling journey as we explore the aftermath of life-altering tragedies and the hidden pressures that accompany seemingly glamorous careers. Micah, Rebecca, and our special guest Jonathan Niziol delve into the depths of the human experience, unraveling the emotional landscape that tests our resilience and compels us to confront our vulnerabilities. Jonathan Niziol, whose name has been spelled correctly, shares his personal tapestry of triumphs and tribulations. From the highs of an international modeling career to the lows of battling substance abuse and coping with traumatic events, he opens the doors to his world. Together, we navigate the weight of carrying such burdens while uncovering the transformative path towards healing and self-forgiveness. In this thought-provoking conversation, we emphasize the importance of mental health advocacy, especially for men, and how sharing our stories can break down stigmas that hinder us from seeking help. We also shed light on the significance of therapy, finding catharsis through physical activity, and discovering solace in the small and humorous moments amidst life's chaos. Jonathan's candidness about his experiences serves as a powerful reminder of the beauty found in authenticity and the courage required to embrace our true selves. Join us on this empowering journey of self-reflection, where laughter and solace emerge as the cornerstones of our messy yet beautifully human existence. For more information about Jonathan Niziol and his inspiring journey, visit his official website: Support the show
Echoes of Resilience: The Sarah Gaer Chronicles - Unraveling the Threads of Trauma and Triumph |Season 3 Episode 309
In episode 309 of These Fukken Feelings Podcast, we have the privilege of welcoming Sarah Gaer, a luminary in the realm of mental health and a survivor of suicide loss whose life’s work has thrown a lifeline to those in the shadows of despair. Our rich and heartfelt discussion peels back the intricate layers of human emotion and resilience, shining a light of hope and understanding into the darkest corners of our shared human experience. Sarah, who comes with a robust background in clinical mental health and a Masters Degree, interweaves her personal narrative with her extensive professional expertise to guide us through the turbulent waters of mental wellness. She articulates the profound impact of suicide not only on individuals but also on entire communities, and underscores the urgency to embrace our emotions and advocate for mental health, a cause she has championed tirelessly, particularly among first responders and within the construction industry. Every moment of our conversation with Sarah is a step toward healing, illuminating the vital role of storytelling in navigating grief and kindling hope. She introduces us to the 'LISTEN' acronym as an indispensable tool in crisis intervention, while sharing her own profound tales of loss that underscore the necessity of robust support networks and the evolving comprehension of what it means to survive. Sarah's odyssey, marked by deep personal loss and ascension to the vanguard of suicide prevention thought leadership, beckons us to heed the subtleties of warning signs and cultivate communities fortified against the tempests of loss and resurgence. We delve into the soul-stirring narratives from our literary work "Guts, Grit, and The Grind," advocating for a societal shift in norms—especially regarding men's mental health—in pursuit of a life-preserving cultural ethos. The conversation also approaches the practical aspects of therapy, offering invaluable guidance to those taking their first steps toward this essential healing venture. Our discussion wraps up with a clarion call to find serenity and joy amidst the cacophony of life's challenges. Join us for an episode not merely centered on the hurdles we face but on transcending them and flourishing in their aftermath. #MentalHealthAwareness #TraumaInformedCare #SuicidePrevention #FirstResponders #MensMentalHealth #SurvivorStories #StorytellingHeals #CommunitySupport #PodcastForChange #SarahGaer #TheseFukkenFeelings Support the show
Breaking Free in 2024: The Minimalists Makeover | Season 3 Episode 308
Get ready to kick-start your 2024 with some fresh vitality and insights on the "These Fukken Feelings" podcast! In episode 308, we're ecstatic to welcome the dynamic duo of minimalism - The indomitable Joshua (definitively not Jonathan) Fields Millburn of "The Minimalists" and the vivacious philosopher extraordinaire, T.K. Coleman. These two powerhouses take us on a deep dive into the intriguing world of minimalism, challenging us to declutter more than just our spaces. We're talking about lives, folks! #Minimalism2024 #TheseFukkenFeelingsPodcast #Episode308 Our spirited conversation traverses a simpler 2024, revealing the dichotomy of minimalism. It ain't just about ditching the extra stuff, but creating room for more peace, creativity, and the elusive freedom. In essence, experiencing more by clinging onto less. Sounds enticing? Well, you might want to rethink those New Year’s resolutions on the spot! After all, habit changes could be the make-or-break we all need this year. Gear up for unexpected insights, unadulterated humor, and the real deal about our feelings, as we navigate the hilariously complex landscapes of our emotions with our renowned guests. If laughter really is the best medicine, then we've got the antidote to your aches. #NYResolutions #HabitChange #NewYearNewMe Missing out on "These Fukken Feelings" ain't an option. You might come for the laughs, but you'll stay for the introspection. Every second promises a deep ponder, a belly laugh, or a newfound awareness of those pesky possessions bogging us down. So, ‘watch now’ or forever hold your peace! #PodcastLife #WatchNow So, buckle up and join us as we blaze into 2024 with the traditional "These Fukken Feelings" gusto, stirring the pot with some good old 'Less is More' and 'Change is Good' philosophies. Tune in and prepare for an episode that's all hyped-up feels, hearty discussions, and minimalist wonder. We're about to make a hell lot of space for the good stuff. #LessIsMore #ChangeIsGood Support the show
From Ashes to Magic: Angela Legh's Transformative Journey | Season 3 Episode 307
In this profound episode of "These Fukken Feelings Podcast," we welcome Angela Legh, a beacon of hope and a guiding light in the world of personal transformation and conscious parenting. Angela, a survivor of the devastating Tubbs wildfire and an advocate for self-love and emotional well-being, shares her incredible journey from despair to discovery. Angela opens up about her life before the wildfire – a life filled with internal struggles, unacknowledged sacrifices, and a false sense of fulfillment. She recounts the painful patterns of over-giving in both her professional and personal life, and how these led to a sense of victimization and loss of self. The turning point, she explains, was the catastrophic Tubbs Fire of 2017, which obliterated her family home and forced her to reevaluate her life from the ground up. Angela describes her descent into depression, her courageous decision to end her 32-year marriage, and her eventual resignation from a draining job in local government. Listeners will be captivated as Angela takes us through her healing journey across various countries, from Bali to the UK. She shares insights on how her travels helped her understand the universality of human desires and struggles, and how confronting her internal wounds led to a profound shift in perspective. Angela's story is not just about personal healing; it's about extending this healing to others. She discusses how her experiences inspired her to write the Bella Santini Chronicles, magical children's fairytales aimed at nurturing emotional well-being in children and supporting conscious parenting. Angela emphasizes the interconnectedness of a child's well-being with the emotional health of their parents, highlighting her work with adults through online courses and mentoring. This episode is an invitation to explore the magic within and around us. Angela's message resonates with anyone seeking to rediscover their inner child, find joy and playfulness in life, and embrace the magic of love and curiosity. Join us for this emotionally rich and transformative episode with Angela Legh, and discover how to tap into your own inner magic and create the life you deserve. #AngelaLegh, #PersonalTransformation, #ConsciousParenting, #EmotionalWellbeing, #SelfLove, #HealingJourney, #TubbsFireSurvivor, #MagicOfLove, #InnerChild, #BellaSantiniChronicles, #ParentalSupport, #MentalHealth, #TheseFukkenFeelingsPodcast #TransformationalStories, #HealingFromAshes, #ConsciousLiving, #ParentingWithPurpose, #EmbraceYourMagic, #LifeAfterLoss, #EmpathyAndHealing, #StorytellingForChange, #SelfDiscovery, #InnerStrength Support the show
IT’S OKAY TO BE DIFFICULT' - Navigating Life's Challenges with Tonya Lester | Season 3 - Episode 306
In this insightful episode, psychotherapist Tonya Lester helps listeners understand the difference between being mean, rigid, or impossible, and being the good kind of "difficult". She discusses the importance of self-expression, standing for one's needs, and making clear one's life goals. Tonya teaches us how to better manage our thoughts and emotions, build respectful and supportive relationships, and approach decision-making with courage and clarity. We delve deep into the challenges we face when experiencing emotional struggles - from endless worrying about the future, ruminating over the past, to second-guessing our social interactions. Tonya explores common coping mechanisms that often fail to provide long-term relief, highlighting the common misconception that our struggles make us uniquely burdened. Addressing those who may have previously had unsuccessful therapy experiences, Tonya explains that finding a dynamic, relational, and interactive therapist could make all the difference. She discusses the importance of constructive feedback in catalyzing change and stresses the need for active engagement in therapy as opposed to unconscious rumination. Questioning the idea that we should be able to figure everything out on our own, Tonya underscores the challenges of anxiety and depression and how they can negatively affect self-perception. She provides tangible tactics that we can implement immediately such as attaining enough sleep, healthy eating, daily exercising, setting up daily meditation practices, and efficient time management. Pushing beyond the idea of baseline functioning, this episode encourages listeners to envision a life driven by their strengths and values, rather than fears and worries. Tonya underlines the necessity of therapy as a support for achieving a fuller, more satisfying life. To finally ask the question, "What do we want our one life to look like?" Support the show
Unraveling the Subconscious: Insights into our Hidden Depths with Jerry Emeka | Season 3 - Episode 305
Episode 305 marks a significant milestone in the 'These Fukken Feelings' podcast. In this first-ever solo interview host by Rebecca; she takes an enlightening journey into the realm of emotional intelligence with the celebrated speaker and mind coach, Jerry Emeka. Known for his captivating blend of humor and wisdom, Jerry brings his rich experience to bear as he deep dives into understanding how our emotions shape our life and relationships. In this profound discussion, Rebecca and Jerry explore the complexities of vulnerability, the transformative power of mindfulness, and the pathway to emotional resilience. They unpeel intricate layers of emotional states and their impact on our decision-making processes. Jerry, with his unique approach to personal development, provides tangible tools and strategies. His well-structured programs, available at, shine a spotlight on the pathways for emotional enlightenment. What sets this episode apart is Rebecca's candidness as she shares her personal emotional journey. Under Jerry's enlightened guidance, she bravely unravels her feelings, offering listeners insight into their own emotional landscapes. A must-listen episode for anyone striving to master their emotions, strengthen their inner resilience, and deepen personal connections. #TheseFukkenFeelingsPodcast #Podcast #JerryEmeka #Mindfulness #EmotionalIntelligence #PersonalDevelopment #Vulnerability #Resilience #EmotionalWellbeing #SoloInterview Support the show
Nurturing the Unseen Wings: Lainie Liberti's Odyssey of Teen Empowerment | Season 3 - Episode 304
Season 3's episode 304 of "These Fukken Feelings" Podcast takes its audience on a compelling journey with Lainie Liberti, a visionary transforming the landscape of adolescent mentoring and education. Join Micah and Crystal as they unveil the layers of Lainie’s unique approach to empowering the youth. As a founder of Transformative Mentoring for Teens, author, and teen coach, Lainie brings a wealth of experience in nurturing young minds. Her co-founded Project World School is a testament to her commitment to fostering immersive learning communities that encourage self-directed learning and cultural exploration for teens across the globe. This episode delves into Lainie's personal narrative, reflecting on her adolescent challenges and her evolution into a beacon for positive change in teen coaching. She shares her philosophy and methods in confidence coaching, focusing on overcoming obstacles and shattering limiting beliefs in young individuals. Lainie’s insights from her bestselling book, "Seen, Heard & Understood", are discussed, highlighting her advocacy for partnership parenting and the mental well-being of teens. The conversation also explores the transformative impact of Project World School's retreats, which are based on secure attachment principles and designed to empower teens in a community setting. Tune in to discover the depth of Lainie Liberti's mission to nurture the unseen wings of today's youth, guiding them to realize their potential and soar to new heights of self-awareness and empowerment. #TheseFukkenFeelingsPodcast #TeenEmpowerment #LainieLiberti #ProjectWorldSchool #NurturingUnseenWings #Episode304TFF Support the show

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5 out of 5
286 reviews
Jasonreass 2023/09/06
Finally listened.. and regret not doing so sooner,,
Super informative, educational and enjoyable. Love the deep dives into these topics. While I won’t say it’s “easy” to listen to, it’s digestible for a...
Carlperry 2023/09/06
Neuroscience Made Simple,.
Save for the few times that you guys nerd out on scientific terminology, I am always better informed and confident enough to implement changes..,
Sushy0018 2023/09/06
Dr Jonn,.
Thank for that beautiful, informative, inspiring and heartwarming episode with Dr Linden. I felt I was in the presence of Grace listening to it.
Chanchalfox 2023/09/06
Wonderful podcast,.
Love the podcast Huberman. Can you bring the subject of physical balance and neurological connection ( especially in elderly) dr Fuzhong li could be a...
Aleex.. 2023/09/06
Awesome in the most genuine way!
I learn immense useful knowledge from this podcast. My life is better with it.
Johnlowery99 2023/09/06
Very informative.
Great information I only wish the host would talk less about his personal life and let the guests talk more.,
Barbiekk 2023/07/20
Empowering and conversational
I love the way Micah and Rebecca run this podcast! It’s so much more than an interview with their guests. It feels like a conversation full of getting...
Jasmine114874 2021/08/27
Funny Group
This podcast is cool, funny, and real.
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