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Weekly encouragement from a multitude of speakers, led by Dr. Kathy Koch. All topics covered are helpful not only to kids and their parents, but also to single adults, married couples, teachers, social workers, pastors, and many more. We hope you can be encouraged through these messages, send it to a friend so they can join you in joy and growth!

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115. Character Qualities: Christ's Character Can Be Our Model
In this episode, Dr. Kathy talks about Jesus as a character model. You should be looking more and more like the God of the Bible and His son Jesus as you see to develop your character. The longer you have worked with Him, the more you know Him. You need to put off your old self and put on the likeness of God in righteousness and true holiness. If parents become and behave like Jesus consistently, it makes it easy for kids who look up to them to become like Jesus.
114: Character Qualities - Shouldn't I Prioritize Obedience?
In this episode, Dr. Kathy talks about why it's vital to prioritize character over obedience. It's essential to pay attention to the heart and character of a child. If we stress obedience and rule-following, it could lead kids to be obedient only when someone is watching or if there is no penalty. Obedience follows or is acheived when character is the goal as it starts with the heart.
113. Character Qualities: Benefits of Mature Character
In this episode, Dr. Kathy talks about the benefits of mature character. Isaiah 66:2 mentions the three qualities God desires in whom he looks for. The qualities are humility, being contrite in spirit, and one who trembles at God’s word—character matters, and having something to achieve matters. Character is always our choice, and prioritizing it is our responsibility. When we have a healthy character and a righteous character age, we are trusted and can discern who is trusting, resulting in peace. Most parents are looking forward to the day when their kids will be appropriately independent, but this can only be possible if you teach, train, and coach character qualities.
112. Character Qualities: Specific Examples Character Age
In this episode, Dr. Kathy gives specific examples of character age to help you determine what you should be looking at now and whether your kids are ready for certain privileges. For example, a person in your home could get a ten for patience. In contrast, you get a five because they seem to respond more patiently than you do in different situations automatically. We should not just think about grading each character quality but how complete and how much of other character qualities kids use. In Dr. Kathy’s book Five to Thrive, she writes about discernment for security and belonging. A child who knows how to behave in new situations has a more mature character age, and discernment. How good is a child at determining who is having a bad day and who is outrightly “bad”? Becoming more mature in our character age is a process that takes time, instruction, modeling, correction, affirmation, and learning. Kids with immature character age always need guidance in new situations and can’t determine what is appropriate based on past experiences.
111. Character Qualities: Character Age Fully Explained
It is essential to know that children may be of certain chronological age but may have lower character age with respect to some qualities. If kids have a high character age, they will be able to function better with others. If you want to work on your character qualities, it will take some time and intentionality to learn to use the particular qualities you are after. We can age up and mature up if we are intentional about learning the character qualities we are after. Character development is a process, and it’s not automatic. In some instances, technology can impact character qualities, making us believe that we are the center of our own universe and believing other tech lies. Technology can cause us to be dissatisfied because of the ease of use such that when we come across difficulties, we become quickly discouraged. To help kids, we must prioritize the character qualities we want them to have before using technology. Technology can also make children entitled since they feel they always have access to it. So families need to think about the qualities they value and work on them. The greater the character's age, the greater the likelihood you can give your children freedom and responsibilities.
110. Character Qualities: Character Age
This episode talks about how parents raise children based on chronological age, which may not be the right thing to do since children grow differently. For example, some children have passed certain chronological ages, but their character may seem like kids below that age. So using chronological age may not be wise as it is essential to consider each child's unique circumstances. Dr. Kathy mentions that children may be of the right chronological age for specific opportunities or privileges, but their character may demonstrate otherwise. Dr. Kathy also mentions the idea of not just considering chronological age but also considering character age when making decisions involving raising our kids. Submit your questions and share your feedback: debbie@celebratekids.com
109. Character: Choose Qualities Based on Technology's Lies
In this episode, Dr. Kathy Koch talks about how technology has robbed our children of character. There are many character qualities but it’s important to decide what matters to you and your family based on your mission, purposes and values, and the uniqueness of your kids. Dr. Kathy also goes on to mention that you could also choose character qualities based on how technology has changed your kids. Technology makes our kids believe in certain lies like they are the center of their own universe and this makes them develop other negative character qualities. You are not a bad parent if your kids have developed bad character qualities. What is important is that you prioritize what you want to see by making a list of what negative characteristics they exhibit and teaching them the opposite of that.
108. Character: Choose and Develop Qualities
Dr. Kathy starts out by mentioning what she spoke about two weeks ago about ministry, what was been done, and what is going to be done. She also mentioned starting out a series on character development last week. Last week Dr. Kathy talked about what character is all about, how it is developed and why it is important. Dr. Kathy also mentioned the importance of focusing on the things that matter and for her, those things are the things of the Lord. Character counts and it’s in our mind and soul and character marks us. Character comes from a Greek and Latin origin that refers to a stamping and engraving tool that sharpens and engraves. Character is your distinctive mark. Dr. Kathy talks about heading off to Alaska, how that would be the fiftieth state she is visiting and how character matters and it’s our reputation everywhere we go. Character shows up as we interact with people, and ideas and they are brick to brick foundations for a quality of life. This episode answers the question of how we develop character. In one of her books (Five to Thrive) she characterizes character qualities according to the five core needs, we must meet and these include the need for security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence. Each of these core needs could be associated with different character qualities. It is important for an adult, parent, or teacher to choose the qualities to emphasize. Character is practical so it’s important to decide your expectations for your life and kids and how important character qualities are. It’s important to know what you intentionally want to pass on to your kids using role-modeling and communication. Dr. Kathy reads a list of some character qualities most of which are from her books, like attention, compassion, caring, courage, generosity, sensitivity, thankful, thoughtful, wise, etc. To prioritize character the first thing you have to do is to choose the qualities you want to model. What are your values and purposes? What is your mission in life? What do you want to mark or characterize your character? It’s important to answer these questions to decide which qualities to embrace and the goal should be to get you and your kids to a place where you could use those qualities without thought and effort. Character qualities are intertwined and character qualities drive other character qualities. For example respect for others motivate compassion and loyalty drives service. Dr. Kathy also mentions that if you are punctual it means you are respectful, dependable, and responsible so character qualities are intertwined. To help kids imbibe character qualities we talk about it, we model it and we teach with direct language the character qualities we want to our kids to develop. It’s is your instruction that adds to your motivation and that allows your kids to consistently display the character qualities you want your kids to imbibe. Being a Christ-follower is also another motivation to get your character right. So the steps involve choosing the character qualities, getting motivated, watching for modeling, getting some direct instruction, and developing success by the consistency of choosing the character we are prioritizing over and over again. As we choose and prioritize character qualities we come better at it and it’s comfortable for us and marks us as part of who we are. Reteaching may happen from time to time with kids to help me enforce consistency as learning character is not all that different from learning other things. Kids learn by doing so it’s best to start with choosing the quality, to keep making the same choice and it soon becomes a part of who they are and how they are known. We learn character by expecting it, talking about it, modeling it, teaching it, and giving kids practice with it. Technology has robbed most kids of their character as with the use of technology kids can isolate, become self-centered, and become prideful. Dr. Cathy mentions that this episode is not
107. Character: The Foundation of Our Decisions, Choices, Attitudes and Actions
Dr Kathy talks about taking a break from podcasting to attend to a few things and says she is fully back. She talks about character as a topic that she would be going over for a few weeks and what makes it important. She mentioned some of her books and how they contain an appendix of character qualities in them. She mentioned how her parents and grandparents stood out as examples of good character for her to follow. It is important to make your kids understand that who they are matters as much as what they do. Kids should also understand that others are watching what they do. She mentions that it is important to also look out for how the character of our children can be improved. It’s also important to know that character can be improved and to know how we can teach the qualities. Sin and negative qualities easily come to kids but the character must be taught as it doesn’t come easily. Issues about character are easy to discuss with your kids if they are brought up by others. Character is of Greek and Latin origin and it refers to stamping and engraving tools that sharpen, cut or engrave to create a distinctive mark. Character is a distinctive mark that is engraved into us and what we are known for. Dr Kathy mentioned that kids don’t have to fake it to make it as we want a mark that characterizes them. Everything we are causes everything we do and this is a unique belief at Celebrate kids. Everything we are (our character) shows forth in our doing. We don’t want our kids to get into character but to have character and use character. Character forms the foundation of all of our decisions, choices, attitudes and actions and it is not just about having virtues or good qualities. Our goal must be to use our good character to affect and influence others positively and cultures. When we think about character we always think about individual qualities but it is more important to think about character as a brick by the brick foundation for a quality fulfilling life.  Dr Kathy closes the podcast by saying your character needs to be wide, tall, deep and well-built that way negative influences will not affect it.
51. Why Kids Make Mistakes (Part 2)
How Do We Reteach?
In the last two episodes, Dr. Kathy shared reasons children make mistakes. In today's, she shares how to help them. After some basic, important ideas, she talks about the importance of their environment and how to make adjustments. Then she details the three ways we've been designed to remember things because sometimes children understand things, but can't remember them long enough to do well on quizzes, tests, and more. She closes the podcast with two very specific examples of how using the 8 smarts can enhance children's understanding.
Why Kids Make Mistakes (Part 1)
Mistakes are a part of life and, yet, it can be frustrating when kids make them. In this first podcast in a two-part series about why children make mistakes, Dr. Kathy shares how the 8 smarts are relevant and that we must choose activities for them that are appropriate. Then, she’ll detail four of ten reasons kids make mistakes. You’ll be encouraged. Resources mentioned in this episode: “8 Great Smarts” by Dr. Kathy, “No More Perfect Kids” by Dr. Kathy, www.CelebrateKids.com Submit your questions and share your feedback: Debbie@CelebrateKids.com, www.Facebook.com/CelebrateKidsInc, www.Instagram.com/CelebrateKidsInc  

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5 out of 5
182 reviews
a. rubies 2022/06/01
The best resource
I have 4 kids, ages 8 to 18 & am so thankful i found this podcast. No nonsense, applicable, truth based, REAL & hits home every time. THANK YOU DR KA...
MarlaHall 2022/04/22
Encouraging & Practical Advice
My husband and I discovered Dr. Kathy Koch at a Homeschool Convention in Round Rock 2021. Wow! She was such a gift and blessing from God for us. I lis...
EricaJGH 2022/03/30
Love it and I’m sharing it with everyone I know
So glad I heard of you through Heidi St John!!
Heather Van Camp 2021/12/29
I love Dr Kathy! What a Treasure.
Dr Kathy is such a gift to behold. Her books are a light in the dark maze of parenthood and this podcast holds such great encouragement and wisdom, yo...
cr mom2many 2021/11/03
Thank you, Dr. Kathy for sharing your insight and wisdom with us. I have learned so much about my children and been encouraged as a mom through listen...
Momma3inTN 2021/08/04
Encouraging podcast by Kathy who loves God and shared truth. Such wisdom is shared!!! I’ve learned so much
567il 2021/07/03
Love you Dr Kathy! Just hearing you talk and the value you place on every person is so beautiful. Thankyou for everything you do!
Kikihamilator 2021/06/23
I love all the examples you give. It is so helpful to me as I’m trying to learn all this for myself so that I can teach my kids. Thank you!
Mills McGee 2021/06/08
You met your goal
Even in hard times I can pull up an episode and by the end I am refreshed, equipped, inspired and of course encouraged! Thank you for using your tale...
Lallick 2021/06/07
Fantastic listen and encouragement to parents!
Thank you, Kathy, for using your God-given talents to bless and encourage parents to love and encourage their kids better. Parenting is not an easy jo...


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