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Laugh while you learn how to solve some of life's challenges! In fact, Brad Lea keeps it as real as it gets while he’s "Dropping Bombs" on a wide-range of topics that educate, inspire and makes you laugh out loud. Brad’s bombs are explosive strategies discovered through conversations with his fascinating guests that you can use to obliterate any obstacle getting in the way of your personal or business success. Listen to the Dropping Bombs podcast for exclusive content, success strategies rooted in real-life experiences and stories from the front lines. Brad’s dropping bombs. Listen up or run for cover!

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Alex and Leila Hormozi. How to Have the Ultimate Plan for Your Business . Episode 487 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Today Alex and Leila’s https://www.Acquisition.com  fund allows us to participate as minority partners (20-33% typically) to provide what we call “majority work for minority stakes” and use the same models that helped scale each of our companies and create value for their customers.   In this episode, Alex and Leila tell their story from how they met, started their businesses, and what they are doing today. Tune and take notes for this awesome episode!   00:00 Intro 01:19 Go to https://www.acquisition.com only for minority partnerships. 02:45 How the Hormozi met 05:06 Gym Launch 08:25 Why this is not for everyone 12:12 All in 16:50 Andy Frisella 21:16 Marketing 25:19 The first step 30:10 Consulting 35:40 Social Media 40:45 Look out for Leila’s new podcast 48:00 Submit going to https://www.acquition.com  49:00 The contender qualifications 55:00 Jeff Bezos  01:00:20 Recognizing value  01:05:00 Getting to a billion… 01:10:50 Greed 01:13:00 Social Skills  
Alvin Johnson. From Zero to Hundreds of Millions. Episode 486 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Alvin Hope Johnson has been in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years. Starting out as a handyman selling painting and repair services door to door, Alvin grew his entrepreneurial skills into a $225,000,000 empire. As a mentor, Alvin’s rags-to-riches success story is one of hard work, faith, and perseverance as well as the fun and charismatic way he communicates it, which will inspire his students to become the best versions of themselves.He has put together a course to help you out in this business and it is called the 3 Day Bootcamp. The purpose of the course is to help you start off on the right foot as a Real Estate Investor.   In this episode, Brad and Alvin discuss what it means to play real life multi-family monopoly. Alvin tells his story and how he got to where he is today. Tune in!   00:00 Intro 05:00 The first a million dollars 8:00 Multi-family monopoly  12:00 “If you can’t find the door, create one.” - Alvin Hope Johnson 14:30 Bomb: “What you are capable of starts in the brain…” - Alvin Hope Johnson 19:00 Paying for Solar 22:35 Bomb: “I don’t let any negativity get in the way of my thoughts.” - Alvin Hope Johnson 29:20 Go to https://www.multifamilymonopoly.com for more information on the bootcamp 30:11 Bomb: “If you have the mindset, you can do anything you want to do in real estate.” - Alvin Hope Johnson 36:00 Where to follow Alvin 40:06 Bomb: Making money from one single move
Jeremy Miner and Sam Taggart. What Sales is the Heartbeat of Your Business . Episode 485 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Two amazingly talented salesmen on the mic at Dropping Bombs. Sales is one of the most important skill sets as an entrepreneur or sales professional working for one. Jeremy has 7th level sales and Sam has D2D Con– both amazing insights in selling. Listen in to these three talented guys and learn a few things along the way. Sales is the heartbeat of your business, take notes and learn from these guys who know exactly how to to make you more money and level up your business.   If you like what you hear, be sure to buy your ticket today to their event, Closer School Live at the LightSpeed VT Headquarters in Las Vegas! https://www.closerschoollv.com July 28th and July 29th! 00:00 Intro 02:43 Sales according to Sam Taggart 4:46 Come to Closer School Live event by going here https://www.closerschoollv.com  07:00 Doorknocking 09:16 What the prospect is picking up according to Jeremy Miner 11:46 What you will be taught in two days 14:26 Problem with the prospect and the root cause 18:41 “For anyone who wants to go deep in training, this event is for you.” - Sam Taggart 23:20 Who this event is for and what to expect 28:51 Training effectively 30:30 Check out the VIP option 32:00 https://www.closerschoollv.com  38:00 It will sell out so buy your ticket now, get your REAL VIP ticket and hang out with Brad! $6k to change your life.   
Jason Duncan. Every Business Needs A System and A Process . Episode 484 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Jason is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs who want to work less & make more. Through coaching and his exclusive mastermind, The Exiter Club, he works with entrepreneurs to develop systems & processes to scale so they can live what he calls "The Exit Lifestyle", having complete control over their time and choices on a daily basis as opposed to being in the weeds of business operations every day. His mission is to help entrepreneurs be successful and enjoy their businesses–including the financial profits & tax benefits–without the need to be the owner-operator. He calls it "Exit Without Exiting".    In this episode, Jason and Brad discuss what businesses need and how to create the systems and processes correctly to exit it well. 00:00 Intro 01:24 Embrace delegation 03:24 Business principles 07:05 Entrepreneurship 08:50 Bomb: “Most people want it but they are not willing to go through the pain to get there.” - Jason Duncan 13:08 The result entrepreneurs want 17:22 Bomb: “Selfishness is the root of everything that goes wrong in the world.” - Jason Duncan 24:15 Listening 32:00 Time and money 33:15 Bomb: “If you choose money over relationships, soon you’ll have neither.” - Brad Lea 39:15 “Burn the ships” 42:04 Eliminate Stress, Systems and Processes, Invest in People 45:40 Luck 48:45 Bomb: “If they are not a cultural fit, they are not going to make it.” - Jason Duncan 52:01 Bomb: The Exit Lifestyle with Jason Duncan 52:15 Go to https://www.jasonduncan/bombs   
Matt Rogers. The NFL, Country Music, Your Faith, and Hollywood All in One. Episode 483 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Matthew Wyatt "Matt" Rogers is an American television host and country singer. He was also one of the finalists on the third season of the reality/talent-search television series American Idol, he became a television host with series Really Big Things and There Goes the Neighborhood. In 2004, Rogers became the second of the 12 finalists to be voted off of American Idol. Since his appearance on American Idol, Rogers has served as co-host for American Idol Extra and worked as a correspondent on several sports and entertainment shows. Rogers is best known for hosting “Coming Home,” a reality docu-series on Lifetime which followed the surprise reunions of military members and their loved ones, as they returned home from active duty.   In this episode, Matt and Brad discuss everything and anything around the NFL, Country Music and how Matt was a finalist on American Idol, how faith isn’t always in control and Matt’s current career and what he’s up to. This episode will make you think! Tune in!   00:00 Intro 01:00 American Idol 03:45 Bomb: Trying to be something you’re not is going to cost you big time 06:01 The TV show “Coming Home” 09:17 Bomb: “Saving a life beats everything.” - Matt Rogers 09:49 Bomb: “You’re the real deal, that’s why you are the REAL Brad Lea.” - Matt Rogers 14:00 The Personal Brand 14:40 Bomb: “Quit trying to play small so that small people can feel good about themselves.” - Matt Rogers 17:00 Bomb: “Don’t humble yourself.” -Brad Lea 19:00 Bomb: Brad’s exposure of being humble 24:44 The miracles in the bible 25:22 Bomb: “Everyone knows who God is, but not a lot of people experience God and that’s the game changer.” - Matt Rogers 31:00 Bomb: Bomb: “Most Christians believe Jesus created Christianity, but they are wrong.” - Matt Rogers 39:00 When we trigger other people 40:05 Bomb: “People don’t want to see you do bad, they want to see you do good, but they don’t want to see you do better than them.” - Brad Lea 45:25 “Bring Heaven” Apparel 50:04 The “REAL” Brands 53:29 Check out Matt’s podcast, Level Up. 01:01:05 Matt’s sushi places 01:03:17 Bomb: “Lazy Christians or lazy believers is what gets under my blood that think God is in control.” - Matt Rogers 01:08:40 When Brad met Elvis 01:11: 16 Bomb: “Don’t focus on what stops you, focus on what makes you go.” - Brad Lea 01:14:20 Order clothes from Matt at https://www.bringheaven.us   
A great interview, interviews, celebrity, celeb, tv host, grammy, oscar, youtube, the rock, will smith
Chris Van Vliet is a 4-time Emmy award winning TV Host, Entertainment Reporter and YouTuber based in Los Angeles, CA. He has traveled the world reporting from events like the Oscars, Grammys and the Cannes Film Festival. You may be familiar with the interviews that Chris posts on YouTube but to just call them “interviews” doesn’t seem fair because they are so much more than that. Chris dives deep into interesting topics with his trademark conversational approach that makes it feel like two old friends catching up. This is the case when it’s a wrestling superstar like John Cena, The Rock or Hulk Hogan or a Hollywood A-Lister like Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise or Will Smith.   In this episode, Chris and Brad discuss doing interviews and being around celebrities in general and the correct way to act.   00:00 Intro 06:15 Making the best of 5 Mins 09:18 Celeb story 12:15 Verification of story 17:40 The opening of an interview that creates a pattern interrupt  24:10 The best approach 29:00 Brad Lea for President 32:00 The Will Smith issue at the Oscars 37:30 Chris’ future goals 47:45 Processing live footage 52:40 “I run to the things that scare me.” - Chris Van Vliet 58:20 The next level 01:03:52 Bomb: “You gotta get uncomfortable.” - Brad Lea 01:06:20 Follow Chris and check out his show, INSIGHT on YouTube! 01:09:21 “Perception is reality.” - Chris Van Vliet
Ryan Riddle & JB Bolvadin.The Entrepreneur Conference. Episode 481 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
JB is the founder and CEO of TILRE Success Solutions, which specializes in training real estate agents and brokerages. In his company's first 18 months TILRE Success Solutions become the #1 real estate training company in NY and the tri-state area. Because of its success and the demand from people in other industries TILRE evolved to not just helping real estate agents but now helps all entrepreneurs across many industries. Ryan Riddle is a partner at Cliffco Mortgage Bankers. Originally starting in the hospitality industry, on a roll of the dice he decided to try the mortgage business. Within only four years he has built a seven figure mortgage business that has one the highest individual and team sales production in New York. TILRE Media’s “The Entrepreneur Conference”: Last year was its first ever and the ultimate goal of The Entrepreneurship Conference is to start a movement that will create 1 million millionaires over the next decade!   00:00 Intro 01:35 Tickets for the Entrepreneur conference https://www.entrepreneurconference.live  05:55 Brad’s story from the last Entrepreneur Conference 8:00 TILRE : The Industry Leaders in Real Estate 12:40 The Mortgage industry now 18:35 How the conference started 20:08 Shout out to Grant Cardone 25:52 “It started with a webinar…” 33:00 Drinking 39:00 Brad’s Confidence Levels 43:22 The Sacred Six 51:15 TILRE Media 52:39 The Entrepreneur Conference August 25th – https://www.entrepreneurconference.live 58:00 Bomb: “If we expect people to max out their cards, we want them to know that we gave everything.” - JB Bolvadin 01:03:25 Blood work  01:06:52 JB’s Health Journey 01:08:30 Shout out to Anthony Lolli 01:10:32 “Do the sh*t that is hard to do” - Brad Lea 01:13:20 Bomb: “You’re not gonna find the right people in your back yard”   
Mike Zeller. How to Build A Highly Successful Business. Episode 480 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Mike’s incredible genius lies within his innate ability to help his clients pinpoint their deepest purposes, greatest gifts, and highest potential to serve and influence the world. Using his master practitioner skills of NLP and his highest-level business training, he then weaves an intricate tapestry—showing exactly how to build a sustainable, highly-successful business, while removing unconscious emotional blocks and wounds that sabotage progress. To tie this delicate process together, he shows his clients how to find lasting fulfillment by staying in touch with their hearts and living lives of deep impact, high gratitude and lasting connection.    In this episode, Brad and Mike discuss how to build a highly successful business while finding your genius zone.   00:00 Intro 02:40 The Genius Challenge event happening later in the year 06:00  The steps 08:00 Take the first test on https://www.wealthdynamics.com 13:00 Recruiting people to come to your organization 19:06 The value you get when you find your genius zone 25:00 The mentality and mindset of the entrepreneur 30:00 The person the visionary needs 35:10 To test your people use the DISC test and you are looking for HIGH “D” and HIGH “I” 42:00 The world’s most complete process. 43:59 Check out Mike’s book at https://www.geniuswithinbook.com 46:43 Check out Mike on his website https://www.mikezeller.com
Shawn Meaike.The Most Scalable Industry In The World. Episode 479 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Shawn Meaike is the founder and president of Family First Life. In late 2013, Shawn launched Family First Life, currently a multi-million-dollar independent marketing organization. As Shawn describes it, he is “building a company that truly puts both the families of our clients and the families of our agents first.” Shawn is also heavily involved with the Dream center charity and working for a better tomorrow with his company by helping as many people as possible. Life insurance is the most scalable industry and you get to help people while you do it. Listen in to how you can today. Reach out to BRAD for Real Financial https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo or https://www.realfinancial.com and  if you are a licensed  agent go to https://www.bradlea.com/agent   00:00 Intro 03:45 Bomb: “Dropping Bombs is a real podcast.” - Shawn Meaike 05:51 Who Brad and Shawn are selling life insurance to 09:30 Training 14:00 The IDGAF attitude 20:00 Starting but not finishing school for your license 21:00 Bomb: “At some point being broke ain’t cute anymore” - Shawn Meaike 21:15 Bomb: “Have respect for yourself.” - Shawn Meaike 27:00 A good indicator if you are in the business 29:51 Making it over four years… 31:19 Bomb: “You have one hand of friends.” - Shawn Meaike 36:50 If you are not licensed or if YOU have a license, what we have is for you at Real Financial. 41:30 The biggest lie in the business… 50:27 Reach out to BRAD for Real Financial https://www.bradlea.com/letsgo or if you are an agent go to https://www.bradlea.com/agent  54:25 Bomb: Climb the ladder 58:41 Follow @shawn.meaike on instagram
Nik Richie. One of the Guys Who Created the Internet . Episode 478 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Richie founded the gossip website TheDirty.com in March 2007 as DirtyScottsdale.com while living in Scottsdale, Arizona. The content on Dirtyscottsdale.com initially focused on Richie's personal criticism of Scottsdale and its club scene. The later and more widely known version of TheDirty.com allows users to anonymously upload their own "dirt" including news, gossip, accusations, photos, videos, or text, and comment on posts submitted by others.   In this episode, Nik and Brad sit down on the main stage for a Dropping Bombs Live where we learn from one of the guys who helped create the internet with his website TheDirty.com! Tune in.   00:00 Intro 02:50 Before “The Dirty” 04:38 How it started 10:48 Power  19:00 HER Acronym  25:00 What makes you happy according to Nik 29:00 The word humble 34:42 “I think the biggest part of life is becoming a winner.” - Nik Richie 39:40 On the road to becoming a billionaire 47:30 “If I am broke enough, I am going to make money quickly.” - Nik Richie 54:30 What RMC is (Richie Media Co) 56:02 Your “keyword” 01:00:16 Domains 01:06:00 The why 01:11:30 Coaching 01:18:43 Brad’s Book - The Hard Way 01:24:20 Find the expert 01:29:50 Rationalizing what you know is wrong 01:35:06 The mirror 01:35:55 Get Nik’s Book on Amazon  
Pace Morby. How to Make Money In Real Estate. Episode 477 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Pace Morby is the co-founder of Subto, a real estate education program and community focused on creative financing strategies that provides training and mentorship to real estate investors across America. Surround yourself with a community of active, high-level investors. When you join the subto community, you immediately gain access to sharing deals with some of the top producers in the country.   In this part two episode, Pace and Brad discuss how to make deals happen and how to make real money in real estate ASAP.   00:00 Intro 01:00 The deal that DM’d Brad that is now generating money 02:00 Triple Digit Flip on A&E 04:45 Three ways to make money in real estate 08:00 Have equity in your house and getting foreclosed on? DM Brad immediately 09:00 “My passion is creative finance because I can solve problems others cannot solve.” - Pace Morby 13:30 How to calculate depreciation (Cost Segregation) 18:20 DM Pace @pacemorby when you don’t have any equity and you do not want your property anymore 22:40 Seller financing 24:40 Get Pace to talk to the seller in this situation 27:39 Attempt at live deal 30:25 Bring the foreclosure deals to @therealbradlea on DM  32:51 A word to the “skeptics” 36:20 This is what YOU'RE looking for if you want to work with Pace and Brad 38:35 Bomb: Most people stop after the second time, people only want to do business with people who are legit and follow up and if you don’t it’s not worth it for you to get that house.  
Jamil Damji. What It Means To Be An Expert in Wholesale. Episode 476 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Jamil Damji is an internationally renowned real estate investing/wholesaling expert with 18 years' experience. He is the Co-founder of KeyGlee, the #1 wholesale company in the world with over 75 franchises. He routinely closes 60-80 real estate transactions a month and has completed 5,000+ transactions. Jamil mentors and educates students around the world. He teaches students how to crush their goals and find financial freedom in the wholesale and real estate industry. Above all, Jamil’s mission in life is to impact as many lives as possible and share the knowledge he has with those that have a desire to learn.   In this episode, Jamil and Brad discuss the ins and outs of wholesale real estate.  00:00 Intro 03:53 The one lawyer that saved the deal 06:16 Wholesale definition 09:00 The best places to buy right now 10:15 What to do if you want to get into real estate? 12:07 Car deals  14:04 Realtor relationships 16:00 Want to get started, hit up Jamil on IG! @jdamji  18:50 Types of properties we are looking for 23:45 The 5th-15th of the month 27:30 Foreclosure door knocking 30:25 Jamil’s show, “Straight out of Compin’.” 32:55 “Our job is to find buyers.” - Jamil Damji  35:18 Pace Morby and Jamil’s show on A&E “Triple Digit Flip” 38:45 Bomb: “Forget Being on TV, Helping people in person is fun.” - Jamil Damji  40:15 Bomb: “The universe doesn’t do debt.” - Jamil Damji 42:03 Go to https://go.astroflipping.com  45:20 “Thou Hallow” 46:16 “The money is not in the “hi” it’s in the “hi again.” - Jamil Damji  48:40 Shout out to Pace Morby @pacemorby   

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
1690 reviews
J$$$23 2022/05/26
Love it - don’t waste your time on 478
Love this podcast Episode 478 was the 1st one I haven’t listened all the way through.
CDSimonson 2022/05/30
Nik can’t keep his lies straight
Nik Richie is a joke. He can’t keep the lies he spouts on these podcasts straight. Only listen to this podcast if you want to lose brain cells
Brice Renner 2022/05/19
Dropping Bombs!
This podcast is legit and as real as it gets! Love the honesty and all the knowledge that gets passed around! Do yourself a favor and give ole Brad Le...
tdwillia 2022/05/17
Legit the Bomb
TRBL is the bomb! All of his episodes keep you thinking, learning and growing. Each conversation has made me face my faults, look in the mirror and de...
bejegdkdhsjdsksh 2022/05/17
The Real Brad Lea
Best podcast Ever!!
Digging and winning 2022/05/10
All sorts of bombs dropped!!!!
If you want to learn and grow this podcast is a must! TRBL is an amazing host, asks great questions, challenges guests and interviews some pretty awe...
Realfinacial 2022/04/03
So I’ve been listening to the show for awhile now. This show will make you laugh get pumped, cry, and mad all at the same time. What makes this show u...
bigdre0324 2022/03/27
Brad bring on some great people!
You are never bored listening to this show but you’re always learning. Amazing show!
dankellermtg 2022/03/17
Brad is the real deal!
Finally got to see BL in real life speaking at a conference he spoke at (Momentum Builder 2022), he’s the real deal! Although I’ve never paid Brad a p...
Memem5422566 2022/03/16
Mindset mastery
Brad procures and produces elite level content in each and every episode. The amount of free knowledge broadcast is incredible. 100% recommend Droppin...


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