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Struggling with chronic pain? Listen in to learn about the amazing ways our thoughts, feelings, and experiences can impact our physical health and perpetuate symptoms. On each episode, we interview physicians, researchers, and ordinary people who have incredible stories to tell about the power of the mindbody connection. This podcast is a free resource brought to you by Curable: the #1 app for chronic pain self care.

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Slow and Steady Recovery from Post-Concussion Syndrome
After participating in her college horseback riding team, Katia started to experience a combination of physical symptoms that baffled her. Her constant background headache, whiplash, and body aches eventually turned into migraines that lasted for half of each month. Katia was later diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome and spent years shrinking her life to fit around her symptoms. Today, Katia has finally discovered her path to healing and managed to reduce her symptoms by about 85% over the course of two years. Tune in to hear about Katia’s slow and steady path to recovery and learn exactly what she did to find relief.
How to Get Back to Your Favorite Activities, With or Without Pain
There are two key questions Dr. Asare Christian asks each of his patients in their first meeting: “What is your understanding of why you have pain?” and “What has your pain prevented you from doing?” Answering these questions, he believes, is critical to developing a treatment plan that is actually going to work. In this episode, we examine each question in-depth, understanding why each is so important and what can be done with the answers.
Set the Right Goals For Your Healing
Wish you could reduce your pain? Of course you do. But according to Callie Klebanoff, LCSW, pain reduction is not always the best goal to set at the start of your healing journey. Tune in to hear about how her unconventional starting point can improve the odds of long-term success.
What is Pain Neuroscience Education?
Can the simple act of learning about pain actually help you to heal it? The short answer is 'yes.' In this episode, one of the world’s leading experts in Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE), Dr. Adriaan Louw, joins us to explain how and why.
What Does Long Term Recovery Look Like?
How long can relief from chronic pain and symptoms really last? Is any hope of recovery temporary, or can changes in the brain and nervous system last a lifetime? In this episode, we speak to real people who have recovered from chronic pain and symptoms to find out.
When Work Becomes Painful: Brandon’s Recovery Story
Today’s story comes from Brandon, an engineer whose mysterious hand pains eventually led him into a year-long medical leave. He joins us on the show to share the specific steps he took to get from a daily pain level of 8 to a daily pain level of almost nothing.
What The Latest Study on Chronic Back Pain Means For You
What’s more effective at treating chronic back pain: the usual standard of care, a placebo, or psychotherapy? That’s the question Yoni Ashar, PhD, sought to answer in his latest randomized clinical trial. Join us as Dr. Ashar talks through the results of his study and breaks down what it all means for people in pain.
Diagnosis Overload: Dr. Etrian Lim’s Recovery From Chronic Symptoms
After 10 years of conflicting diagnoses and mysterious flare-ups, Dr. Etrian Lim had no idea whether she’d ever find relief from the litany of symptoms that plagued her. She found herself having to lie down between seeing patients, going to her own medical appointments almost daily, and occasionally using a wheelchair. Join us as Dr. Lim shares what’s happened over the past year that led her to 80% symptom reduction and a quality of life she never thought she could find again.
How to Create a Safe Space for Healing (Dr. Trung Ngo)
Have you ever felt that you simply don’t have the time, resources, or emotional bandwidth that it would take to heal? You’re not alone. In fact, according to Dr. Trung Ngo, this is one of the most common barriers to healing success. From his experiences as a refugee from Vietnam to his clinical work with complex, chronic diseases, Dr. Ngo has gained a deep understanding of the process of overcoming hardships. He shares an exciting new tool he’s using with patients to help them create a safe space for healing in their environment, The Weave.
An Unexpected Road to Back Pain Recovery: Nathan's Story
Nathan has struggled with symptoms of back pain, IBS, fatigue, and a laundry list of other ailments since the mid-90s. In this episode, he shares about his experience with John Sarno’s book 'Healing Back Pain', his subsequent discovery of how the science has evolved since the book was written, and his life-changing journey of rewiring and reducing all of his symptoms. Tune in to hear about his routine with the Curable app, experience with Nicole Sachs’s 'Journal Speak' technique, and more.
What Everyone with Chronic Pain Should Know About CBT (Rachel Zoffness, PhD)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy isn’t just a buzzword flying around the chronic pain community, it’s a well-established treatment approach with abundant evidence of effectiveness. That’s why Dr. Rachel Zoffness is on a mission to make it more accessible, cost-effective, and widely used. In this episode, Dr. Zoffness breaks CBT down into simple terms, providing actionable strategies that people in pain can use at home right now. Join us as she advises people in pain AND clinicians on how to harness the power of CBT safely and easily.
Becoming 1,000 Percent Me: Stefanie's Recovery from Chronic Pain
For 20 years, Stefanie Reyes has navigated life with IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, panic attacks, anxiety, and depression. Today, she's optimistic that the next 20 years will look very different. After living life at what she calls 30 percent of herself for two decades, Stefanie shares her hopes and plans for a future with less fear, more joy, and radical authenticity.

Podcast Reviews

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4.8 out of 5
530 reviews
vanderschmoot 2022/04/19
Inspiring to the max
Made me feel less alone in my struggles with back pain.
sara_elisa 2022/03/24
This show is an absolute gem. If you’re at all curious about the mind-body connection and chronic pain, this is your show. I have found the episodes w...
GingerPeppy 2022/03/20
Learn something new every time
I love every episode!
Cat Zeck 2022/03/14
Hope for the hopeless
After decades of chronic migraine and headache, I have said for many years that I think my head (and body) are in a habit of pain, and I had no doubt ...
vharmonic 2022/03/06
Life Changing
It’s no exaggeration to say this podcast has been Life Changing for me. After 10 years of struggling with pain while playing music. I am now playing m...
Money wasted!~ 2022/02/08
Life Changing!
I can’t get enough of this podcast! Listening to it along with doing the exercises on the Curable app has been so helpful in reducing (and hopefully ...
DPMALLETT 2021/09/15
If your I pain start here
I am using the curable app and listening to these podcasts is a wonderful addition to the process. The podcast is really helping me to stay motivated...
kimluce99 2021/08/19
Life Changing
It’s not an exaggeration at all to say that this podcast has totally changed my life. I’m jogging again for the first time in 16 years and I couldn’t ...
LisaJeanneH 2021/07/24
Curable and this podcast are wonderful!
For the first time I have hope about my pain.
G1mo Shrty 2021/07/19
So helpful
This podcast is filled with honest life stories of people like me. Plus scientists explaining how to get better. I love it.


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