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We obsess about food to learn more about people. The Sporkful isn't for foodies, it's for eaters. Hosted by Dan Pashman, who's also the inventor of the new pasta shape cascatelli. James Beard and Webby Award winner for Best Food Podcast. A Stitcher Production.

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After His Father’s Death, Carlos Frías Found Solace In Miami’s Ventanitas
Fernando Frías was a successful cafe and restaurant owner in Havana, but when Fidel Castro came to power, the government nationalized Fernando’s businesses and imprisoned him when he tried to leave the country. Eventually he got out, settling near Miami like so many other Cuban expats. Even though Fernando never went back to Cuba, he was always searching for pieces of his homeland in the Cuban-American community in Miami.
Don’t Call Stephen Satterfield Brilliant. Invest In Him Instead.
You might know Stephen Satterfield as the host of Netflix’s High on the Hog, but he’s also one of the only Black food magazine publishers in the country. Inspired by his work as a sommelier and in the South African wine industry, Stephen launched Whetstone Media to tell stories about how food and people are connected to the land they came from. But even as Whetstone grew and became profitable, none of the hundreds of investors he met with would write him a check.
Nicole Taylor Busted Through The Door Of Food Media
When Nicole Taylor was writing her first cookbook, publishers were expecting her to focus on soul food — because she’s Black. Like Freda DeKnight, the Ebony food editor we heard about last week, Nicole knew that Black American food was much more than that. Now, several years later, Nicole has released Watermelon and Red Birds: A Cookbook for Juneteenth and Black Celebrations.
The Table Freda Built
Today ahead of Juneteenth we’re launching “By Us For Everyone,” a three-part series about how Black American food is represented in media, and how those portrayals change when Black people are in charge of them. In the 1940s and ‘50s, Ebony was one of the only magazines created by Black people that spoke directly to Black people.
Lunchtime With The Simpsons
Dan’s dreams come true when he visits The Simpsons writers’ room to talk about the role food plays on the show and behind the scenes. Turns out the writers are just as obsessed with food as all of the show’s food jokes suggest. Plus, Simpsons creator Matt Groening explains how new technologies have changed the show’s food jokes over time.
Help! My Spouse Keeps Eating Old Eggs And Raw Meat
When you’re served a plate with a variety of foods on it, should you put a bit of each on the fork to create one multi-faceted bite? Or alternate between foods? A married couple comes to us for mediation in this dispute.
Women Shouldn’t Cook For Free, Says Asma Khan
The London restaurant Darjeeling Express is the place to go for an outstanding mutton kebab, and for celebrity sightings. But the chef behind this hotspot has no formal culinary training. Asma Khan started her cooking career hosting secret supper clubs in her apartment, when her husband was traveling for work.
Cold Case: Office Fridge Food Theft Edition
It’s Elkhart, Indiana, 2001. Two inches of Heather Coleman's turkey club disappear from her office fridge. The thief is nowhere to be found.
Where Houston’s Afghan Refugees Go For A Taste Of Home
Over the past year, Houston has taken in more Afghan refugees than any other American city. When they arrive, Omer Yousafzai is there to welcome them. He owns The Afghan Village restaurant, which has become a community hub and gathering place for Afghans and non-Afghans alike.
Jason Mantzoukas Sees Every Meal As A Threat
Actor and comedian Jason Mantzoukas is known for playing characters that are overzealous, exuberant, and more than a little wacky. But these characters are the exact opposite of how Jason felt growing up — like a “boy made of glass.” Jason has a life-threatening allergy to eggs, and that constant threat has forced him to live a life of vigilance.
Is Di Fara Pizza Worth The Wait? (Remembering Dom DeMarco)
Ever waited in a crazy long line for some famous pizza or doughnuts or barbecue? Was it worth it? This week Dan goes to Di Fara Pizza with "Serious Eats" founder Ed Levine. Di Fara is a legendary Brooklyn pizzeria that’s famous for its slices – and its line.
Duff Goldman Has Learned To Live With His Fear
When Food Network star Duff Goldman got into baking elaborate cakes, he was just trying to pay the bills while pursuing his real dream of rock stardom. So what happened? This week we talk with the Ace of Cakes host about his deep artistic roots, the risks he took as a teenage graffiti artist, and why he almost gave up on the food industry altogether.

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4.6 out of 5
3302 reviews
Demi1982AvidListener 2022/06/22
Very informative.
Diesilu 2022/06/20
April A.
Such diverse storytelling through the lens of food. Thanks Dan!
Dan L in RI 2022/05/11
One of the best!
Dan Pashman does an incredible job exploring the stories and tales of food in a unique in an entertaining way. On the top of my podcast rotation (alth...
roebean13 2022/05/31
I love this show, I’ve listened to every episode. It’s appealing to anyone who likes food and pop culture. It’s funny and smart. East listening f...
sheely1234567 2022/04/30
I love this podcast! Dan has a winning personality, great voice, interesting subjects! Also! I love his cascatelli pasta! Finally found a bag to buy a...
Llegs 2022/01/29
Dan’s Laugh is the Best
I love this show for many reasons, but the surprise here is Dan’s laugh. When something his guest says cracks him up he lets loose an easy, vigorous ...
Iswoon 2022/04/28
Taste is off.
At first fun & interesting, this show is reaching, losing its original focus. Are shallots b.s.? why cater (!?) to numb listeners with no kitchen cr...
Awesome gal ;) 2022/03/24
Fine ig..:
This podcast is not what it used to be. No hate whatsoever but this show has changed from a mainly food based podcast that was fun and exciting to lis...
rm3799 2022/03/16
First time listener. Can’t get past the fake laugh tracks. This is supposed to be a podcast, not a sitcom. Takes away from the genuine responses of th...
Tread65 2022/01/08
The best food podcast out there
All about food, but so much more than a podcast about food. Interesting, funny, poignant, thought provoking. This podcast has serious heart. Every epi...


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