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Conversations with people who are living with purpose and having a positive impact in our world. Host Steven Moe asks about their life journeys and what has shaped them into who they are today.

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Rob Cousins on Navigating Complexity in life and cofounding Open Change
Change is a certainty in life, but how will you cope with it?  I enjoyed talking with Rob Cousins about the venture he cofounded called Open Change.  As usual we start with his childhood and then hear about his life journey and what led him to Aotearoa New Zealand what he does today. The podcast aims to get at the underlying stories of what has shaped people into who they are becoming and is a deeper glimpse into a life than we normally get.   We then talk about the complex and entangled challenges that are all around us - how do you approach them?  The website of Open Change described the issue like this: "Change used to be done to people. This was convenient for change-makers, but it was rarely successful, or sustainable, and tended to be rolled out to more or less unwilling consumers.  Nowadays, knowledge and power is dispersed among many actors and institutions. No-one controls anything anymore, but everyone influences everything."  Open Change website: The Team — Open Change New Power book review that was mentioned  A shout out to the connector of people, Freda Wells, who joined the dots for this conversation to happen.  Check out her project The Kiwi Diary which is a great resource  Also to DK who hosted a conversation with Rob Cousins and Michelle Kitney for the great series, Creative Welly Episode #32, which the image is taken from - that is over here    For more interviews visit    
Brett Harvey on inventions, technology change affecting society, the harmful impact pornography has on our young people and the work of Tāima Kōrero
I enjoyed this conversation with Brett Harvey as we learned all about his life, background and upbringing.  What is it like when you expect to take over the family business but it gets sold and what do you do next?  We talk about that and a lot more, as well as the origins of Tāima Kōrero / Time 2 Talk which is tackling the issue of pornography and its impact on young people.  If you enjoy this why not listen to some other seeds episodes as well?  Who could you tell about this episode or post the link so others can find it? Website and resources   FAQ Videos Brett's email Safe Surfer page   For more conversations check out the hundreds of other stories on Seeds Podcast and for more visit 
Nathaniel Calhoun on preserving Biodiversity and effecting Systems Change
In this conversation with Nathaniel Calhoun we hear about his early years and growing up in Boston, fitting in when there is a class system at play, work in Africa but then with billionaires in Silicon Valley and then talk about biodiersity.  We focus in on system change and how to effect that - are we optimistic or pessimistic on the ability to change things?  As a member of Edmund Hillary Fellowship we also talk about that since Nathaniel was in cohort 1.  A wide ranging conversation, the best type, if you like this check out some of the others in seeds at  About Eco-index  Bioverse website  EHF interview with Nathaniel:  Panel on Systems Innovation from Seeds Impact Conference Dr James Austin interview on Peace Corps mentioned in the talk More seeds stories 
Safe Wongsunopparat on measuring Social Impact and proactively making decisions that change your life
Safe has had an interesting life in Thailand, New Zealand and Europe and in this we focus on impact and what it actually means.  We also spend some time talking about what it means to take risks, how to know when to make a big move and have some shout outs to people who have helped Safe on his journey, including the guests of episode 1 and 2 of seeds - Michelle Sharp and Tim Jones!  If you enjoy this then check out the 380 other episodes on seeds as well.   Email Website: The Third Line | Social Impact Consultancy ( LinkedIn info: (2) The Third Line - Social Impact Consultancy: Overview | LinkedIn Michelle's episode 1: Michelle Sharp on Kilmarnock and Social Enterprises - Seeds ( Tim's episode 2: Tim Jones on B Corps - Seeds ( Seeds 
In conversation with Lianne Dalziel, Garry Moore & Vicki Buck: 3 former mayors of Christchurch
This conversation between three former mayors of Christchurch was part of the Seeds Impact Conference and covered a wide variety of topics, hope you enjoy! Video of the session:  Garry Moore interview on seeds  Lianne Dalziel interview on seeds   
Community Housing: The what, why and how - common questions answered
In this live session I spoke with Judith Bullin, an expert on legal structures for Community Housing who works with me at Parry Field Lawyers about Community Housing and how to set these up.  Also Sarrah Jayne joined from the Takaka Cohousing Project to share about what they do and their community.   For more info and the video visit over here Community Housing Information Hub - Parry Field Lawyers   
Board Matters Season 2 Preview: Governance and Leadership podcast for the IOD hosted by Steven Moe
This is a short preview of Board Matters Season 2 - I am the host of this other podcast for the IOD so sharing it here!  Join me to learn about leadership and governance there with 7 episodes in this season... You can subsribe to it in spotify, apple podcasts etc. More info here Spotify Apple Podcasts  iHeart Radio Season 2 podcast guests Glenn Moir CMInstD Julie Read MInstD Marama Royal MInstD David Glover CMinstD Raveen Jaduram CMInstD Murray Dickinson CMInstD Natasha Cockerell CMInstD.  More info on Seeds 
Carl Davidson on the quirks of Data, Psychology, Trends, Books and Decision Making
This was a really wide ranging discussion with one of the most curious people I know so we had lot of fun talking about many topics - one of them was The Apple Tree, a book being released soon by me.  Get a copy?  You can find out more at  Research First:  Check out Carl and Sean's 232 Podcast on books  Earlier discussion on books For more episodes  Carl is one of New Zealand’s best-known social scientists. His long and distinguished career in research stretches over 30 years and includes stints as an academic, practitioner, and author. He has crafted an enviable reputation for his expertise in consumer psychology, research design and behavioural change. Carl is the author or editor of ten books about research practise in New Zealand and he is the past Chief Commissioner for the Families Commission. These days Carl is the Head of Insight at Research First and he is also an Adjunct Professor at the University of Canterbury.
Books! Seeds Conference Session with Sean Barnes, Carl Davidson and Steven Moe
Sean and Carl host the 232 Podcast, a podcast about books, and this is a discussion with Steven Moe about why they matter and talking with Steven about a book he is releasing to coincide with the Seeds Impact Conference called The Apple Tree. Info on the Apple Tree: The Apple Tree - Seeds ( To order a copy -   
Brianne West & Esha Chhabra on Regenerative Business: Seeds Conference session
In this episode we have Brianne West, founder of Ethique and Business but Better in conversation with international journalist Esha Chhabra, author of Working to Restore: Harnessing the power of regenerative business to heal the world. Listen to Brianne’s Seeds Podcast episode here. Listen to Esha’s Seeds Podcast episode here. More on seeds  More on Seeds Conference 
Reimagining Business: Seeds Conference session with Steven Moe
Session from the Seeds Conference where I shared on the topic of Reimagining Business: The Impact Tree Paradigm The description of this session said: Steven Moe is a lawyer, host of seeds and founder of this conference and will share thoughts about what the future of business could be if we reimagined it. First book mentioned on social enterprise:  Second book mentioned of essays:  More on seeds  More on Seeds Conference 
Regenerative and Blended Finance: Seeds Conference Session with Rosalie Nelson from EHF and Andrew Hewitt, Satya Kumar, Brad Leibov and Laina Greene
Rosalie Nelson and Edmund Hillary Fellowship hosted a panel on Regenerative Blended Finance at the Seeds Conference - EHF has 500+ Fellows using NZ as base camp for global impact.  Those on the panel were: Andrew Hewitt- Funding, Structuring and Accelerating GameChanging Organizations Satya Kumar- Quondam Entrepreneur and Mentor Brad Leibov- CEO at EarthShare Laina Greene- Founder and CEO at Angels of Impact and Social Entrepreneurship Expert More on seeds is at  More on the Seeds Conference 

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5 out of 5
6 reviews
nmkona 2020/01/05
Great content
Love the 150+ stories of lives here...
CamiaYoung 2017/12/29
Seeds of Inspiration
Your podcast connects me to the incredible spirit in all of us, the creative calling we call our purpose. Thank you!
AlohaDTB 2017/11/01
Fantastic idea!
I love this concept! Steven is s great interviewer in these podcasts and really pulls out the wisdom and heart of those he interviews! I think it will...
MoeBooks 2017/09/29
What a refreshment!
Steven has begun a great work with this podcast and I am deeply encouraged by His and Shanna's recent interview on what it's like to be 10!
Wilda Beast from Wildomar 2017/09/15
Excellent way to start my day!
I thoroughly enjoy listening to this podcast on my way to work. It reminds me that there is a higher goal than just clearing my inbox. It inspires m...
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