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I teach life coaches how to market joyfully, and with their full humanity intact.

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195. How to make better business decisions
If you’re like most people, you’re torturing yourself over getting the name of your podcast just right, coming up with the perfect Instagram bio, or having the most beautifully curated photos. And I have to give you a reality check: none of that matters. Join me this week to get total clarity on how to make wiser, more effective business decisions. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
194. Processing clean pain in business
Painful shit happens to us all the time, whether in life, love, or business. I don’t know any coach at any level of success who is exempt from it.  But there’s a huge difference between embracing clean pain versus dirty pain, and this week, I’m selling you on why it’s worth spending time naming and separating clean pain from dirty pain in your business.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
193. How to design 1:1 coaching offers
With so many coaches offering group programs and memberships, is 1:1 coaching even worth offering anymore? Heck yes, my friends. And there are so many people out there seeking it out. Tune in this week as I share my philosophy on how to design your 1:1 offer. I’m offering tips for doing this at every stage of your business, whether you’ve just started out or have a consistent client roster on the go. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
192. Marketing from your butthole with Danielle Savory
How the heck are buttholes relevant to marketing?! Well, dear coach, you are about to find out. Strap yourself in because we are about to have the freakiest conversation about marketing in podcast history as Danielle Savory shows us what it means to let your butthole be your North Star, and how to build safety in yourself to know your wants. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
191. Paleo Marketing Challenge
Coaches, I know you love a challenge. And I know you're sick of being relentlessly assaulted by the dominance of “bro" marketing. So I've got a treat for you. This week, discover how we’re going to totally revolutionize the world of marketing through the Paleo Marketing Challenge. This challenge is all about being open to all possibilities, getting down to the nitty-gritty of human-to-human connection, and creating amazing results for your business. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
190. How to not be preachy
Are you coming off preachy in your marketing? You might be accidentally stepping into a position of self-righteousness that’s not desirable to you or your people.  This week, I show you why championing your ideas doesn’t have to mean exercising power or superiority over your people. Instead, learn how to approach your marketing with an energy of collaboration and allyhood. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
189. The true meaning of wealth
What might be more important and life-changing than money?  I’m sharing my insights on what I believe is true wealth, how I’m choosing to make decisions in my business to get even wealthier, and why, when you can see true wealth in this light, nobody can be richer than you.  Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
188. Why people don’t take you up on your free offer
In my own business history, I’ve put out what I thought were incredibly valuable free offers that didn’t get the kind of interest that I expected. This led to a whirlwind of negative thoughts about my ability as a coach, so it’s no surprise if the notion of providing free offers is freaking you out.  Listen in this week to find out why your potential clients may be feeling suspicious or wary of your free offers, and the key to getting the right people to snap them up. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
187. How to market a hybrid coaching offer with Lynn Rogala
This week, I have my friend and client Lynn Rogala on the show. She’s a fantastic example of a superbly creative and joyful hybrid coaching business where she combines essential oils with coaching.  As a personal client of hers, I’ve watched Lynn be an amazing advocate of what lights her up, and she’s here to let you in on what is possible when you use that as your guidepost. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode as well as Lynn's work here:
186. How to create original ideas as a coach
Is originality required for you to become a great coach? In this episode, I'm answering this extremely important question and sharing how any brand new idea is created, regardless of the field or industry you’re in.  Discover the three stages of any creation process, why going through every stage is non-negotiable as you work towards creating original ideas, and how cultivating your own body of work will be inevitable in due time. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
185. Extraordinary generosity
It probably won’t come as a surprise to know that I preach extraordinary generosity in marketing, but I know a lot of y’all have some gripes with the concept.  I’m always encouraging my people to give way more value than anyone expects, at such a high volume, to the point where they’re full up on everything you have to offer.  And guess what? Not only is this fine by me, but I want that to happen. And on this episode, I’m showing you why. Find links to everything mentioned in this episode here:
184. How to create a group program with an ADHD brain with Meg Kierstead
Creating a group program is something pretty much the entire coaching world wants to know how to do, so today we're getting into it. My guest, Meg Kierstead, is the Neurodivergence Brain Love coach who focuses mostly on ADHD, and she’s the perfect person to speak to about this topic. This week, Meg shares how she created a group program that aligned with her vibrant uniqueness, and why waiting to feel ready is the worst thing you can do. Find links to everything we mention in this episode as well as links to Meg's work here:

Podcast Reviews

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4.9 out of 5
213 reviews
Dr Latifat 2022/06/21
Love this podcast
Love love love. Thank you Simone
frozie25 2022/04/25
I love this podcast! Simone is an excellent communicator and teaches you in such a seamless way. I cant wait to listen to every single episode! I feel...
Mikki Wagenseller 2022/04/25
Pricing your offer and generosity episodes SUPER helpful!!
Thank you Simone for these amazing episodes. As a newly certified coach this helped me so much. Your delivery was clear and concise and easy to unders...
Gnipgnat 2022/04/20
Generously offers business owners incredible value
Simone is the real deal. I love her concepts which change my thinking at a core level. This, in turn, ignited life and vitality and yes, JOY ? into th...
TerriBradwayLifeCoaching 2022/03/21
Beyond Transformed and Inspired
I found Simone in December of 2020 and instantly felt excited and animated by her brilliant teaching! I immediately joined Joyful Marketing, which was...
T- Trouble 2022/03/12
I can’t even begin to express how much I’ve learned from Simone by listening to this incredible podcast!!
skillypronga 2022/03/15
Great questions
The solo episodes are bangers! Lots of good ideas and provocations. The interview episodes feature the host constantly interrupting and speaking over ...
RGwow25 2022/01/21
Bold and unpredictable
Christina’s ability to story invites the listener to see themselves in the most powerful way. I love the quick 10 minute spurts of inspiration. I can’...
Ravlef 2022/01/15
life changing!
I found Simone the end of October, 2021. In 2.5 months, I feel as though my life has turned around. Simone has helped me see myself more clearly, uple...
Ksee81 2022/01/03
Marketing and confidence playbook for coaches
Simone creates an incredible amount of valuable material with specific tips but even better she creates a wonderful space for you to dream and strateg...


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