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English / Ukrainian speaking podcast on Ukrainian matters. Launched in 2011 as Half-Напів Radiocast - a bilingual open online discussion between Kyiv, Toronto and Vancouver. Since 2020 also in a new format: Ukrainian-Canadian Business Podcast. Prominent personalities and prospective thinkers, community leaders and philosophers.

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It is the war time in Ukraine, but the Show Must Go On
Is the worst thing you can do to interrupt your flow of podcast. You have to maintain frequency regularity of your show. This is probably the most important for the podcasters to know. Well, my flow of podcasts was broken by the war... Music: Free Music Archive - Maarten Schellekens - A bit of discomfort --- Send in a voice message:
Dominique Piotet
My guest today – Dominique Piotet. An inspiring personality, a successful businessman, and CEO of the Unit City in the capital of Ukraine. Dominique also a well outpoken visioner, a great, I would say “an organic” communicator. Listening to his English speaking podcast with an Ukrainian name - Mayak Innovatsiy / Маяк Інновацій, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about a global perception of the IT business, about the big picture and about small things. I wait pationately for next episodes of the Lighthouse of Innovations, I like the unorthodox delivery and the optimism Dominique shed upon us. --- Send in a voice message:
Bohdan Tymyc
Bohdan is a role model for those who think about Ukrainian business in the diaspora. His company Yevshan is the biggest Ukrainian cultural goods store in Northern America, and probably in the whole world. The company has the strength and Bohdan personally has the business talent to hold this top position for five decades already – since 1972 when Yevshan Communications Inc has been established. Bohdan is one of the founders and organizers of the Ukrainian Festival in Montreal. Every year, before the pandemic, Bohdan is enjoying the summer travelling all around Canada and the US participating in more than a dozen of Ukrainian festivals. This is where I meet Bohdan after I moved from Montreal to the West. I have had the privilege to know Bohdan for 20 years already and I feel that I have never met a more energetic and charismatic Ukrainian businessman in Canada. --- Send in a voice message:
Skipping the Industrial Revival in Ukraine?
Less rock-n-roll more hip-hop. The music is less industrial on the streets of Kyiv. The Industrial Parks remain on paper, as the whole dream for an industrial revival in Ukraine (in contrast to Slovakian and Polish). The service economy, the post industrial IT is booming in the big cities, the service economy is progressing, and the agro is doing well. Do we understand modern Ukraine’s vibe? My guests: Ivan Verstuk (Ukraine), Sergej Strajnak (Slovakia). To read (in Ukrainian) Індустріальні парки в Україні Music intro in the beginning: Oleh Shinkarenko. Also played episodes of: Jony, Ляпис Трубецкой. --- Send in a voice message:
Leadership: The Millenials. Alex Taraiev
Alex Taraiev - newly elected community leader, Vice-President of UCPBA.  Why economic relations between Canada and Ukraine are growing so slow? Could business be ethical?  --- Send in a voice message:
Анатолій Вексклярський
Киянин, музикант, радіоведучий Анатолій Вексклярський. Багато музики, яку я грав з сторінки #KyivMistah на SoundCloud. --- Send in a voice message:
Leadership: The Millenials. Cassian Soltykevych
Cassian is a businessman, and one of leaders of the Ukrainian-Canadian community. Cassian has got the Bachelors of Commerce with Distinction from the Alberta School of Business. His focus during the studies was marketing, and leadership. Cassian holds the Chair at the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Executive and he is the Past President of the Ukrainian Canadian Students’ Union (SUSK). --- Send in a voice message:
Іван Верстюк
Іван Верстюк працює редактором бізнес розділу журналу НВ. Він вчив філософію в РФ. Також вчився в Америці. З моєї сторони... Це доволі хаотична розмова з чоловіком який переходив лінію фронту дуже глибоко.  --- Send in a voice message:
Troy Ruptash
Originally Ukrainian-Canadian from the Prairies, enlightened by New York theater scene and recent Hollywood experience he returned back to the roots -  to Vegreville, Alberta. Visited Ukraine working on his new film projects and in searching of his ancestral roots. About Troy's new movie They Who Surround Us; about rediscovering his roots, and upcoming mindful projects; this time in unilingual English speaking discussion, with the Ukrainian accent, as usual. --- Send in a voice message:
Бердичів-Пенсильванія-Прерії. №2
Ми знову проговорили без зупину цілу годину. Потім ще годину після вимкнення запису. Поговорили про таке: Соціалізація незрячих Інтервю Богдана Гордону Білорусь. Письменниця Алексієвич. Білорусологи Іміграція драма, травма і втрата Депресія це щось інше Денис напише книжку Наприкінці музика Олега Шинкаренка --- Send in a voice message:
Андрій Сміян
Рівно 10 років тому, в вересні 2010-го я записав інтервю з найкрутішим тоді українським подкастером Друїдом. Він ще працював на УТ1, здається. Сьогодні поговорили про таке: Чи є життя після УТ1 Сінергія, хімія між людьми Наприкінці звучить Горішня Брама *Підтримати цей подкаст тепер можна на Патреоні. --- Send in a voice message:
Володимир Анфімов
Ще один з моїх френдів в Фейсбук.  Володимир - цінний френд в стрічці, бо людина креативна, прогресивна, новаторська і цікавий подкастер. Тепер подкастер. Цікавий життєвий досвід молодого киянина, сучасника, який вчиться, змінюється. Поговорили про: ... погоду :), мову, УТ1, гроші за інформацію, Елона Маска, Джо Рогана, Притулу, Вову Зі Львова, і т.д. Сторінка Володимира на Patreon. Дяк, знову, Олегу Шинкаренку, за музику для подкасту. --- Send in a voice message:

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