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The 15-Minute Matrix with functional medicine nutritionist Andrea Nakayama. This award-winning podcast brings you bite-sized insights and lessons on how to use the most important tool in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Download this week's matrix: fxnutrition.com/15-minute-matrix-podcast

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#325: Mapping Nociplastic Pain with Dr. Deepak Ravindran
Dr. Deepak Ravindran is an ‘upstreamist’ with a trauma informed approach to pain practice. In this episode we discuss the many layers to pain and how working through a thoughtful and functional lens can be beneficial to our clients and patients, and their outcomes.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Ravindran and his book […]
#121: Mapping Prostate Cancer with Dr. Geo Espinosa (Replay)
There are 3 primary types of dysfunction that can occur within the prostate. One of them is cancer. Today I welcome Dr. Geo Espinosa to the mic to discuss the many ways we can support the men we work with who are diagnosed with prostate cancer or looking to prevent it, and the key factors […]
#312: Mapping Genetics and Race with Dr. Janina Jeff (Replay)
Dr. Jeff, a Senior Bioinformatics scientist at Illumina and host of the podcast ‘In Those Genes’, joins us today for an insightful conversation around genetics and race, helping us to understand that race is, indeed, a social construct. What does science tell us and how can we adapt our care both now and in the […]
#305: Mapping Radical Self Care with Sasha and Sable Boykin (Replay)
Today’s episode features twin sisters, Sasha and Sable Boykin and promises twice the wisdom. Sasha and Sable are on a mission to uplift, educate, and activate people into remembering their potent healing power through radical self care. Sit back, listen and absorb what it takes to truly practice self care. It may be different than […]
#257: Mapping Gender-Affirming Surgery & Care with Dr. Blair Peters (Replay)
Today I’m joined by Dr. Blair Peters so that we can scratch the surface of the all-important topic of gender affirming surgery and care. Get ready for a thoughtful and thought provoking discussion on gender and body dysphoria, common misconceptions about gender affirming care, and how we clinicians can support a part of our patient […]
#324: Mapping Healing Mindset with Eileen Laird
In this episode I welcome back my friend Eileen Laird to discuss her new book, “Healing Mindset.” Using her own experiences and deep research, Eileen explores concepts of psychoneuroimmunology and does a brilliant job of outlining a vast array of  tools we can employ to help clients and patients on their healing journeys. This conversation […]
#323: Mapping Leaky Brain with Dr. Jay Lombard
Dr. Jay Lombard joins me this week to discuss “leaky brain.” But get ready for a deep dive into biochemistry and many clinical pearls illuminating how we can better support clients and patients diagnosed with complex neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, ALS, and Alzheimers, as well as those with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.  Click here to […]
#322: Mapping Light with Roudy Nassif
Roudy Nassif joins me today to discuss the fascinating subject of light, and more importantly the light frequencies we receive from the sun. Roudy has made it his mission to educate as many people as possible about the importance of getting outside and shifting our exposures to certain light frequencies and, ultimately, how this can […]
#321: Mapping Fascial Distortion Patterns with Dr. Martin Rosen and Dr. Nancy Watson
I’m pleased to welcome Dr. Martin Rosen back to the podcast along with his wife, Dr. Nancy Watson, to discuss the fascinating topic of fascial distortion patterns, especially as they relate to children and child behavior and development. They dive into the importance of a healthy pregnancy as well as the first few years and […]
#320: Mapping Bloating with Katie Morra
On today’s episode, I’m joined by Registered Dietician Katie Morra to take a deep dive into bloating. This is a “masterclass”! Katie clears up a common misconception that bloating is only caused by the food we eat and highlights the different root causes of chronic bloating walking us through the Matrix with expertise. Click here […]
#319: Mapping Resistant Starch with Dr. Chris Damman
Gastroenterologist, Dr. Chris Damman, joins me in this episode to discuss why fiber and more specifically, resistant starch, should be a foundational part of every diet. Tune in to learn how resistant starch helps transform gut, immune and metabolic health by engaging the microbiome! Click here to learn more about Dr. Damman’s website and products […]
#318: Mapping Forgiveness with Dr. Frederic Luskin
Dr. Frederic Luskin, Director of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects, joins me today to talk about forgiveness. While we hear “easier said than done”, forgiveness is a lifelong habit. Dr. Luskin provides insight and direction on ways to create this healthy habit, and he reminds us that forgiveness is a teachable skill.  Click here to learn […]

Podcast reviews

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4.8 out of 5
214 reviews
AKB19322 2022/05/28
Great information!
So much information here. Shared in a short and concise manner and very informative. Thank you!
Mortensen12345 2022/05/21
So much to learn!
So many topics from so many specialists - I can’t learn enough about our beautiful bodies - I love it!
lauriento 2022/04/01
15 minute matrix
I find everything I learn is so informative And with the way it is presented, and I am sure that it stays with many. I am able to to use things I lea...
LouannMC 2022/03/26
15 minute matrix
Love this podcast with its bit sized tidbits of information about all things functional nutrition. Would even enjoy a longer podcast to share more of...
Scheather 2022/03/15
Value for your time!
I love listening to these 15-Minute Matrix podcasts! Andrea and her guest experts provide incredible value for my listening time. The Functional Mappi...
Kirstin Nussgruber BCHN 2022/03/15
Most empowering 15 Minute Education out there!
Having been both a guest and of course a regular listener one thing stands out crystal clear - 15 minutes are strictly enforced! It is a promise that ...
RLV#3mom 2022/03/14
Empowering & Heartfelt
Andrea’s “bite sized” offerings of informed health and nutrition information are infused with intellect and heart. She weaves her own life experiences...
BooneLady 2022/03/12
Quality content in a small amount of time
I have been an admirer of Andrea Nakayama for years, and this podcast is such a resource for the functional nutrition community. She’s an intuitive, k...
Nicole Beurkens 2022/03/11
Wealth of Practical Information
I love the variety of topics covered, and the focus on providing practical strategies and information I can use for myself and my patients. Andrea is ...
Healerd 2022/03/08
Andrea that’s such an amazing job at probing important questions for her listeners! She really packs it in and delivers high value very quickly!
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