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The Ed Mylett Show showcases the greatest peak-performers across all industries in one place, sharing their journey, knowledge and thought leadership. With Ed Mylett and featured guests in almost every industry including business, health, collegiate and professional sports, politics, entrepreneurship, science, and entertainment, you'll find motivation, inspiration and practical steps to help you become the best version of you!

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How Are You, Really? w/ Jenna Kutcher
This week we talk about life. This episode is going to cause you to really evaluate what’s IMPORTANT to YOU, WHO and WHAT MATTERS and maybe a few of your priorities will shift. I invited one of my best friends into the studio for a wide-ranging talk about important parts of YOUR LIFE that you may not usually pay much attention to. Jenna is special, dispensing life advice through her enormously successful podcast, as an acclaimed author, educator, and thought leader. She’s got a new book out, HOW ARE YOU, REALLY? LIVING YOUR TRUTH ONE ANSWER AT A TIME, which is all about what it means to live a life that doesn’t just LOOK GOOD, it FEELS GOOD, too. For those of you who are feeling your life is off track now, Jenna is going to help you right your ship and get back to living your best life. It’s okay to be a HARD CHARGER, but as Jenna explains, never underestimate the need and the importance of REST. Rest is counter to what many success-driven people are programmed to do, but you need to find it or run the risk of crashing hard. Jenna also delves into why it’s important to know yourself better and what questions you need to ask to make that happen. Am I HAPPY? What does SUCCESS look like for me? Am I FAKING enjoying life? How CONFIDENT am I? We also get into SEASONS of your life and TIPPING POINT MOMENTS where what used to make you happy may not be the case as much anymore. We’re also going to ask you to think about BURN OUT. Are you a person who can function even when you’re burned out? What are you doing to RECHARGE your mind and body because sooner or later, burnout will catch up to you. Some of you also don’t have the best relationship with your bodies. Pay attention to what Jenna has to say about the relationship between your soul and your body. How many of you fear losing MOMENTUM? Jenna’s got some great insights if that’s one of the things you’re worried about, too. We also spend a lot of time talking about your VISION about what you want for your life. When was the last time you thought about... How do you block out DISTRACTIONS? How do you handle OTHER PEOPLE’S IDEAS about what you should do? Does your vision vibe with your VALUES and YOUR IDEA OF SUCCESS? And most important, when was the last time you CHECKED IN WITH YOUR VISION and asked HOW SHOULD IT FEEL? So many BIG QUESTIONS to think about this week! Don’t just listen to what Jenna has to say. Absorb it. Process it. And then take the actions you need to give a great answer when somebody asks you, “How are you, really?”
How To Achieve & Sustain Peak Performance w/ Alan Stein Jr.
This week’s guest, ALAN STEIN JR., is all about what it takes to MAX OUT. If you’ve often thought you need more MENTAL TOUGHNESS in your life to give you added discipline, cohesion, and accountability, pay close attention and take a lot of notes. This is the NEXT-LEVEL episode you’ve been waiting for. We’re going to spend an hour talking about what it takes to be more than the best…we’re going to talk about what it takes to be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, no matter what you do. There’s a GOAT mentality, and Alan will REVEAL all the things it takes to turn you into a fire-breathing COMPETITIVE WINNER. Alan has been all about PRODUCING RESULTS for two decades now. For more than 15 years, he worked with some of the highest performing basketball players on the planet, including KOBE BRYANT, STEPH CURRY, KEVIN DURANT, and a lot of other household names. He is also one of the world’s foremost authorities on what it takes to improve individual and organizational performance and leadership. He has also authored two highly successful books, RAISE YOUR GAME and his newly released SUSTAIN YOUR GAME. Are you ready for an insider’s take on Kobe’s MASTERY OF THE BASICS? You’re going to be blown away by Alan’s “Kobe at 4 am” story. Do you want to be the ABSOLUTE BEST while still avoiding burnout? Want some world-class advice on how to FOCUS better? Alan will also get into the critical skill of developing PROCESSES AND STANDARDS as a key part of being a high achiever. He also talks about using STRESS and managing ENERGY to YOUR ADVANTAGE instead of falling into traps in those areas like so many people do. We’re also going to spend time talking about VISUALIZATION, which I practice regularly. You’ll also get practical advice in the form of THREE STEPS you must take to effect change in your life. Alan is all about how vital the proper MINDSET is in helping you achieve a MAXXED OUT life. When you can practice several of the things you’ll hear this week, you’ll soon be on your own GOAT journey as well.
From Waiting Tables To Influencing Billions w/ Tank Sinatra
I’ve made some of you cry in recent weeks. This week, my goal is to make all of you LAUGH and really help you LEARN. Wanna truly know how to GROW your social media? Like really? Or maybe you really wanna know how to get from where you are to where you DREAM of going? What is a real strategy and the real thoughts of somebody who transforms their life? Whether you wanna transform your life or explode your social media I have a full-blown expert this week. And you’re gonna laugh your ass off. My guest is TANK SINATRA, aka George Resch, and he’s been lighting up Instagram for the past few years with a sharp-witted combination of the best of the best memes he finds online and a good dose of his own commentary and original content. Tank is the self-described Michael Jordan of memes (who has more than 11 MILLION FOLLOWERS on his various platforms, banking 4 BILLION IMPRESSIONS A YEAR and making him the #1 MEME CREATOR in the history of social media! On the surface, Tank just THINKS FUNNY. It’s not what he does, it’s who he is. But as you’ll find out, a lot is going on underneath the surface of a guy who is 20 YEARS SOBER and leads an otherwise normal life in a New York City suburb with three kids, a great wife, and a day job he loves. Tank’s life hasn’t always been FUN AND MEMES. He’s forever been drawn to the funny parts of life but started out waiting tables and tried a lot of funny stuff (and failed) before he found his place and Tank Sinatra was born. Tank freely shares some of the reasons he’s been so successful and the unique nature of how the online world works. We also get into HIGHLIGHTING HAPPINESS. Many people equate money with happiness, but TANK keeps it real, with advice so SIMPLE and spot-on that you may have overlooked it in your life before now. Here’s a hint…it’s an inside job, and I can tell you this…HAPPINESS IS THE NEW RICH. Then we get into a new game you’re gonna want to play…Tank and his partner created INFLUENCERS IN THE WILD. The premise will BLOW YOU AWAY. Instead of playing the game and racking up money for the win, you travel around the world and add influencers. I’ll let Tank explain more, but suffice to say, this game is HILARIOUS. You’re also going to get a hefty dose of Tank’s take on SELF-ESTEEM and SELF-AWARENESS. Pay attention to what we talk about because a lot of people really need to work on these parts of their lives. We wrap things up with Tank offering wise advice by POLLUTING YOUR BRAIN WITH POSITIVITY as a way to overcome the constant bombardment of negativity that we all deal with every day. Thanks to Tank! And have a HAPPY DAY. Hope we made you laugh this week… You’ve EARNED it. And you DESERVE it.
The Speech That Changed Thousands Of Lives! -MaxOut Live: Ed Mylett
Last Friday, for the first time ever, I shared in detail how my father overcame the challenges of alcohol addiction to become the living embodiment of what it means to live a ONE MORE LIFE. I dedicated my new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, to him to honor his memory and say thank you for all the life lessons he taught me. HUMILITY. COMPASSION. KINDESSS. SERVICE TO OTHERS. LOVE OF FAMILY. …and so many more. He understood the FRAGILE NATURE OF LIFE, as we all do a lot more this week after the recent events in Texas. My father lived his life filled with GRATITUDE, always seeking ways to help ONE MORE PERSON, and in doing so, set an example for me that I try to live up to every day. Remember this… Your world becomes more precious and magnified when you live your life according to THE POWER OF ONE MORE. Because you never know when those ONE MORES will end. Do not live your life with regrets. Do not live your life with “what ifs.” Live a ONE MORE LIFE…
From Trauma To Freedom & Inner Peace w/ Gabby Bernstein
TRAUMA and PAIN takes on many forms and is an extraordinary CHALLENGE many of us face daily. This week, my guest GABBY BERNSTEIN and I are going to talk about PAIN and TRAUMA, digging deep into a subject that’s affected a lot of us. In fact, I talk to a lot of people, and I’ve seen how we’re collectively reeling from trauma more than ever. That’s why I asked Gabby to sit down and shed light on a topic that remains elusive and damaging for many people. We’re going to unmask the nature of trauma, and Gabby will help you TAKE MORE CONTROL of your life and HEAL from the traumas that are hurting you. Gabby is well qualified because she's no stranger to trauma. She’s overcome extreme challenges in her life, including the difficult battle of beating addiction and getting sober several years ago. Since then, she’s published several NEW YORK TIMES bestselling books on spirituality, personal growth, and radical life change, including her new book HAPPY DAYS, THE GUIDED PATH FROM TRAUMA TO PROFOUND FREEDOM AND INNER PEACE. Gabby explores the disconnect between outward success and difficulties you face trying to reconcile how the world sees you vs. how you see yourself. That CONFLICT is a breeding ground for trauma, and shedding light on it can help ease mental stressors that can easily descend into trauma. One of the most important things we talk about are TRIGGERS AND PATTERNS. Reacting to things that have happened in our past creates triggers like disassociation, shame, or denial, and Gabby does a great job of breaking things down to help you recognize these things in you. She also reveals how we can heal ourselves from trauma by connecting with our INNER CHILD and PROTECTORS. Childhood trauma often carries forward to adulthood, and we develop protectors to do just that, protect us from long-standing traumas. There’s also a physical price to pay for trauma. Gabby has got important insights on THE TOLL TRAUMA TAKES ON OUR BODY. And she also shares exercises we can do to lessen physical trauma, including the “heart hold” and “tapping,” which is a technique I’ve been a fan of for a long time. This week is a HEALING week. Gabby helped me during our talk, and when you listen, I have no doubt SHE’S GOING TO HELP YOU TOO.
My Most Powerful Episode Ever - Ed Mylett in the Hot Seat, Interviewed by Jamie Kern Lima
This is THE most emotional conversation of my lifetime... We have flipped the script this week. I’ve asked one of my truly dearest friends, Jamie Kern Lima, to GUEST HOST the show and interview ME about my highly anticipated new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, coming out June 1. (You can pre-order now). As you might guess, Jamie knows me really well, so not only am I fielding some questions that only Jamie knows to ask, I’m also going to REVEAL things I’ve never told anyone before, publicly or privately. Nothing was off the table! Jamie and I are going to give you a big sneak peek on some of the things you’ll read in my new book, THE POWER OF ONE MORE, coming out of June 1. I WROTE THIS BOOK TO HONOR MY DAD. He was a KIND AND LOVING MAN who battled alcohol addiction early in my life. Throughout the years, my dad became the person who had the most profound influence on my life. After he beat his addiction, for 35 years, HE TAUGHT ME LESSONS, many of which are in the book… lessons that I still use to this day. I wasn’t expecting her to ask me about what I struggled with the most growing up. I had to think about it and like a lot of people I know, I had to fight through so many kinds of CONSTANT FEAR. Fear I wouldn’t fit in. Fear that I wasn’t good enough. Fear that I’d be found out as an imposter. Fear my dad would get hurt while he was drinking, or God forbid, he would accidentally hurt someone else. I’m also going to tell you how I’ve leveraged a life full of ONE MORES to become successful. I’m especially grateful to Jamie for asking me about HOW MY DAD SPENT HIS LAST DAYS and what I learned after he passed that had a huge impact on me. I hope there are no rules about shedding a few tears on your own show because I definitely broke them... Let’s just say when I get to the end of my life, I’m praying that I turn out to be half the man my father was. This week’s guest host unpacked a lot in the 90 minutes we spent together. THANK YOU, JAMIE… my friend who got me to say things I never thought I would.
Overcoming Stress And Anxiety To Produce Beautiful Music In Your Life w/ Brett Eldredge
This week I’m honored to release a truly life changing conversation with my friend and country music superstar Brett Eldredge. We go incredibly deep… I mean incredibly deep! On mental health, anxiety, imposter syndrome and so many other things that I know many of us struggle with. As a bonus, we discuss his peak performance strategies as well. A remarkable REVEALING PEEK behind what it's like to bare the deepest parts of your SOUL while constantly living in that public eye. Brett had the courage in this interview to be as open as anybody who has ever been on my show. I know his strategies will help you and his vulnerability will inspire you. You're going to hear some straight talk about Brett's struggles with PRESSURE AND ANXIETY and the enormous ongoing responsibilities of having to write songs that the record company, his fans, and he likes as well. Like many other talented entertainers, Brett has also dealt with IMPOSTOR SYNDROME and handling CRITICISM. You'll also be especially interested in hearing his battles with DYSLEXIA and how he fought to overcome that unique challenge. He also talks about the time he almost walked away from it all and whether all the SACRIFICES have been worth it. Despite his battles, Brett has maintained an even-tempered approach to his career. He is a role model for people trying to break into the business and wraps up our talk with some GREAT ADVICE FOR CHASING YOUR DREAMS, whether you want to be a country music superstar or anything else you want to pursue in life. So… kick back and relax for a spell. Brett’s got some great stories to tell, and you're gonna want to give them a listen.
No BS Guide To Self Confidence
The question I'm asked most frequently is how to build more SELF CONFIDENCE. People recognize that this tool, above all others, is ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS in all parts of your life. This week's guest, LISA BILYEU, is a self-confidence expert, and she's got a lot of valuable tips and strategies on how to build this CRITICAL MINDSET into your own life. Many of those thoughts are captured in her upcoming book RADICAL CONFIDENCE: 10 NO-BS LESSONS ON BECOMING THE HERO IN YOUR OWN LIFE. As you'll quickly discover, Lisa's brand of self-confidence is RAW and DOWN TO EARTH. Like many people, she's overcome a lot of challenges. Instead of hiding, Lisa details how she CONSCIOUSLY chose to develop a STRONG SENSE OF SELF that changed her life forever. That radical transformation led to a complete overhaul of how she approached those challenges. In fact, changing her mindset was one of the driving forces that she and her husband used to grow Quest Nutrition by 57,000% in 3 years, ranking it as INC. Magazine’s #2 Fasting Growing Company in North America in 2014. Lisa reveals several practical strategies you’ll want to hear. One of those is "KILLING THE SQUIRREL," a metaphor for doing away with distractions in your life. She also explains why using GRATITUDE the wrong way can be a dangerous pitfall in your life. I've often said the toughest battles are the ones you fight between your ears which is why Lisa's story about battling the MEAN GIRL VOICES in her head resonated with me, just like they will for you. Lisa also talks about the importance of pushing forward and doing your best by focusing more on HOW YOU DO THINGS instead of worrying about the outcome. Stripping away that need for VALIDATION is one of Lisa's primary keys to RADICAL CONFIDENCE and a lesson you'll want to hear. The bottom line is that Lisa preaches a pragmatic brand of COMMON-SENSE THINKING. If you're looking for EFFECTIVE SELF-CONFIDENCE STRATEGIES that will not only make you THINK but that you can put into ACTION, my interview with Lisa Bilyeu an hour well spent.
Gut Health for Mental Health w/ Dr. Amy Shah
I’ve got a GUT FEELING you’re going to really like this week’s episode. That’s because this week’s episode is all about GUT HEALTH featuring one of the TOP EXPERTS in the field, DR. AMY SHAH. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY! If you want to take your health and wellness to an even higher level, you need to listen to this episode… Or if you’ve got some unexplained issues like fatigue, brain fogginess, discomfort of any type, aches and pains… You gotta listen to this!! After a serious car accident that jolted her into thinking about her life differently. Dr. Shah realized while she didn’t sustain any physical injuries in the accident, mentally she wasn’t happy. Against the backdrop of a busy schedule of studying for her medical boards and building a practice from scratch, her health was suffering. She began struggling with WEIGHT GAIN, LOW ENERGY, and UNEVEN MOODS before coming to the realization she needed a complete mental, hormonal, and inflammatory reset. That led her to her life’s work, WELLNESS, and the strong MIND AND BODY connection necessary to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. Dr. Shah has become obsessed with creating methods and tools to help people move forward in their lives. She has authored an incredible must-read book, “I’M SO EFFING TIRED: A PROVEN PLAN TO BEAT BURNOUT, BOOST YOUR ENERGY, AND RECLAIM YOUR LIFE” named one of the five best business books of 2021 by FORTUNE MAGAZINE. Using cutting-edge science, she has helped thousands of people tap into their powerful energy trifecta: the complex relationship between your GUT, your IMMUNE SYSTEM, and your HORMONES. Based on years of research Dr. Shah explains how your GUT and your BRAIN are connected. You’re going to hear how your gut impacts your mental health, and how we think impacts our gut. We also cover why being exposed to BACTERIA is better for your immune system, how INFLAMMATION is linked to your gut bacteria, and what you can do to FIX YOUR GUT. You’re also going to get deep insights into Dr. Shah’s NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH, including what foods we should and should not be eating, and HOW WHAT TIME WE EAT AFFECTS OUR GUT. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll also want to hear what Dr. Shah has to say about those dreaded SUGAR CRAVINGS and how they’re connected to our DOPAMINE PATHWAYS. Make no mistake, your gut health does affect your LIFESPAN. So, if you haven’t been doing a good job of taking care of it before now, what you learn on this week’s episode from Dr. Shah should be more than enough to get you thinking about gut health with a degree of urgency.
The Brain Behind the Brawn w/ Phil Heath
I hope you’re ready to do some HEAVY LIFTING for this week’s podcast. You are going to hear one of the most INSPIRING stories about DEDICATION and creating the highest possible STANDARDS from one of the most accomplished bodybuilders and athletes in the world. PHIL HEATH is a SEVEN-TIME MR. OLYMPIA WINNER, going undefeated in the competition every year from 2011 to 2017. He is tied with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER for the second-highest number of wins, just behind LEE HANEY and RONNIE COLMAN who have eight wins each. He has applied the same incredible WORK ETHIC and FOCUS as an entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Phil Heath Labs and the founder of Gifted Athletics, among others. All of Phil’s ventures have the same purpose of helping you HONE YOUR STRENGTHS and ACTIVATE YOUR BEST SELF. As an avid bodybuilder myself, I was especially curious to know what it takes to get to the next level. There are a lot of OBSTACLES TO OVERCOME, and Phil touches on many of them. If you want to know more about what it takes to be HEALTHIER, whether it’s at Phil’s level, or if you’ve got more modest goals, you’re going to want to hear what he has to say about… …the right COMPETITIVE MINDSET …dealing with TEMPTATIONS …the challenges of TRAINING ALONE …MENTAL and EMOTIONAL AWARENESS …using VISUALIZATION to help you achieve your goals …and dealing with PAIN (a subject that is often overlooked in my opinion) Bodybuilding is as much a MENTAL game as it is a physical pursuit, and Phil also gets into EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS, what drives him to be the best, and how he continues to create challenging EXPECTATIONS to feed those high-level outcomes. One other important area Phil talks about is his FAITH, and how it has helped him maintain a positive and steady course throughout the years. When you look at Phil, his accomplishments are chiseled into his physique. But what you don’t see is what it took to get him there. This week, you’ll learn what it took for Phil, and how you can apply to your own life what he learned along the way.
The Science of Brain & Heart Coherence w/ Dr Joe Dispenza
Your BRAIN is the most powerful organ in your body. Brain function is the most studied and, in some ways, least understood part about us. It continues to AMAZE, MYSTIFY, CHALLENGE, and ASTONISH us every day. Knowing all this, it’s surprising we don’t spend a lot more time on our BRAIN HEALTH, taking every step we can to better understand how our brain works and how it impacts every part of our life. This week, I’m welcoming back a bonafide EXPERT on how our BRAINS FUNCTION for another engaging exchange. DR. JOE DISPENZA has traveled to more than 33 countries to give lectures on discovering the full potential of the human brain and has three New York Times bestselling books to his name. He has devoted much of his life to studying neuroscience and neuroplasticity, quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG) measurements, epigenetics, mind-body medicine, and brain/heart coherence. Don’t let those words intimidate you. It all boils down to Dr. Dispenza digging into the INNER WORKINGS OF WHAT GOES ON INSIDE YOUR HEAD. Do you want to know how STRESS affects the relationship between your HEART AND BRAIN? Or why you cling on to the SUFFERING in your life instead of EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN? Are you curious how athletes gain a MENTAL EDGE to compete at the highest levels? What are the benefits to having all parts of your brain on the same “wavelengths” so that BRAIN COHERENCE works in your favor? Dr. Dispenza has powerful INSIGHTS to help you shed unwanted thoughts and mental roadblocks using proven science-based research. You will discover how to replace what’s holding you back with CLARITY, INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS, and POSITIVE EMOTIONS. This isn’t an hour spent talking about theories. It’s an hour of DOWNLOADABLE AND TEACHABLE STRATEGIES that will fortify how you think so you can change your life for the better. Get ready because Dr. Joe is about to “DISPENZA” a lot of practical advice… …and give your brain a lot of important things to think about.
Success Requires No Apologies, Failure Permits No Alibis
This week, I’m honored to welcome to the show one of the most dynamic peak performance speakers in America today. He’s a man who has done pretty well for himself. He’s got one of the TOP PODCASTS on social media, is a bestselling author, and has got a new book coming out JUNE 1 called THE POWER OF ONE MORE. That’s right, this week’s guest is ME! I’m FLYING SOLO like what I used to do a lot when I first started online. All kidding aside, I thought it was time to share with you some of my thoughts about a variety of things that have been on my mind lately. I hear from a lot of you daily. I try to respond to everyone but sometimes I don’t get a chance to go as deep as I want to. So consider this week’s podcast as a way to answer as many of your concerns, questions, and issues as possible. The most important overriding message I have for you is one of HOPE. If you’re going through tough times now, it’s critical to remain hopeful. Be GRATEFUL for what you have. If you take a few moments to look at your life, you’ll see just how BLESSED you are. Add what I’m about to tell you and combine these two to find new ways to energize your life. I’m going to touch upon several things today, including… …OUTLASTING temporary circumstances …Framing SUCCESS the right way …What it means to live in your EMOTIONAL HOME …The 6 basic fears we all share …The 4 STAGES OF LIFE and the 4 CHARACTERS you could end up being in 20 years …And, why you need to SWIM IN THE DEEP END OF THE POOL I can’t say it enough, I’m GRATEFUL for every one of you and I want to do whatever I can to help you live your best life. I hope what I tell you today resonates with you. KEEP WORKING HARD! KEEP YOUR CHIN UP! BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING. And do your best, ONE MORE day at a time…

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4.9 out of 5
10354 reviews
britbritm 2022/06/22
Found Ed on another podcast and I can’t enough! He is very knowledgeable and I can’t wait to order his new book and dive in!!
Dr Latifat 2022/06/20
Thank you Ed Mylett
I love your podcast. It’s one of my fav: love your interview style and the humility that comes across as you speak and engage. You are making a differ...
MamaMensch 2022/06/18
Relax in your heart
On my 3rd listen with Dr Joe, this was the ah-ha that I finally got. I have listened to Dr Joe for years but…this, this one awakened me, the puzzle wa...
ANMCox 2022/06/15
Absolute Excellence
My “go to” podcast. Whatever my day brings, whatever challenges, whatever my mindset, I know that I can go to my library and pick a podcast title from...
wvume92 2022/06/07
Powerful, energetic, inspiring
So glad my friend shared this podcast with me. Ed brings it every week with energy, authenticity like no other. Great guests.
Labreck1973 2022/06/04
Found this podcast a few years ago after an interview with another podcaster. All I can say is WOW!!! Every single episode has so much powerful cont...
JGM652 2022/06/03
Great, insightful podcast!
Jess B Anderson 2022/06/03
The Ed Mylett Show
The Power Of One More - pre order his book and listen to his interview with Chris Harder recently. Mr. Mylett has definitely taken the red pill and wo...
Macchip 2022/06/02
Power of one more
Absolutely beautiful episode, thank you for sharing and giving me a new lense to view my life with
AnnaMade Design Co. 2022/06/01
So powerful.
The only podcast I can listen to for more than an hour and get new realizations the whole time… thank you for sharing your light + kindness Ed Mylett


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